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SPIDER-MAN - The Rise of Doc Ock Pt.3 - Review

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SPIDER-MAN - Episode 17 - "The Rise of Doc Ock Pt.3"

In the next episode of the Otto Octavius saga we find Spider-Man swinging up to the Oscorp building and using his new techno Spider X-Ray goggles to spy on CEO Norman Osborn. He sees Norman watching video on a laptop and learns from the footage that Norman worked with Spencer Smythe to frame Norman's son Harry and get him expelled. Shocked, Spidey swings around the Harry's lab and waves hello to him. In a funny little moment, Harry opens the window and tells Spidey that he's alerted security. Yikes!

Spider-Man battles the security bots and using his web gliders and some witty banter he quickly smashes them and makes his escape. In a nice nod to the the comic books Spidey retrieves his street clothes from under a water tower and reads a text from his best friend Harry Osborn asking him to breakfast.

Harry and Peter Parker meet at a diner and Peter just goes for it by telling Harry he doesn't trust his Dad, that his Dad is out for Spider-Man, oh and that his Dad worked to get him expelled from Horizon High. Taking this as one might expect Harry is surprised and upset that his friend would accuse his father without any proof to back it up. Peter says the answers lie in Oscorp. Harry says great!, spend the day with me there, and since Horizon High is closed for repairs, Peter takes him up on it.

Harry shows Peter his school and in a funny moment they run into Dr. Octavius who reactively yells "You're late" at Peter. Realizing that he is no longer his student Otto sends Peter and Harry into his class. There they meet Ollie Osnick whose speciality is the manipulation of metal. He crafted hover discs which got him into the Osborn Academy. Ollie is young and wide eyed and extremely honored to be in Dr. Octavius' class.

Norman Osborn walks in and interrupts the class by taking Dr. Octavius out of the room to a separate lab. Peter sneaks out and follows them. He hears Norman asking Otto about frequencies within Otto's mechanical arms. Otto gives him the information but informs Norman that the arms are his and his alone. He will no longer share the tech with Norman. Norman is not pleased. He leaves and makes his way into yet another lab where a giant set of mechanical arms, like Otto's, are misbehaving and thrashing around wildly. After a technician enters the newly acquired frequencies, the arms calm down and can be controlled. Peter winces when he hears they call it the "Spider Killer 3000". In a funny scene Norman points out/yells that the Spider Detector must still be malfunctioning because it is showing Spider-Man inside the lab with them! Oh Norman, but he is in the lab with you...

A young man, who turns out to be Aleksei Sytsevich, walks through a crowd of students casually applying tiny electronic pin devices to the unknowing people there. Security realizes he doesn't have a pass and shouldn't be there. This triggers him to transform into The Rhino! The guards get knocked away and Peter jumps on the wild creature, only to get flung off himself. He checks on a guard as Norman Osborn shows up yelling "Release the Octo-Bots!" Several Octo-Bot robots show up and start taking on Rhino. This does not go over well with the onlooking Dr. Octavius. He is very upset Norman is using his tech. Spider-Man swings in and begins to battle the Bots and the Rhino. After destroying some of the Octo-Bots by using them to electrify Aleksei, Norman is mad at Spidey.

Surprising everyone The Jackal casually walks up. He thanks Spidey, as getting the Rhino to take out the security was his plan all along and he just helped him achieve that goal. Oops. Jackal activates a remote and all the pins placed earlier instantly transforms the wearers into Rhinos! Bedlam! All the student Rhinos finish off the Bots but Otto steps up and begins to battle all of them. The students see this and Ollie decides they should help too. In come Vulture! SpiderSlayer! Disc Kid! Doc Ock! and Spider-Man!

The Jackal straight up walks up to Norman and tells him they're partnership is over, he can't be trusted. Norman realizes too late that the Jackal is really an Artificial Reply-Bot BOMB! and is taken down by the Jackal exploding! Meanwhile Spidey leads the group in battling the Rhinos. He notices the pins attached to each Rhino, swings in, and removes each one. Interestingly we see Otto pick up a device and comment on its ingenuity in mind control.

Norman walks in applauding the actions of his Osborn security team and declaring that he destroyed the Jackal. Spidey isn't feeling the Osborn vibe and swings off. Norman tells Otto he'll head up the new Otto-Bot division but Otto is having none of it! He's ticked off! He says he won't let Norman have his tech. In a pure evil businessman move, Norman just laughs and says "read your contract". Peter runs in and Harry is happy to tell him that his Dad is really a good guy and just offered Spider-Man a job. Pete still won't go for it and says he found proof. They make their way to the lab with the giant Spider Slayer but uh oh, everythings gone. In a nice fake out moment Pete tells Harry "the truth is..." that he's loyal to Harry not Spidey. And Harry tells him, well maybe I'll take a closer look at my Dad being evil and all.

In a final D'Oh! Uh oh moment, Otto reveals to Harry that he knows Peter knows Spider-Man and that he's been making tech for him. Oooooohhh Harry is pissed! He throws Peters words back in his face and orders him to get out.

Spidey ends up pondering wether or not he should reveal his secret to Harry, and what he's going to do in the future about the Norman Osborn situation.

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