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Deception - Forced Perspective - Review + POLL

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Already, in its second episode, Deception has begun to separate itself from its oft-compared procedural show, Castle, and other similiar series.

More like a little-known show 50-plus years ago, Mission Impossible, Deception has proven to be more concerned with how the team will apprehend the criminal, then who did it.

Last week, Cameron Black helped the FBI capture an escaped convict, and this week the snarky magician helped capture a mob boss and his henchman. All of it driven by some witty humour, action, and some predictable, but entertaining twists and turns.

The chemistry between the leads, as with any show in its early episodes, has been a work in progress, though in 'Forced Perspective' Deception took a huge step forward. The scene between Daniels and Black, where the former told the magician about her Od'd sister being the first dead body she ever saw was a moving character moment. Both actors handled the scene serviceably.

The case of the week was fun. The trick the team pulled to make the henchman think he was infected so that he could give away the location of the potion was cooly done in an Ocean's 11 type manner. Though the poorly put together hospital room was a bit too convenient considering how much effort the team put into this plan to make it seem real.

Overall, 'Forced Perspective' was another solid, though not spectacular, episode, that had enough humour and action to keep it moving along briskly.


What did you guys think of "Forced Perspective?' Leave your thoughts in the comments below and vote in the poll!

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