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The Fosters - Giving Up The Ghost - Review + POLL

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This week on The Fosters:
Callie finds out that she didn't get in to art school which is something that she's struggling with during the episode but at the end of the episode, she get a little help and start to realise that maybe art isn't her "true calling". Callie also have a very insightful conversation with Donald during this episode and I just think that Callie has grown so much during season 5 and I'm honestly so happy with all of it.

Jude is struggling with the fact that Callie might be leaving him when she goes to college, and since she has been his only constant in his life, it's not hard to imagine how difficult it is for him that she's potentially leaving. Jude is also having trouble dealing with Donald this episode and that really shows during the dinner they have at Donald's girlfriend's house. Jude is still dealing with the fact that Donald abandoned him and that he hasn't been dealing with Jude's sexuality in a great manner before. But they have a heart to heart in this episode that really got to me.

Lena and Stef are still dealing with the Tess and her sexuality, which they accidentally reveal to Logal since he and Mariana overhead a conversation between Lena and Stef. At the end of the episode Lena has an intense conversation with Tess where she basically tell Tess to leave her family alone because they don't want to deal with her mess because they have their own problems to deal with. I was so happy that Lena finally addressed how Tess had been behaving because I honestly was kind of annoyed with how Tess talked to Mariana at the end of the last episode.

Brandon spends the entire episode with Grace in her apartment where they are dealing with a ghost, hence the name of this episode. Grace tells Brandon that she's been feeling a presence of a ghost every since she got diagnosed with leukemia, and she only feels his presence when she's sick which makes her feel like maybe the treatment hasn't been working. Brandon and Grace try to make the ghost move on, which kind of makes for a very weird scene but it was kind of sweet anyway.

Mariana is also preparing for college but realises that she might have done a few wrong decisions in her pursuit of it so far, so in this episode she considers applying for a STEM internship which Emma is also applying for, which causes some tension between them. This actually affects Poppy more than anyone because Emma is going out for the same position as Mariana and Poppy during roller derby because Emma feel like Mariana is trying to take the things that she has. I don't like the way the writers are treating Emma this season because I actually kind of like her character but not really anymore because of the way she's been written this past season. I do think that Emma and Jesus will break up soon because the writers are really teasing Poppy and Jesus together so I'm interested to see where this is going but I honestly just want Jesus to be happy and not have any drama in his life. I feel like he's already gone though so much so I kind of just want him to be happy and healthy.

This was kind of a weird episode and honestly not my favourite but I feel like you can tell that they are really getting to the end of this series which is giving me very mixed feelings. I've loved watching this show for the past couple of years but I also feel like it's time for this chapter to end.

Favourite character:
I think Callie here, because she reassures Jude that she's always be there for him but also that they have a family now, which is just so sweet because she's right. It isn't just the two of them anymore, they have a whole family now and a home that they'll always have. I also loved the conversation between her and Donald where they talked about the two of them playing it safe in life. She also says to Donald that he's allowed to be happy, that he doesn't have to pay for what happened to her mum for the rest of his life and I just think that was so mature and wonderful of Callie to say. She didn't have to say it, but she did and I just think that shows how much she has grown since previous seasons.

Best/Favourite scene:
The scene with Jude and Donald was great, but my favourite scene was the porch scene with Callie and Jude after they had been to the dinner. This scene was my favourite because I always loved the sibling relationship between Callie and Jude, and I loved how Callie reassures Jude that the two of them will always be the same. Their relationship will never change no matter where they live and she also tells him that they have a home now, and a family.

Best quote:
Callie to Jude:"I can't be without my sweet side for too long"

What did you think about this episode of The Fosters? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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