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The Flash - Episode 4.15 - Enter Flashtime - Promos, Inside The Episode, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Sneak Peek

Inside The Episode

Violett Beane Interview

TVLINE | What brings Jesse back to our Earth this week?
You know the whole Wells and Jesse strife? Because she made it so that he couldn’t be a part of his [Earth-Two] team anymore? Well, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he sends her an Apology Cube.

TVLINE | What else can you say about the episode? I see Barry and Iris having some heart-to-hearts in the production stills….
Yep, there’s some of that, some WestAllen business. For Jesse in particular, she comes to town for her Dad, so what he’s apologizing for is [SPOILER REDACTED]. There are some really touching moments that Tom [Cavanagh] and I shot together that I’m excited for everyone to see.

Extended Promo


Press Release

“Enter Flashtime” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Ratings TBD) (HDTV)

JESSE QUICK AND JAY GARRICK TEAM UP WITH THE FLASH — When a nuclear bomb detonates in downtown Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin), Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) and Jay Garrick (guest star John Wesley Shipp) slow down time by entering Flashtime. As everyone in the city is frozen, the three speedsters push themselves to the breaking point to save the city and everyone in it. Gregory Smith directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Sterling Gates (#415). Original airdate 3/6/2018.