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Deception - Pilot - Advance Review + Teasers: Is This Castle with Magic?

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When his career is ruined by scandal, superstar magician Cameron Black has only one place to turn to practice his art of deception, influence and illusion — the FBI. Using every trick in the book and inventing new ones, he will help the government catch the world’s most elusive criminals while staging the biggest illusions of his career.

"Magic is deception". With this line, Cameron Black introduces Deception, new crime drama show on ABC, which is airing tonight. The art of illusion takes stage in this show that reminds me very much Castle. And a bit of one of the best Christopher Nolan's movie about magic - name it, I won't spoil. Yeah, it feels like ABC is looking for the new consultant/detective partnership. Look: the main character is a charming succesful man. He has a lot of fun, surely - especially women of course. His counterpart is not a detective but a FBI agent.
Although it may seems a cliché and a non-original stoy, I have to tell you that it did entertain me. I even laughed at some point. Before judging, I'll give some credit to Jack Cutmore-Scott, because he provides some brillant and smart performances. I can't say the same to Ilfenesh Hadera: her character appears a bit freeze, maybe she needs more improvement.
If you love crime/dramedy show, you're going to enjoy this.
Here's some teasers from the episode.

Some teasers from the episode:

- Houdini, something got wrong.
- Beware, because the plot twist is out by the first 7 minutes.
- Yep, the story is set in Las Vegas but most of the characters are speaking english from U.K.
- The interaction between Cameron and Kay (the FBI agent) don't drag me very much.
- How can someone drive when you have your eyes covered?
- They can even speak spanish.

Some quotes from the episode:

"Nothing is impossible."
"That's right. Get him out of here." "He's Cameron Black!"
"He lost him, Cameron. The show is over."
"You have a magic team?"

Are you going to tune on Deception? Share your comments below.

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