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Beyond - Stir - Advanced Preview: "Two in a Row"

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After a smashing outing last week, the Beyond team finally decided to keep the pace up and push the story further along. The intensity and story progression in "Stir" are admirable and made me look forward to the final 3 episodes of the season.

The resolution to the Oscar-Holden showdown took a surprising turn and we find Oscar behind locked doors. And while I thought this move would take out the thrill out of Oscar but the writers found a way to keep him interesting and keep him relevant.

The focal point of the episode was Holden and Jeff`s road trip to meet Edgar Abot. Besides the internal Matthews family interactions and Cholden moments Jeff and Holden are my favorite part of the show. The two of them really grew close and their moments have a dose of normalcy and honesty that keep my eyes glued to the TV. And this week they were especially great as their search for Edgar put them into some unusual positions. Their interactions with Edgar were another winner for the show. Edgar provides some answers but also damages his own credibility with some hilarious statements.

Meanwhile, Luke was throwing truth bombs around himself and it sparked some fires that won`t be easy to put out. He finally drops the truth to Willa with a surprising reaction, while his scene with Diane really moved me. It is obvious that Luke feels overlooked and neglected especially considering that he knows the truth about Holden and his powers. Tom wanted to face his predicament right away and went to hand himself in but this moment of sincerity gets spoiled when he finds out about Holden and Oscar`s fight.

After last week`s beating pastor Ian lost a dose of his creep and added a dose of beaten Puppy to himself. The amount of fear in his eyes was really something new and it even rose to a new level after The Man in the Yellow Jacket dropped by to handle him. Their interaction was something new and I was pleasantly surprised how it worked on screen.

Last but not least there was Charlie who after a fight with Holden sought out Oscar and experienced a new level of fear. The fear level doesn`t drop as someone waits for her in the motel room. This is certainly my favorite banter the show introduced to date and I hope we see more of this interaction.

The finale moments of the episodes have a majorly creepy vibe and a part of Oscar`s part get unveiled. What are your thoughts on the season so far? Are you excited to see where the show is heading for its season 2 finale? Beyond´s 7th episode of the second season airs tonight the 1st March at 8pm on Freeform.

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