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UnREAL - Season 3 Advance Preview - Russian Soul

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"THAT’S the worst thing you’ve ever done?"

Hey all, I will start by saying that, to me, UnREAL is better enjoyed spoiler free, and I mean any spoilers, so for those of you who think the same, I say: Go ahead and watch it, this season is just as good, just as fun and juicy as we’ve all come to expect. There’s a lot of eye candy, as usual, and the only new things of note are that the suitor is a smart, beautiful woman who loves her job, and Rachel is on a truth cleanse. Let that be all the teasers you need.

Now for those who want to know a bit more about what this season brings, here’s a more detailed preview. Six months after it all went down, Rachel is on a farm, tending to goats and practicing what is called essential honesty, trying to steer clear of her own darkness. But, of course, Quinn is determined to get her evil minion back so she goes to get her and convinces her to come back, of course, she'll try to bring her honesty on set, but worry not, we will see Rachel's evil power-hungry eyes again, you can make your own bets on just how soon that will be, also, how soon do you think she'll break her truthful streak? Also, what if I told you celibacy was part of the deal? (And there are twenty bored hot men around)

Now, onto the show, where apparently almost everyone's first concern is not to kill anybody else, which is kind of a low bar. Everlasting's first female "suitress," Serena (Caitlin FitzGerald - Masters of Sex, Rectify) is a venture capitalist, described as the "female Elon Musk", that will be a handful for Rachel and Quinn, but of course not their only problem.

Gary is not cool with trusting Quinn and wants to undermine her everytime he gets, but we all know that won't be easy for him, and she calls him out on being a hypocrite considering Chet has been a mess from the beginning but she can only make one mistake because she’s a woman, so he agrees to keep her but says if she fails she’s done. Also, Madison seems to continue sleeping up the ladder and there's a sort of potential power-player thing developing there, though she's very young and an idiot half the time.

Rachel wants Serena to be a representation of women like her and Quinn, but Quinn doesn't think that would make good TV. Though we know these two always find new original ways of achieving their entertainment goals, so we’ll see how that goes. To me, the female, smart, suitor is a very interesting plus, though there’s no way she comes out winning, I just know it. Especially if the showrunner says that she wants to be constantly worrying about a gang-bang (literally). It’s not the same for men to date twenty women at the same time, if a woman does it, she’s promiscuous, and I’m sure UnREAL will milk that into next century because that’s pretty much what this is all about, mocking society and the entertainment industry while at the same time making us realize that we too enjoy all that drama.

A few teasers:

Shiri Appleby will put her director hat once more in episode four, and Constance Zimmerman will also be making her directorial debut.
Jay might go on a very dark path.
Chelsea Hobbs (Make it or Break it, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce) will be Charlie, a new camera assistant.
Stacey Farber (Saving Hope) will guest as a reporter that could prove dangerous.
The new shrink, Simon (Brandon Jay McLaren - Ransom, Chicago Fire, Graceland), might be a lot more than just that.
Rachel will confront her past and might get some closure, or everything might blow up in her face. Knowing UnREAL, it's probably a little bit of both.

"How about we start with something simple, like… nobody dies! How about that?"

Season three of UnREAL premieres on Monday, February 26 at 10pm ET/PT. How excited are you? Let me know in the comments.

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