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American Housewife - All Coupled Up - Review: "Hoes Over Bros"

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Young love is complicated. And this week, the whole Otto family is getting a taste of that.

Greg is getting more than an eyeful when it comes to Taylor and Trip's PDA, something he observes they just so happen to abstain from when Katie is around. Katie explains that that's because she's the bad cop, and Taylor knows she'd get in trouble if they got handsey around her. Greg, on the other hand, is the good cop, and they feel perfectly comfortable around him. In order to be saved from a 24/7 viewing of the teenage lovefest, Katie explains that Greg's going to have to play the bad cop.

Oliver, meanwhile, is busy getting rid of any evidence of his materialistic, money-obsessed self. Gina's coming over, and she's not a Westporter. (Which Katie loves!) Unfortunately, right after Gina arrives, Cooper-the-terrible barges in. Unsurprisingly, Gina, down-to-earth and a stranger to the richie-rich ways of Westport, doesn't get the best first impression of world's most spoiled brat.

Anna-Kat, surrounded by her sibling's love-lives, suddenly decides to make things official with her very clueless buddy Franklin. Apparently, they're madly in love! Even if he doesn't know it...

That night, Greg finally puts his foot down about Taylor and Trip's PDA. Score one for Greg! The next day, Cooper meets Oliver and Gina outside their ballet class. Again, he makes a terrible impression, and seemingly unable to grasp the fact that Oliver's trying to tone down his ritziness for Gina, demands Oliver choose between their friendship and Gina. This seemingly ends Katie's problem of having to deal with "the worst person on the planet."

Later on, Katie brags to Doris and Angela about Greg putting down his foot. Taylor and Trip haven't been getting all touchy-feely in the house. In fact, they've hardly seen them around the house at all. Doris and Angela point out the obvious - that it's better for them to be getting all touchy-feely around the house, under Katie and Greg's watchful eye, than going off alone to God-knows-where, doing God-knows-what. Terrified that Taylor's going to become just like she was in high school (Apparently Katie's nickname was "Anything Goes Katie!") and convinced that the two of them must be off playing "You show me yours. I'll show you mine," Katie tells Greg that he has to go back to being the good cop.

While Gina and Oliver are out, Cooper again strolls in. But he's not there for Oliver. Since his mother and father are basically on permanent vacation, and Katie's really the only one who's actually parented him, he's stopped in to tell her goodbye. Realizing that as much as she can't stand him, Cooper really does need her around to watch out for him, Katie sets out to teach him how to not be a spoiled brat and win over Gina's approval.

At school, Anna-Kat and Franklin talk through their new relationship with Anna-Kat's therapist, Dr. Ellie. Well, Anna-Kat does most of the talking. Franklin just wants to know what class they're in. Dr. Ellie counsels Anna-Kat that while she may be dating Franklin, Franklin's completely unaware he's dating her.

Back at home, everyone finally gets their crap together. Greg apologizes to Taylor, and tells her that he's fine with her and Trip showing affection, as long as she's fine with him and Katie doing the same. After watching a very uncomfortable makeup session between her parents, Taylor decides that
although her and Trip will start hanging around the house again, they'll keep the PDA to a minimum.

Gina and Oliver arrive back to find a newly-coached Cooper ready to apologize. Although his apology kind of still sucks, it's obvious that Katie's making progress with turning him into less of a terrible human being. Gina agrees to give him another chance and Oliver's got his best friend back. Gina offers to let Cooper tag alone with her and Oliver later that night. Oliver suggests that they go bowling, but Gina mentions she isn't sure they'll be able to get a lane as it's league night. Cooper assures her that he can get them a lane. Because of course, Cooper has his own private bowling alley in his basement, which the whole Otto family makes use of later that night.

Katie, Taylor, and Trip comfort Anna-Kat about her one-sided breakup and Katie assures her that the best relationships she has will last. Just then, the doorbell rings and in walks Franklin. "You came back!" Anna-Kat yells as she runs into his arms. He's just back because he forgot his jacket, but that's good enough for her!

Random Thoughts:
-I find Franklin's cluelessness absolutely hilarious.

-Best line of the night goes to Katie. "Yeah, spoiling fun. That's what attracted me to the parenting business to begin with."

Is Cooper going to ever be a not terrible person? Are Anna-Kat and Franklin an item again? Let me know what you think below!

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