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Beyond - F.G.B. - Advanced Preview: "Setting Up"

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Beyond´s penultimate episode of season two is a true set-up episode but a worthy one. It hit all the right notes delivering strong character interactions and pushing the story to the breaking point.

My new favorite quartet was killing it this week again. Holden, Edgar, Charlie and Jeff finally got to use the freezer and enable Holden to cross to the other Realm. But the process to get there wasn`t simply jumping into the freezer, the crew had to transport the freezer to a different but familiar location. The writing and execution for this part of the episode were smooth and worked really well overall. It had a great balance between funny and serious.

Holden`s trip to the Realm was a beautiful one. The Visuals looked great and Buckley delivered one of his most convincing performances to date. In the Realm, Holden encounters one familiar person who guides him through it and pushes him towards making a decision. Holden eventually returns to our world at the end of the episode and parts ways with Edgar setting up some stories for the final episode.
Not to be forgotten Charlie also has some stuff to do and she does deliver a very cryptic message at the end of the episode as the Realm talked to her through the freezer.

Willa and Luke continue spending quality time together discovering a greater conspiracy happening under their noses. And while they discover one major betrayal while at the FBI headquarters one very low key player gets to stab Willa in her back but she won´t find out about it in this episode. All these events lead up to Luke and Willa facing Yellow Jacket. I did enjoy Willa this episode, she is such a great character when not associated with Holden. She is free, ready to play and kick some behinds verbally and physically.

The other character had pretty much nothing to do and the only remarkable thing that happened is Mary getting a message from the other beyond. We also see Oscar and his crew towards the end of the episode setting up the season 2 finale.

That`s a wrap from me guys. Hope you enjoy F.G.B. which airs tonight, the 15th March at 8pm Central on Freeform.

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