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Spoiler TV's 2018 Valentine's Day Roundtable

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Love is in the air, and no one loves love quite like television networks and their passionate audience members. Here at SpoilerTV we decided to discuss some of our favorite relationships and tropes, from best pairings, favorite episodes, to what does and doesn't work when developing relationships.

For this panel we are joined by Milo (MJ), Yon (SJ), Marko (MK), Beth (BW), Sam (SD), Laura (DL), Jamie (JC), Max (MX), Claire (CS), PopCultureGuy (PC), Abi (AK), Ami (AG), Marine (MA) and Eve (EV)

Love stories are tales as old as time. What have been some of your favorite TV romances?

Milo: Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine are definitely up there as one of the best couples on television. Their relationship is uncomplicated, doesn’t drag down the show and improves both characters rather than weakens them. Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt are also standouts from Parks and Recreation in the comedy department.

Drama-wise, The Leftovers’ character-driven focus on Kevin and Nora made that a fantastic relationship between two flawed, human characters. And a special mention goes to pretty much every couple on Sense8, who were all developed fantastically – it’s rare for a show to get one pairing right, let alone many, so it’s great to see this show do so well in that regard. I’d also like to mention Jack and Anne from Black Sails here as their relationship dynamic really worked over the course of the series. And finally, David and Syd from Legion – whose relationship was sold to us over the course of a single Rolling Stones song.

Yon: Jake & Amy on Brooklyn 99 are probably my favourite comedic relationship, with Barney & Robin second.

On the drama front Michael & Fiona from Burn Notice, Lucas & Peyton from One Tree Hill, Ryan & Marissa from The OC, Julio & Alicia from Gran Hotel, Deeks & Kensi on NCIS: Los Angeles, Celia & Aurora from Seis Hermanas, Cain & Moira from Emmerdale and Ivan & Julia from El Internado are my top ones.

Marko:  My favorite TV romance out there is Piper and Leo on Charmed. A relationship built on so much love and understanding. The two of them shared amazing chemistry and understanding. Also, I was a huge MerDer fan on Grey's. It was all sizzle with them I loved that.

Beth:  The first love story I fell for was Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. I just adored their journey so much. They were two people that shouldn’t have worked, but made perfect sense.

Next would be Michael and Sara from Prison Break. The thing about them was that everything was keeping them apart but one thing remained, their connection. It made their onscreen reunions so AOS whom I also love.
emotional and I fell for it every time. They kind of remind me of Fitz and Simmons from

On a currently airing show, I would have to say Jake and Amy from B99. Their relationship should be a blueprint for how to do romance on TV. They came together and have not left each other’s side since but their relationship still feels fresh and adorable.

Sam:  As a teen, my favorite couples were Angel and Buffy, Cory and Topanga, Eric and Donna, and especially Piper and Leo. More recently, my favorites have been Coach Taylor and Tami, Lesley and Ben. I don’t know why but I’ve also had a special affinity for Michael and Holly from The Office.

Laura:  In terms of past shows one that comes to mind is surely a love-square from LOST. I always felt the writers did right by ultimately having Sawyer with Juliet and Kate with Jack, because I felt like Jack and Juliet made Sawyer and Kate better people, whereas together they digressed more than they progressed. It's not to say that when they were together that they were not entertaining or fun, but I get that LOST was about spiritual progress through these relationships and I felt that they made the right choice here, because you could clearly see how Kate and Sawyer progressed.

In terms of a current show, I love the love triangles on Star Trek: Discovery. It's true that Bryan Fuller was fired from the series early on, but according to Kurtzman, they went out of their way to keep Fuller's story in tact--and I feel that's true, because Discovery reminds me so much of Hannibal (tv series & source material), but in space, at wartime, and with blatant fringe-metaphysics to boot!

 Lorca's sentiment for Michael (at a distance) was one of most interesting reveals along with Michael recoiling from the Ash Tyler reveal. Those three in particular along with throwing the Georgious & L'Rell into the mix, reminds me so much of Hannibal-Graham-(Starling) -Jack Crawford-Murasaki dynamics that Fuller began to encapsulate with his Hannibal adaptation. The struggle is real. Trek is finally going to places where I would of never guessed it would ever go and the characters emotions and high-intelligence psyche are at the forefront driving the series forward!

Jamie:  One of my absolute favorites (and one of my first) ships is Nathan & Haley from One Tree Hill. I really loved how their relationship was handled (aside from season 2). They both changed in their relationship but both for the better. Another more current ship that I adore is Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine Nine. It's just such a healthy relationship between two people who perfectly compliment one another.

Max: I was always particularly impressed by the writing for Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn on Alias, especially on more recent rewatches. Their relationship was one that, even with all the ups and downs, never seemed unhealthy.

When I look at other TV couples that I’ve enjoyed, like Veronica and Logan on Veronica Mars or even Meredith and Derek on Grey’s Anatomy, there was almost always a toxic aspect to the relationship at some point (Derek neglecting to tell Meredith that he was married, calling her a whore, them later sleeping together when he we was married to Addison, etc.). Plus, it’s hard to top Sydney and Vaughn’s first kiss. I also always rooted for Alex and Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy, Don and Betty on Mad Men, and Christopher and Adriana on The Sopranos (though those last two were truly toxic relationships).

Claire: I am not a big fan of TV romances; they can really ruin a good show. I try my best to avoid shipping. I go crazy when I ship. But, Jim and Pam from The Office are my top pick. It was so well done and realistic; dragged out but not for too long. Also liked Doug and Carol from ER, their final scene together was so beautiful. Jack and Rebecca from This Is Us are destined to be remembered as one of the greats, too.

Abi:  Booth and Brennan from Bones were one of the first ones I remember shipping, along with Derek/Meredith and Izzie/Denny from Grey's Anatomy. One of my favorite TV romances at the moment though absolutely has to be Magnus/Alec from Shadowhunters. Boy oh boy is that a wonderful thing to watch.

Ami: I've always been a sucker for good relationships. One of my favorite ones at the moment is definitely Jake and Amy from Brooklyn 99. I love their playful chemistry together, and how they work so well together both professionally and personally. Another long-time favorite of mine and Magnus and Alec from Shadowhunters. I have been a massive fan of the books for ages, so to see my favorite couple of the series be portrayed on the screen is a dream come true. They are definitely an 'end-game' couple, for sure! I could list so many more, but to keep it short, another top favorite of mine is Nomi and Amanita from Sense8. I have never seen a couple care for and love each other so deeply and consistently like them too. They're the perfect example of soulmates come to life!

Marine: One of my all-time favorite TV love stories is from Lost. Desmond and Penny's relationship is one of the most adorable ones depicted on television. Their love simply has no boundaries, whether it might be time, distance, or anything else, they always find each other and never stop loving each other. I'm also a big fan of Nathan and Haley's romance on One Tree Hill and of Snow White and Charming on Once Upon a Time.

Eve:  The first TV couple that I was completely obsessed with was House and Cuddy on House MD. Yes I was a so called Huddy. Loved and hated by many. To this day I still have friends from all over the world that I met through this fan community. House and Cuddy had a complicated hate-love relationship. They fought more than anyone on that show but there was an underlining respect and love that stemmed from a long history together. Throughout the first seasons it was made clear that they knew each other longer than anyone else on the show. Many times it was hinted that they had a one night stand at some point in their longstanding friendship. My favorite parts of that relationship were the subtle signs of mutual respect and love. Unfortunately I didn’t like the way the writers treated House and Cuddy’s relationship during the end and after season 7 so I had to say goodbye to my favorite show. However, the sweet memories of early Huddy days still linger. Currently I’m very much invested in Abby Griffith and Marcus Kane on The 100 and the currently non-existent romance between Abby and Bobby on FOX’s 9-1-1.

What are some of the things you look for in an epic TV relationship?

I don’t actively watch TV shows particularly looking for good relationship drama, but in order for one to work, there has to be clear signs of chemistry between the leads. This is probably the most important – otherwise it feels awkward and forced. And it’s also worth mentioning that relationships shouldn’t become too overbearing and detract from the main point of the show (unless the main point of the show is the romance).

First and foremost I'm attracted to angst. Couples that have it nice & easy with relatively no drama are really boring. Good chemistry between the actors is a must to sell the story, but it also needs good writing. There's no point telling me that a couple is epic and I'm supposed to love them because you're telling me I should. Let the journey play out on screen & let me fall for the amidst all the hurdles that can possibly be thrown their way.

Marko:  Chemistry.You can try to shove a pairing down my throat but if I don't feel them wanting to be together I won't care. Of course, the writing for that couple is majorly important, for it to be mature and as realistic as possible without fake drama.

Beth: As I get older, I have less patience for angst and prefer a love story to be faced with outside obstacles but at the core is solid. What I mean by that is, distance may separate them for a time but you just know they are working their way back to each other through the most impossible situations.

Sam: I think that the best epic romances are the ones where two people who come to love each other more than anything and they don’t let anything get in the way of their relationship no matter the obstacle.

Laura: A combination of chemistry and story dynamics. Sometimes there might be a pair of characters that doesn't instantly click with me, but as the story progresses and puts the characters in precarious situations, I usually understand the writing decisions made and usually those non-instant
relationships grow on me.

Fringe and Alias for instance, might be a case where either Peter and Olivia or Sydney and Michael might not of been something that seemed immediately solid chemistry-wise, but going back to LOST again, these were both similar stories in which over time, it became clear that the characters' opposing differences were needed for any character to grow. Sydney needed grounded and Michael needed to have a life to live for to make what he does meaningful. Olivia needed to come out of her shell and embrace whom she was and Peter needed to learn responsibility. In these cases it was about growing up.

I'm afraid I can't really put my finger on it. Mutual respect, they have to be equals in the relationship (one can't have more power than the other). And of course, lately, I like to see relationships that I can relate to, so I tend to lean more towards the f/f ones.

Max: I’m not much of a ‘shipper’ when it comes to TV romance, I just enjoy seeing relationships written honestly. I think Girls was one show that really captured the sometimes-romantic, sometimes-cringe worthy, sometimes-scary nature of relationships in our 20's. They were rarely healthy, but they often exposed both the best and worst of the characters involved (particularly Hannah and Adam and later Jessa and Adam).

Claire: Chemistry and good, non contrived writing are what I look for.

PopCultureGuy: I think the best TV romances tend to be the ones we don’t see coming, when the writers move away from pre-packaged plans they start the series with, and steer into unexpected chemistry/directions. Couples I’ve liked in that mold include Joey Potter and Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek, Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars, and Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

Abi: I didn't put them as an answer for the above question, but I think Stef and Lena from The Fosters have everything I look for in an epic TV relationship. They're incredibly dedicated to each other and their love is so unwavering that they've even made the decision to divorce before for the security of their home and family. They have love, angst, passion and a sense of devotion that I don't think I've seen anywhere else on TV. That's what I look for in a couple.

Ami: I really like how reality can be portrayed on TV, especially in a supernatural sense like Doctor Who, The Magicians, Once Upon A Time, etc. So when it comes to relationships, I really like the idea of these couples trying to be normal and interact normally when the world is ending around them. Stuff like clear communication, developing trust, letting each other in - that kind of thing (showing that the relationship is flawed but still healthy). I'm also a big sucker for slow burns, where its obvious to everyone but the characters that they're falling in love (like Jake in Season 1 of B99, or Alec in Season 1 of Shadowhunters, for example).

Eve: Complications. If things go too smoothly I lose interest, I want forbidden love, hate-love relationships, roadblocks, reasons why they can’t be together or shouldn’t be together and the couple has to have sizzling chemistry. I love the whole will they/won’t they. I never want the couple that I ship to get together in the 1st season. The writers can drag it out for as long as they want but should give viewers some crumbs along the way to keep them happy. Final season? Go ahead and let them be together forever.

Thanks to Leslie Knope from Park and Rec, February 13th will forever be known as Galentines Day; a celebration of an epic female friendships! Who are some of your favorite gal pals?

Milo: It’s had its ups and downs over the course of Halt and Catch Fire, but the Donna and Cameron dynamic was pretty awesome as both Kerry Bishé and Mackenzie Davis worked really well together, especially in the final few episodes of the series, leaving us on an optimistic, open-ended note that left us to wonder where their direction would go next.

Yon: Max and Caroline. They are the reason I sat through 2 Broke Girls and why I miss the show so much. And of course Jessica and Trish from Jessica Jones. I absolutely love them and hope season 2 is fill to the brim with scenes because the actresses play off each other so well. They weren't so much epic friends, but I did like Parker & Sophie's friendship on Leverage.

Marko: Current favorite female friendship is Paula and Rebecca on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. They are so well written and so damn hilarious together. I always enjoyed the Bonnie-Caroline moments on TVD, sadly their relationship was mostly sidelined for shipper stuff.

Beth: The Holy Grail for me is Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda from Sex And The City. Their friendship was serious bestie goals. Mr. Big even said to them, ‘You three are Carrie’s soul mates, and a guy is lucky to come in fourth’. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does.

Sam: There are so many friendships I’m a fan of; it’s hard to choose. I would say my favorite ones were problem the golden trios of Brooke, Haley, and Peyton on One Tree Hill and Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica on Friends. There’s also a deep love for Lesley and Ann and Buffy and Willow.

Laura: On LOST I always really liked how Kate's story with Claire's progressed. It wasn't so much that they were best friends with typically gushy moments, but the fact that Claire began to mean something to Kate, and something beyond an escape plan. I think it was a really nice thing to do, since the characters were really opposites in so many ways. Felicity is another show that comes to mind--I love Felicity's friendship with Elaina, but more over Megan! They were just such an unlikely pair, but Keri Russell and Amanda Foremen just played SO WELL off of each other and it was only fitting that Megan would also become someone who ends up really affecting Felicity's life or should I say, lives?!

Jamie: Meredith and Cristina, who I miss dearly, were some of my all time favorite bff's. More recently I really love the relationship of Jane, Kat and Sutton on The Bold Type. I also started watching Golden Girls (I know, old) and really love the dynamic there.

Max: Well, of course Leslie and poetic noble land mermaid Ann Perkins. I loved how much they supported each other and how much Leslie adored Ann. Meredith and Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy were the heart of the show for the first 10 years, and I adored their friendship. I also really liked the friendship that Meredith and Cristina developed with Callie over the years, and I’m excited to see Meredith and Jo become better friends now. Veronica and Mac on Veronica Mars were also great. And I can’t not mention the Broad City besties, Ilana and Abby.

Claire: Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia from Golden Girls are friend goals for me; especially as I’m nearing 50. They had each other’s backs and promised to take care of each other to the very end. That show stands the test of time.

PopCultureGuy: Well, I definitely have to give a nod to Leslie herself and her best friend, Anne Perkins. Their friendship was always one of my favorite parts of Parks and Recreation. Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy is also a big one for me; the show was always at its weakest during the Yang Years when it put those characters at odds. And a more recent female friendship I’m digging is Jessica Jones and Trish Walker’s on Jessica Jones.

Abi: I'm not entirely sure if Quinn and Rachel from Unreal would fit into this category but their dynamic is so interesting that I just can't look away. I think they have each other's backs but then they're always going to look out for themselves as well so it's interesting to see what they put their friendship through and whether it will actually survive.

Meredith and Cristina from Grey's Anatomy are one of the standout examples from recent memory and I really miss them. I'd love to see Cristina return and I don't think they'll be able to recapture the essence of what they had with another character. The best recent example of gal pals though has to be Jane, Kat and Sutton from The Bold Type. Their friendship is just so wonderful and it's an amazing highlight of a great, fun series.

Ami: Since the first episode, I've always love the bond and connection between Trish and Jessica on Jessica Jones. Also, I know its kind of a cheaty answer, but all the female bonds between the Sensates in Sense8. I love girl power, and there's no relationship closer than those in Sense8! Also,honorable mentions do include Farah and Amanda in Dirk Gently, and Amy and Rosa in B99!

Marine: Grace and Frankie, from Grace and Frankie, are my absolute female friendship goal! They are the embodiment of what it means to have a gal pal, even though their relationship had a rough start. They would do anything for each other and support one another 100%, and that's the beauty of their friendship.

Eve: Paula and Rebecca on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. You might argue that Rebecca has not been that great of a friend but Paula loves her unconditionally. Let’s hope Rebecca’s latest lie will not change this. The women on Big Little Lies went through hell and back. Even if things might not always have been great between them, at the end of the day they have each other’s backs.

A bromance is a close, platonic friendship of love, support, and deep affection between two males. Sometimes awkward, yet always steadfast, a genuine bromance is today’s way for two dudes to say, “I love you, man!” What are some of your favorite bromances?

Milo: My main pick for this one has to be the dynamic between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder in Justified, if it counts. Both actors worked great together and even though they were crossing paths more often than not. It didn’t stop for some wonderful dialogue between them, and also gave us one of the best final lines between two characters shared in TV history. “We Dug Coal Together…”

Yon: Probably Ivan & Marcos on El Internado and Julio & Andres from Gran Hotel. Probably not a coincidence Yon Gonzalez is involved in both since he's an actor that could have chemistry with a plastic bag. I also really liked Sam & Michael on Burn Notice. Sam started the show as a former agent reporting on Michael to the FBI as he needed the money, but their friendship grew stronger as the seasons went on, again because Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Donovan played off each other so well.

Marko: Best bromance on air currently by a mile Angus and Mario on Code Black. They are so close and so well written without a hint of sexual tendencies. They are just rocking it and supporting each other as two bros should.

Beth: I love bromance and my ultimate bromantic relationship is one I have only recently discovered, Danny and Steve from H50. Their friendship and bond is just beautiful, I mean what isn’t to love about Danny giving up a part of his liver to save his bro without giving it a second thought or his children calling Steve, ‘Uncle Steve’? I love those two so much. Riggs and Murtaugh on Lethal Weapon are still fairly new but they have provided me with some fantastic ‘broments’ Last but not least would have to be Jake and Boyle from B99. Boyle knew who Jake’s future wife would be before him!

Sam: Going back to Friends, I would say Chandler and Joey is probably my favorite of all time. But I also love Troy and Abed and Cory and Shawn. There’s just something so pure about how much these guys love and support each other.

Laura: I find myself stuck on LOST with Jack, Saywer, Locke, and Desmond dynamics! Ok well I also really loved the short-lived Almost Human. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy also played so well off each other! Another that comes to mind is kind of a trio--Man in the High Castles' Frank-Robert-Ed. The emotional dance-around with those three, especially in second season was one of my favorite things about it. Another is Lord John Grey and Jaime Frasier from Outlander. Although it's true this is a story of unrequited love for one of the parties, I love how in the show (and in the books) the two are able to move beyond it and remain friends. You couldn't ask for a better Lord John though than that of David Berry!

Jamie: I don't really have any favorite bromances but I do like Oliver & Diggle (Arrow), Derek & Mark (Grey's Anatomy).

Max: I love the bromance between Charlie and Frank on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as insane and often troubling as it is. Bronn and Tyrion are great partners on Game of Thrones – usually a nice reprieve from how heavy the show can get. Jake and Charles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are hilarious, too.

Abi: In the early days of Teen Wolf  I would have said Scott and Stiles, but with Dylan O'Brien's limited screen time in the later seasons this was a little bit diminished. They had some great moments in the first 3 seasons though.

Ami: I can't not mention Jace and Alec from Shadowhunters, they're Parabatai - they have the ultimate bromance! I do also adore Jake and Charles from B99, they were made for each other. Another top favorite, actually, is the little bickering and bantering that made up the bromance between Danny and Luke in The Defenders. I loved all of the interactions between my favorite Marvel heroes, but theirs was the funniest!

Marine: First bromance that comes to mind is Chandler and Joey from Friends. Those two are iconic. They were inseparable (to the point that Chandler always joked about Joey living with him forever in his new house with Monica). They also went through some tough moments, like when they were in love with the same woman, but that never broke their bromance.

Eve: I’m not big on bromances but I did enjoy the mutual respect and admiration between Holden Ford and Bill Tench on Netflix’s Mindhunter. They complement each other nicely.

Sadly, some relationships pass each other like ships in the night, or grow apart. Are there any friendships or relationships you’d like to see more of or be rekindled in the future?

Yon: I would've probably liked Lucas and Carrie on Banshee to end up together. I understand why they ended the show very much on separate paths but despite the showrunners comments, I like to think at some point in the future their paths would've collided again.

Marko: Oliver and Laurel? Katie and Stephen had always so much chemistry between them. I know it won't happen but that sizzle was really great.

Beth: This is where I will reveal things I normally keep close to the vest because declaring your shipper flag can be tricky! But, I have three relationships that break my heart every time I think of them because I loved the chemistry and build up.

First would be Jimmy and Fiona from Shameless. They just wreck me because their relationship was filled with dysfunction but I still contend that he was the only one that fit in her life with her family. I still silently whisper to the TV Gods my hope that he will come back in time for the series finale. Next is another Shameless pair in Mickey and Ian, theirs was a love story that started out horribly and ended horribly but the middle was epic. Finally is Hayley and Elijah from The Originals, I can’t explain why I loved those two together but man did I ever.

Sam: I’d love to see Arya and Gendry reunite next season on Game of Thrones, and Arya and the Hound, and Arya and Jon … Basically Arya and everyone she’s been close to.

Laura: For me this is a hard decision, because if there are some, they are in shows gone by that are most likely not going to be revived or wouldn't have the same exact cast. For current shows, I know that there is still story to tell and so I may be getting ahead of myself by complaining about something that is still in progress, but for the heck of it, Game of Thrones is so close to the end, that I might as well throw some hopes and wishes out there. I really kind of hope that Jamie and Breinne fight side by side and confess their feeling, even if one or both don't make it. Two pairs that I feel like should come back together are Arya & Gendry and Tyrion Sansa. As for Jon Snow, it seems pretty clear what his feelings are for Dany and thematically this always made sense to me--it's more like I don't know if they will survive it, rather than not knowing how fundamental this relationship to the series is, symbolically.

Jamie: I tend to mostly ship non-endgame ships so there are a lot I could mention here. But the ones that bothered me the most were Robin & Barney (I know I'm not alone here), Scott & Allison, Brooke & Lucas, Daisy & Lincoln, ... I'd love to see more of Eve & Annalise on How To Get Away With Murder, Andy & Haley on Modern Family, Matt & Karen on Daredevil.

Max: Eleanor and Chidi on The Good Place.

Claire: I was a big Walking Dead fan, pre Negan. And I have ALWAYS seen Carol and Darryl as a couple; they “ rescued “ each other. Loved the way he took care of her when they lost Sophia and lead the search for the little girl. Maybe if things ever calm down in the zombie apocalypse, Carryl will find their way to being together?

And, I know it’s long gone, but: Don and Peggy from Mad Men. Always thought they had a great deal of chemistry. She seemed devastated when Don married Megan. And she was the one he called in the ending. And, I know he (Milo Ventimiglia) is a little busy right now but I would like to see Rory and Jess as endgame; they are meant to be... Though I love that Dean is a Scrantonian now. I’ve lived in Scranton my whole life and I love it, but no one in their right mind moves here on purpose. Ha ha...

PopCultureGuy: I never understood what happened with Will Lexington and Brent McKinney on Nashville. When the second season started, they introduced Brent as someone from Will’s past and they built up the attraction between them as it progressed. But when the show returned from its winter hiatus, they reset them to square one, jettisoned Brent, brought him back, and then pretended he never existed. Very weird. I also wish The O.C. hadn’t pulled the plug on Ryan Atwood and Lindsay Gardner so quickly. Ditto Alex Karev and Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy, although that was truncated because they were getting ready to spin Addison off.

Abi: It never really happened in the first place but I would love for Chloe and Lucifer to finally get together on Lucifer. They've had a lot of misunderstandings and a lot keeping them apart but I think they could be really good together so here's hoping it will happen by the end of this season

Also Ian and Mickey on Shameless.There hasn't been a love interest for Ian that's come close to Mickey in terms of sheer chemistry and understanding of background and whilst Ian isn't how he grew up, the Gallaghers will ultimately never completely shake that side of themselves and I still have hope that they could have worked it out .

Ami: I wish we saw more of Farah and Todd's relationship from Dirk Gently. Their relationship was basically mentioned once and then never touched on again, and I'd like to see that deeper. Also, I actually miss seeing Claire and Matt from Daredevil. I preferred that relationship over him and Karen and I hope we see them two interact again in the future. Also, I know its a weird friendship/pairing, but I can't get enough of Schneider and Elena from One Day At A Time! They make the weirdest/funniest friends.

Marine: As much as I like Betty and Jughead together, I'm not super big on Archie and Veronica, so I think it would be fun to explore (at least for a little while) a romance between Betty and Archie. I'm not sure how it would work out or IF it would work, but I think Riverdale could spice things up a little by giving those two a shot. On a totally different note, I want more Wynnona and Doc Holliday on Wynnona Earp.

Eve: Well, I don’t know about you but I saw some definite sparks fly between Abby and Bobby on last week’s 9-1-1- episode. From day one I loved the idea of those two together, even if they hadn’t met yet. I get the whole Buck and Abby attraction and I think it will do Abby some good to have some fun with Buck, but Bobby Is the one she belongs with. They should be end-game, but I’ll be fine if this doesn’t happen for at least another season. For now I’ll be happy with some UST, mutual attraction and desiring looks from Bobby.

Grace and Darius on Salvation. A couple with a past that has not been explored yet (they first met years ago at the Croatian Embassy). Their future is left up in the air after Darius stays on earth and Grace joins Harris and the rest on her way to space. I’m hoping season 2 will continue to give us some great Grace and Darius scenes.

Sometimes love is blind, even to other fans or the writers themselves. We all have one (or many) of those random pairings where you think in another life or another universe they’d be epic! What are some of your off your favorite crossover or “non-canon” pairings?

Milo: This is going to be an out of left field one but I’m going to go for Raylan Givens from Justified and Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica. I’m not sure how it would work nor how the two universes would even be combined, but I feel like they’d get on well together and be an incredibly badass duo. Also, another out of left field crossover pairing comes in the form of Alice Fletcher from Godless and Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders which feels like it could work regardless of the differences in setting. As could a pairing of Person of Interest's John Reese and Agents of SHIELD's Melinda May. And one more suggestion for good measure, Vanessa Ives and John Constantine from Penny Dreadful and well, Constantine respectively.

Marko: Non cannon stuff, Jughead and Veronica. Really liked their polar opposite chemistry. Also liked the slight hints about Alex and Maggie back in season 11 on Grey's Anatomy.

Beth: Currently, it is Frank and Karen from Daredevil/The Punisher. The shows aren’t built for romance but when they share the screen, it is electric.

Sam: The first couple I ever thought would be great together in a different universe is Buffy and Supernatural's Dean. Considering their lives, they’d fit so well together.

Laura: I always fantasize about a Bad Robot series that either took many of the characters from one series and through them into the scenario of another. Like Fringe characters in Kelvinverse Trek or Felicity characters on LOST. Would Felicity fall for Jack or Desmond? Would Megan leave Sean for Locke -- or Elaina end up with Sawyer or Sayid? Just stupid little things like that. More seriously though maybe Kara Thrace (BSG) with Saywer (Lost), or young William (Westworld). I could get into that, I think.

Jamie: Oh honey, where do I even get started. The most notable were probably Regina & Emma on Once Upon A Time, Betty & Veronica on Riverdale, Raven & Bellamy on The 100, Lydia & Jordan on Teen Wolf, Amberle & Eretria on The Shannara Chronicles.

Max: I always thought Callie and Alex would have made a good pairing on Grey’s Anatomy. I originally thought there could be some good chemistry between Meredith and Jackson, too, even if it was just sexual and not long-term. I’ve never given much thought to love affairs across different series, but Buffy and Jon Snow would be a pretty badass couple.

Claire: Michael Scott from The Office and Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec would have made the “perfect” couple. She would totally get his awkward ways, but call him out when he went over the line. They would’ve been so cute together. Though I like Michael/Holly and Ben/Leslie.

Abi: Now this is a dangerous question. I have a slight crackship of Vincent Nigel Murray and Wendell from Bones who I think were only in the AU episode together and never even interacted, so I don't know where that came from. I kind of think the writers must have been a little bit blind (or possibly scared) when it came to Roman and Peter on Hemlock Grove because it was pretty explicitly a romance on Roman's part and yet it was not canon which hurt my heart a little. Amy and Karma on Faking It, which would have been canon if they show was given another season but is therefore not canon. Laurel/Michaela from How To Get Away With Murder, Dean/Castiel from Supernatural, Eleanor/Tahani from The Good Place, Amy/Jonah from Superstore, and I also kind of ship Morgan/Garcia from Criminal Minds.

Ami: Oh boy, this is a dangerous question! Doctor Who is a perfect example of a whole variety of crossover ships - every companion can fit with every doctor in some way! (I personally love the idea of Clara with the Tenth Doctor). I always loved the idea of shipping crossover ships with other shows. Combinations such as the 11th Doctor with Dirk Gently, or Amanda Brotzman with Julia Wicker, for example, would be amazing to play around with. Marvel itself opens up a world full of possibility, especially with the subtle interactions between the movies, the Netflix-original shows and Agents of Shield. Imagine the Defenders going up against Loki, or the Avengers going up against Killgrave!

Eve: Christina Hart and Bryan Mills on NBC’s Taken. Personally I see some major chemistry but their relationship has been strictly professional and Taken doesn’t strike me as a series that will likely change that into a romantic one. I guess I will have to revert to fanfic.

Like many of us, TV networks also catch cupids arrow and with that comes a slew of holiday related episodes whether we want them or not! Are there any standouts for you?

Milo: Parks and Rec’s Galentine's Day has to be up there. Also Buffy's Season 2 episode Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered was fun, even if I can't normally stand Xander. The Simpsons back in its heyday also gave us the classic Season 4 episode I Love Lisa.

Yon: I really enjoy Brooklyn 99's holiday episodes. They're always really fun & have some touching moments.

Beth: The most romantic and sweet episode of television I have ever seen isn’t even on Valentine’s Day! It was the HalloVeen episode that aired this season when Jake proposed to Amy using the heist. Any B99 fan knows why this was the perfect way for him to do that.

Sam: Galentine’s Day is absolutely number one for me. But I also have to throw out another vote for Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered. All the girls falling in love with Xander was just so funny.

Laura: Most of the shows I watch now are on Cable or Streaming so most no longer sync up with Holidays and I can't really remember from my youth anything that sticks out, except maybe an episode or two of Frasier.

Jamie: I don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff. In fact, the obvious holiday episodes are usually my least favorites. I prefer things to be business as usual.

Max: I definitely echo everyone naming Buffy’s “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”. I also loved The Office and Parks and Recreation valentine’s episodes, and Orange Is The New Black’s “You Also Have a Pizza".

Claire: I am a sucker for ALL holiday episodes; some of my favs are: The Middle has had some great V day episodes; season 1 where the kids keep ruining Frankie and Mikes romantic dinner and season 4 where Axl and his buddies create a Boss Co. break up service and end up feeling guilty; “this money is covered in tears.” And mixing my favorite holiday, Halloween, with Valentine’s Day: Supernatural's “My Bloody Valentine” from season 5.

Ami: I usually don't care for holiday-themed episodes, as they tend to be isolated from the rest of the show, and have the complication be introduced and solved in one, 40min episode. Brooklyn 99 do holiday-themed episodes really well, however, as they manage to incorporate the seasons into the overall plots and have the characters grow as a result of it (like the Halloween episodes, for example!).

Marine: The Galentine's Day episode from Parks and Rec is without a doubt the best Valentine's Day-themed episode ever.

Eve: The Modern Family Valentine episodes really stand out. Who can forget Claire and Phil’s attempts to spice up their sex-life on Valentine’s day? Who can forget Claire getting her coat stuck on an escalator, wearing nothing under it?

Finally, What are some tropes, storylines and/or attitudes you’d like to see more and/or when it comes to addressing relationships in the future?

Milo: I would like showrunners to avoid hooking up characters for the primary reason that fans want them to be together. It often feels forced and, in some cases, has even led to the show being unsalvageable as a result. I’m not against it from happening, but this kind of thing should be carefully planned so that if the fan’s favored couple does end up together it shouldn’t come at the expense as to any other character's development.

Beth: I would love to see writers expand their view when it comes to relationships on television. It seems that they follow an 8-step formula:
1. Slow burn
2. The two have a relationship with other people until they realize their feelings
3. The epic coming together
4. They are happy for a few episodes but here comes an obstacle
5. The couple break up for a silly reason
6. They date other people who are all wrong for them
7. They realize they love each other and ditch the newbie
8. They come back together.

Romance can be done without doing this constantly. Look at what OTH did with Nathan and Hayley…. they had drama galore to keep things juicy but even at their worst; they ALWAYS remained bent and never broken. I wish more shows would recognize that not every relationship requires a break up before the end game happens.

Sam: I don’t know if this counts, but I want relationships to feel more organic. There have been instances where I've felt like characters were just pushed together for storyline purposes or because fans wanted to see them together. That's okay, but I Just want to see relationships built up more naturally and see the chemistry fall into place all on its own.

Outside of that, I like seeing more relationships without needless drama to keep things ‘interesting,’ like Coach Taylor and Tami, who always stayed together throughout the series run without any breakups or cheating drama. They loved and supported each other no matter what and always got through their fights and handled them maturely. I would like to see more of that.

Laura: I think some series will always call for either love triangles and/or obvious pairs from the get-go, which I think is fine, but I definitely like to see some shows where maybe it's not always either so predictable and/or shows (Kind of like Star Trek: Discovery) that are willing to let there be tons of various kinds relationships on display, in which your not necessarily sure how it's going to all work out or with whom the characters are really going to end up with. I'm also good with more "buddy-cop" shows were maybe the love lives are somewhat separate from the leads, so that there can be this kinds of inside-looking-out perspective.

Jamie: I don't really have any tropes that I love, but many that I hate. The love triangle trope would have to be my least favorite, mostly because what it does to the fandom.

Max: I’d just love to see more honest of relationships. I’m not a fan of contrived storylines (forced love triangles, unnatural reasons to fight, etc.). I like to see writers actually explore the turbulent nature of relationships facing real issues; Eric and Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights. I like watching couples that can struggle but are not constantly breaking up just for dramatics / to serve the plot.

Claire: I cannot stand contrived storylines that make NO sense and then are dragged out for a ridiculous amount of time: Sean/Sue The Middle and the worst one ever: Rachel/Ross Friends. When he didn’t propose when she had HIS baby, I never watched Friends again. Love triangles are not very realistic, either.

Ami: I think love triangles, or relationships in general, that are designed and introduced solely for drama and surprise are exhausting and unnecessary. I also hate ultimatums that are introduced, where the character has to choose between someone they love and some other action or hobby. I love seeing relationships where the two characters grow and develop together, and that are flawed but improving, because they look and feel real.

I thought that Danny and Colleen from Iron Fist was 100% unnecessary and even felt a little force (why couldn't they just be friends?!). On the other hand, Magnus and Alec from Shadowhunters (what can I say? I'm biased) show off a strong relationship that has evolved and improved overtime, to the point of them trusting and communicating clearly with each other, loving each other and just being happy.

Marine: Teen shows tend to make romance way more sugar-coated than it is. Those shows do that for a reason, but I think that more reality could do some good to them. It's not always healthy to feed teens with unrealistic expectations about love. Add more real problems to it, make it more relatable. Show that it doesn't always work out forever.

Eve: I would applaud some more romance storylines for adults in shows like The 100, Riverdale, Stranger Things etc. Teen romances sometimes lack depth and seriousness. There is not much at stake at a young age, teen romances miss gravity. Often I’m more invested in the adults than the teens.

I know open the floor to you, What would be some of your favorite pairing? Are there any ones you think we missed? Let us know in the comments and from us, have a Happy Valentines Day!

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