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Blindspot - Warning Shot - Review: "Solid Return"

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Blindspot came back from its month long Olympic hiatus with an overall well rounded episode. It was equal parts funny, thrilling and emotional. “Warning Shot” focused on different characters while also advancing the main plotline. It featured a return of Nas with the team and plenty of Rich’s famous one-liners. It had everything that makes Blindspot great: the infiltration of a party, the surprise return of familiar faces, and high stake chases.

The episode revolved around the team trying to recover an extremely powerful NSA created computer virus has been stolen and being sold on the dark web. Nas comes back for the team’s help, now working with the CIA, after having fallen on her sword for the team last season. She uses them to leverage herself back into the NSA, where she belongs. It was a nice throwback to have her working with the team for an episode, and her presence was well balanced out with everything else happening in the character’s personal lives. One episode was enough tough, and I’m glad she refused Weller’s offer to get her hired at the FBI; it’s time to go forward.

“We can’t live in the past. We are better served putting all our efforts into what we can do now.” -Nas

It came to a surprise to everyone but Tasha that Nas had been working with the CIA. Tasha knew about it, but didn’t want the others to know she knew, which I found odd, to say the least. Zappatta has been incredibly secretive about her work with the CIA, and it makes me incredibly curious to find out why. There was mention of “Project Dragonfly,” an initiative that would somehow include Patterson; the episode where Tasha’s secrets come to light should be pretty interesting, and I’m excited to see it.

In this episode, much to Reade’s dismay Meg opened up to Zappata about being illegally in the country, and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t felt like he could trust her on this. They’re best friends, aren’t they? One thing is for sure, their relationship is a hard one to follow. The facial expression Meg made at the end of her hug with Tasha makes me think there is something more to the immigration story than previously stated. Am I the only one that saw that? It’s just a feeling, but when is anything simple when it comes to this show?

Reade proposed to his girlfriend by the episode’s end, after his plan to get Meg legal papers fell through. That’s going to come back to torture him in the near future, right? It’s never a good thing to have something like this looming over their heads when Roman is such a skillful puppet master.

As much as would like to, I just don’t care for their relationship, and it has nothing to do with Meg as a character, she’s pretty great. Maybe at one point, she’ll grow on me, it just isn’t the case yet. Anyone with me?

When the dark web is involved, so is Rich, who despite Reade’s blatant refusal to let him go, finds a way to get the whole team at the Dark Party. The character is nice supplement to the others, as he brings a different angle on problems, just like in the earlier seasons. With his snarky one-liners, and his funny introspections, he brings valuable intel into the characters personal lives. He’s funny and charming, and while I wasn’t sure his presence would be beneficial for the show in the beginning of the season, the writers have proved me wrong.

“I don’t want to get too personal, but I’m definitely going to, and I do this completely out of love. But you know how you are. Are you really surprised that Avery went to Weller and not you? I know that people think that your husband is supposed to be the big, strong, burly tough guy, but you are way more intimidating.” - Rich

After an episode of self-doubt, Jane is back with Weller. Let’s pretend everything with Clement didn’t happen, because Jane and Weller, certainly are. While Jeller are getting back to their happy place, Jane still on the outs with her daughter, and Avery is closer to Kurt than she is to her. Rich was pretty spot on about the reason why, but I also think that there is a lot less pressure on Avery to have a relationship with Weller than there is to have one with her biological mother. That can’t help. By the end, it seemed like Jane and Avery were somewhat getting there, after Jane makes takes the first step. There is hope for their relationship, and maybe Jane will finally forgive herself. What do you think of Avery? Likeable, or not?

More information about Janes past is about to come to light. By the end of the episode, Nas revealed that Avery’s father was involved in Crawford’s business, and she sent Weller the information. Let’s just hope Weller learned from the past and is not going to keep this from Jane.

“Warning Shot” also featured a non-psychopathic Roman, who seemed almost completely human, and normal. (If you forgo the fact that he broke a man’s neck by the episode’s end.) Either he’s really playing a good game, or he’s falling for his mark. We got to see the jealous side Roman, and it was pretty tamed, unlike the rest of his persona. Roman helps Blake in her plan to secure some land for her father, now that the other deal fell through. It started with pretending to be her bodyguard instead of her boyfriend at an exclusive poker game, and ended with three masked individuals kidnapping Blake and Junior. Only in Blindspot.

“As long as I’m the one leaving with you, I think I’ll live.” –Roman

Overall, I thought this week’s episode was pretty strong. What did you think?

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