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Deception - Escapology - Review + POLL

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'Escapology' provided a unique set up for Cameron Black to solve, while also providing a way to bring in Jonathan Black more.

What I loved about this particular episode was how it challenged the viewer. As we have learned in Sherlock Holmes and other detectives series, the power of observation is key to solving crimes.

The scene where the camera quickly focused on the rich son as he looked at his watch, before switching back to Kay as she approached him was a dead giveaway that he was somehow involved. There was no reason to show such incidental detail if it did not mean something. Lo and behold, he was indeed the mastermind behind all of this.

It was also expected that the trapped girl was involved only because she seemed a bit off from the get-go. Though how much she was involved in the plot was the bigger question.

'Escapology' also provided more time for other characters. We got to see Jonathan Black and his cunningness, while also showing a bit of an edge with his character after telling the fellow prisoner not to threaten him again.

On another note, do we have a 'Mikina' ship blossoming between Dina and Mike? It was good to see the agent being given more to work with beyond his man crush over the famed magician.

This was the first episode, however, where we did not get a single advancement on the main story. The episode, thus, felt like more of a case of a week than the previous two. That's not to take away from the case though, as it was a unique setup that, despite the giveaway, still had me guessing.


What did you think of 'Escapology'? Leave your comment below and make sure to vote in the poll!

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