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American Housewife - Field Day - Review: "Big Katie"

Spring has sprung in Westport, which means it's time for the annual mother-daughter field day at Anna-Kat's school. Katie has no interest in participating because instead of being about the kids, field day is just an excuse for all the "shallow, self-absorbed moms" (headed by Chloe Brown-Mueller) to show off how good a shape they're in. Anna-Kat, however, has other plans and convinces Katie to participate.

When the assignments go out, Katie's been put as the anchor in the tug-of-war. Mad that they just assigned her that because she's bigger then the rest of the moms, she switches spots with other Katie O, a nice new mom who can't way more then about 90 pounds. So Katie's event is now the three-legged race.

As Katie sets off to whip Anna-Kat into shape for the race, Greg attempts to get Oliver to partner with him for the field day chili cook-off. Since there's no prize other than pride, Oliver's not interested. Greg, though, is able to find a surprising cooking companion - Taylor's incredibly dumb, if good-natured boyfriend Trip. (Chill is his fourth favorite food, behind multiple types of gummy products.) Of course, Taylor's not happy about Trip choosing to hang out with Greg over her, and now Oliver's jealous of Trip, who's even getting to learn Grandpa Otto's secret ingredient.

Katie gets more and more into practicing for the race and Anna-Kat starts to realize that her mom's competitive spirit is taking away all the fun. While Katie drags Anna-Kat across the yard, Anna-Kat trips. Whoops, doesn't look like they'll be competing in the three-legged race after all.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Taylor scheme to break up the Greg and Trip cooking team, which proves harder said than done. (Taylor can't even entice Trip away with the promise of bikini shopping!) So, Oliver heads down to Gina's restaurant, where her Uncle Louie gives him a ghost pepper (along with a long talk about the dangers of it!). Oliver and Taylor drop the ghost pepper in the chili in the middle of the night, ready to watch their evil plan unfold.

Back at home, Katie walks in on Anna-Kat doing quite an epic little dance routine. Turns out that ankle was a fake-out. When Anna-Kat explains to Katie that she stopped wanting to do the race after Katie got so competitive, Katie promises to tone it down and just focus on having fun.

Field Day rolls around and Taylor and Oliver are stumped when Greg and Trip try the chili and seem to be fine. Trying it themselves, Oliver declares "Uncle Louie gave me a dud pepper!" As Taylor blurts out their plan to sabotage the chili, everyone's mouths start to find the heat. Oliver remembers that Uncle Louie told him the pepper takes about 20 seconds to take effect (He was too busy staring at Gina to hear any of Uncle Louie's lecture!) and the four of them are suddenly in the midst of the fire!

At the school, Katie and Anna-Kat gear up for the race, when Anna-Kat overhears Chloe Brown-Mueller and some of the other moms talking about how they're going to laugh at Katie when she loses. At this, Anna-Kat makes it her mission to win and her and Katie fly through the course, taking first place. After rubbing it in everyone's faces, Katie offers to take other Katie O's (who's struggling to even keep the anchor from falling off of her) place as the anchor in the tug-of-war, securing their win and Chloe Brown-Mueller's team's place in the mud!

While Katie and Anna-Kat are blasting through the field day events, Greg and Oliver manage to throw together several store-bought chilies and take honorable mention at the cook-off. Oh, and Grandpa Otto's secret ingredient? Teamwork.

The next day, Katie invites Chloe Brown-Mueller over under the guise of burying the hatchet. And what better way to do it then with a pot of ghost pepper chili?

Random Thoughts:
-Bitchy Katie? Yep, that works. And I don't even think she minds it.

-Best line goes to Nancy about Suzanne's new diet pills. "I told you not to take those Mexican diet pills anymore sweetie, they're just speed."

Were you surprised that Katie and Anna-Kat were able to come out on top? Let me know below!

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