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The Fosters - Giving Up The Ghost - Advance Preview

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The Fosters airs Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on FREEFORM

The end of The Fosters is nearing, and the writers have made sure that they leave on a high. A few episodes are left to wind down the story and see Callie and Mariana's start their adult lives. “Giving up the Ghost” is the final episode that begins the journey to the three episode finale, and it is a slow burn. Have you ever had a headache that just lingers for days before it eventually disappears? Well, be prepared because this is where Tuesday’s episode is going to be taking you.

The episode begins with Callie receiving information about which college she will be attending in the fall. Art is her first love, but the school that accepts her will determine if she will study Art or not. Giving up the ghost is a heartbreaking episode for her and Jude. He is struggling as well with the thought of separation from the one constant thing in his life. He asks Callie to take her to Donald’s girlfriend’s house for dinner since they connected at their mother’s gravesite. A lot happens at this dinner that will break your heart but buckle up because Jude is not finished trying to get Donald to acknowledge abandoning him. We meet Caleb who is Donald’s girlfriend’s son. Callie and Donald have always had an interesting relationship, and in this episode, she helps him reflect on his demons and how they have held him back for so long. They have an excellent conversation until his girlfriend interrupts them. Donald has never learned how to handle Jude and his sexuality, but they have a one on one that made me like him again after such a long time.

Last episode we saw Tess confront Mariana about telling Logan anything to do with her sexuality. The Foster mothers have done an excellent job of opening up communications with their children, and I like how easy they confide in them. Tess’s secret will not stay hidden for long, soon it will come out, and she will have to deal with her son. Stef is still struggling with depression and is isolating, but Lena is pushing her to talk and live a little. I have always loved Lena and thought she was always the most reliable emotional partner and you will be able to see that as well in this episode. Lena has a very intense exchange with Tess that had me clapping my hands in joy. I have not had any negative or positive feelings towards Tess, but she was starting to get on my nerves.

Mariana is starting to prepare herself for college applications but looks like she made a lot of wrong decisions in her pursuit of particular schools. I wonder though if we will probably see in the spin-off both Callie and her not go to college. I wish the writers would just split up Jesus and Emma and make him and Poppy an item. They have teased this too much, and the foreshadowing is becoming ridiculous. I like Emma, but they are treating her terribly so I wouldn’t care much if she dumped Jesus and moved on with her life. We might see a roller derby trials in this episode but will see who gets into the team.

I am sure you are asking yourself why this episode is titled “Giving up the Ghost” fear not because I will tell you. Many people will be dealing with their ghosts, unfortunately, if I expound on this, it will be too spoiler-ish, so I will not get into that aspect of the plot. It was not my favorite episode, but for a closure episode, there are a lot of great moments that you will enjoy and maybe make you feel a little sad.

Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday night..

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