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Chicago Fire - Law of the Jungle - Review

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Chicago Fire is back after a long Olympic hiatus tonight. But before tonight's episode we need to review what happened before the break. "The Law of the Jungle" was a very eventful episode, and it begins with Dawson telling Brett that Bria is now reconnecting with her dad. She's hopeful that she can Casey can spend sometime together, and they have tickets to a spa. This made me happy knowing that the Bria story is pretty much over.

The first call of the episode is to try to rescue a deputy cop who is stuck behind the wheel of a van that's transporting prisoners. Severide and Casey disagree about what to do, but Severide agrees to Casey's plan. They start trying to cut the deputy out of the van when one of the prisoners starts kicking the back door. They're worried the prisoner is going to snap the cop's neck so Casey tries to open the back of the van. The prisoner escapes, but Severide is able to run after him and tackle him. They get the deputy out of the van and while he's alive, things don't look good.

Chief Grissom is back, and I have to say that I wish he would just go away. It seems all he's interested in is causing drama at 51. He questions Severide about what happened at the scene, and to Severide's credit he backs Casey's decision. Then Grissom questions Casey and implies that Severide disagreed with his call. At the end of Grissom's questioning Boden gets a call informing him that the deputy died.

That night one of deputy's friends comes by the firehouse drunk and lets all the firemen have it. Honestly, while it wasn't of the firemen's fault that the deputy died, I don't blame the other cop for being upset. Did he go about it the wrong way? Sure. But he's grieving. We do see the cop again when Dawson and Casey go to pay their respects. The cop is much calmer, and he wants to introduce Casey and Dawson to some of his friends. I'm glad that Casey still went to the deputy's wake and was able to make amends with the cop.

Later in the episode Grissom tells Severide that he's getting an accommodation for tackling the prisoner. It appears that Severide's tired of Grissom interfering in his life, and he turns down the accommodation. He became a firefighter to save lives and help people, not to get promotions.

Because Casey and Dawson went to the deputy's wake, they couldn't go to the spa. Dawson gives the tickets to Brett and Cruz ends up kind of inviting himself to go with her. Otis warns him not to mess up the good roommate situation they have. I guess Cruz listened to Otis because Mouch shows instead. The look on the lady's face at the spa when Mouch showed up was priceless. I love that Brett really wanted the lady to know that this was not the guy she was talking about earlier.

I think my favorite scenes at the firehouse this week were with Platt and Herrmann's daughter Annabelle. It's take your daughter to work day, but Herrmann doesn't seem too happy about it and doesn't want his daughter to see dangerous situations. So Platt takes over. I loved when Platt and Annabelle walk in dressed in uniforms and hand Herrmann a citation. It's a note from the school- he didn't notify them of Annabelle's absence. They warn him that if it happens again it will be a fine. I hope we get to see more of Annabelle and Platt because they are hilarious together.

Zach showed up again this week. I think it's interesting that Stella lied to him about breaking their date. And I think it's interesting that she looked to see if Severide was looking at her when she was talking to Zach. I hope she breaks things off with him soon and we can finally get Stella and Severide together. I'm tired of this "will-they-won't they" game they keep playing.

Near the end of the episode the firehouse is called to a building where they need to stop a chlorine leak. As everyone works to get the workers out of the building, Severide and Zach try to shut off the valve. The valve is stuck and blasts Zach across the room when he tries to move it. Severide helps him as Casey and Stella rescue another worker in the building. Boden wants everyone out, but the radio isn't working and can't get Casey's attention. Severide goes to the roof to shut off the valve, and Casey runs to the roof to get him. They are able to hold the valve long enough so everyone can get out of the building. As they're holding the valve Casey tells Severide that he was the one that suggested the accommodation.

The two debate what to do since they know as soon as they let go there's going to be a massive explosion. Casey looks toward the water and decides they need to jump. They count to three and let go. They run towards the water as the roof explodes.

Now, I loved the bromance between Casey and Severide on that roof. I loved that Casey was the one that suggested the accommodation, and that he went to the roof to help Severide. I'm not worried about either one of them surviving, but I'm interested to see where the show goes from here. I really hope that we can have some peace within the firehouse. It's been rough few episodes.

What did you think of "Law of the Jungle"? Are you worried about Severide and Casey? Did you love the Platt and Annabelle scenes like I did? What do you want to see in the second half of the season?

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