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American Housewife - It's Hard to Say Goodbye - Review: "Eventually Everybody Goes to the Farm"

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NO! Spencer! I was not prepared for that!

But, before we get to the tears - it's a typical day in the Otto household. Hans Gruber is hogging Katie and Greg's bed. Taylor's ditching family game night to hang out with the Blondtourage. As the rest of the family get ready to play, Spencer stops by to show off his now monitor-free ankle. He's off house arrest! And to celebrate, he's taking Oliver golfing the next day! Later that night, Taylor comes home upset. Katie and Greg are finally able to get it out of her that she's been kicked out of the Blondtourage.

The next day, Katie bemoans to Doris and Angela how desperate she is to get rid of the ever-growing Hans Gruber. Angela suggests a farm sanctuary that an ex of hers runs. (It's one of those things where she supports the ex's charity so she doesn't seem like a monster for dumping her!) As Angela's telling her this, the Blondtourage comes into the restaurant and Katie heads over to "say hi." Of course, this means she rips them a new one. (You are not "all that and a bag of chips!")

Back at home, Katie and Greg try to convince Anna-Kat that Hans Gruber belongs at the farm. Unsurprisingly, she's not hearing it. Taylor, on the other hand, seems to have turned a corner, and now minus the Blondtourage, wants to spend time hanging out with her parents! Dreams do come true!

That night, one of the Blondtourage stops by in an attempt to make up, and Katie chases her off without saying anything to Taylor. Oliver gets home from golfing with Spencer. Spencer's loving life outside lock-up and two plan to go yacht shopping the next day.

In the morning, Taylor gets a text from the Blondtourage girl who stopped by the night before and finds out that Katie chased her off. Gone are the days of being besties with her parents! Taylor's back to being a moody teenager who hates Mom and Dad!

Already losing one kid, Katie heads over to Spencer's to talk to him about not corrupting Oliver. She finds him laying by the pool - dead. (Sidebar - I really wasn't expecting this! I know he was old...but why! He was hilarious!)

Katie and Greg get up the courage to tell Oliver. And he doesn't seem to react at all. Just mumbles something about needing to call the yacht guy and cancel.

The family heads out to to the farm to drop Hans Gruber off. Anna-Kat's finally accepted that he's better off there. As the family one-by-one says their goodbyes, Oliver finally breaks down over Spencer.

Later on, Taylor once again gets dumped by the Blondtourage and realizes that maybe Katie and Greg were right to try to keep them away from her. The family sits down to play Monopoly in memory of Spencer. (How appropriate!) That night, Anna-Kat worries about the prospect of losing Katie, and Katie reassures her that she'll be around to annoy her for many years to come.

Random Thoughts:
-As annoying as I think Oliver is, that scene where he breaks down made me feel so bad for him!

-Best quote goes to the veterinarian who stops by to check on Hans Gruber. "He's suffering from I should be living on a farm but these stupid people brought me into their house and named me after a movie villain."

How do you think Spencer's death will affect the Ottos moving forward? Is Taylor finally done with Blondtourage? Let me know what you think below!

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