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The Good Doctor - She - Review: "Understanding"

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There is something really beautiful and haunting about "She". The last pre Olympic games outing of The Good Doctor once again used Shaun's social difficulties to address one of the TABU topics of today's society, transgender kids in this case. Also we've met "She" was written by Simran Baidwan and directed by Seth Gordon

Reading the description of "She" before watching it, I knew this would be an interesting episode. And Shaun's interaction with Quinn were pure gold. It was slightly ironic to have Quinn suffer from Testicular cancer when that is the part of her that is completely useless to her. The way the writers approached the topic and Shaun's gradual response to Quinn reflected greatly with me. I worked so well and while Shaun continuously questioned her it was a great way to experience his emotional response and understanding. Their talk towards the end of the episode where Quinn explained her emotions to Shaun was beautiful indeed, and Freddie just showed up and let that spark light up. You just could see that moment where questioning turned into understanding.

The Grandma being a B word was expected. JoBeth Williams is a phenomenal actress and she shines in these pushy motherly roles. I did want to slap her when she accused them of physical and mental abuse. But overall the way this case worked was like an internal struggle of one human being. Situations in life are never black and white and while I am completely on the parents side I could understand the Grandmother's point of view and including Andrews into the story was really smart, considering what he went through during this episode. It let the whole topic resonate more with me as a viewer.

I liked the end of the episode a lot. Chris D'Elia was an interesting contrast to Shaun and their weird way of boding was really sweet. Shaun asking Kenny to take him to the pool was beautiful and added a dose of humanity to his complex character.

I was also very happy to see Jared getting a proper storyline and get development during this very Shaun heavy outing. It was good tto see this side of Jared, to see that under all that confidence is Also the scenes between Shaun and Jared are pure gold, they really complement each other and provide each other space to grow as characters and doctors.

The second case of the week wasn`t as emotionally charged it rather lacked emotions, cause Meghan Reznick isn`t really tapping into that side of her. I enjoyed this storyline cause of the Claire focus. The writers continously are adding stones on her way to become a great doctor and she gives her all to prevail. Meghan did all she could to diminish all of Claire`s efforts to prevail and Claire did get frustrated a lot. Meghan did win the battle but the war is still out for either to take. I`m really intrigued to see Meghan inteact more with Shaun and try to steal some glory from him and of course see his response to her schemes.

And after all the great development my heart broke during the Shuan-Aaron scene. I really hate estranged family memebers and the disappointment on Aaron`s face was devastating. What are you`re thoughts on "She"? Did you enjoy the approach they took with this Transgender kid? The Good Doctor returns tonight from his Olympic Games hiatus at 10 pm Central on ABC.

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