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Scorpion - Lighthouse of the Rising Sun - Review: "Walt's Wiz Kids"

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In "Lighthouse of the Rising Sun," Los Angeles finally saw the Northern Lights.

This week picks up with Walter attempting (and failing) to host a youth science show with Ralph and his classmates that Sly's producing as an aldermen project. (One of Ralph's classmates they actually call Meatball, if that tells you anything!) Sly and Paige head out to get more eggs, because the kids have broken them all trying (and again failing) the egg drop experiment.

Meanwhile, Cabe and Allie arrive to the lighthouse they rented for the weekend, only to find company - in the form of a costumed Happy and Toby. Apparently they heard Cabe talk about how nice the place was, so they decided to rent it out themselves for the "baby-making" show. Cabe got the date mixed up and is actually there on Happy and Toby's weekend, but convinces them to skedaddle, as he's finally going to tell Allie he loves her.

Just then, the power suddenly goes out for everyone. The whole of LA can see the Northern Lights, leading Sly to realize it's a solar storm. Walt uses a ham radio to make contact with Homeland, who are swamped and ask the team to track down a missing private plan who's pilot isn't rated to fly at night.

Happy, Toby, Cabe, and Allie are able to use the light from the lighthouse to create a signal and find the plane. From there, Walt and Ralph land Birdroni on the plan, enabling them to communicate with the pilot and passenger - who both can't be any older than about 18. Although the pilot's freaking out, Happy tells him she can talk him through a water landing, which she almost does. Unfortunately, when Griffith, the pilot. goes to land in the water, he hits something and knocks off a float, making it impossible for them to land.

Walter decides they can do a controlled crash to get them down. The lighthouse team sets ups a net to slow them down, which should get them to a crash speed they'll survive. As they prep, the team urges Griffith to go ahead and admit to his passenger Rachel, aka his childhood best friend, what he'd planned to tell her during their weekend in LA - that he's in love with her. He does, and she admits she's known since they were six and is in love with him also. But, when the happy couple is preparing to crash, they realize the flap won't respond and they can't slow down to the required speed needed for the controlled crash.

Things continue to look worse and worse, but an off-hand comment from Meatball, of all people, saves the day. The team decides to re-position the net and have them jump from the plane and free-fall into it. (Sounds totally scientific, right?) Anyways, they jump out of the plane, and the team spends an agonizing minute waiting to see if they'll make the net, during which time Cabe declares his love for Allie and she reciprocates. Right afterward, Rachel and Griffith land in the net, alive and well.
Back at the Garage, Sly agrees to run for another term and Patty takes Ralph on as her assistant campaign manager, quite possibly making his whole year. Paige takes Sly's advice and apologizes for being mean to Florence. Even though she says she's fine with Walter's dream because she knows it doesn't mean anything, she's been taking her anger out on Florence. Afterwards, Walter and Paige talk, and he tells her that the dream was significant because in it he knew he had to find her (not Florence) to help rescue him.

Random Thoughts:
-Walter's a terrible babysitter!

-The lighthouse they were at was beautiful!

-I love how dedicated Sly is to his anti-bullying campaign.

-Best lines go to Meatball and Walter at the end, when Meatball interrupts Walter and Paige's make out session to inform them he'll be staying the night. Meatball: "My father says that the solar-flare messed with the wiring in his electric car, so...I'm sleeping over." Walter: "Damn it."

Do you think this means Walter and Paige have moved passed the Florence thing? Were you glad to see Cabe finally take the next step with Allie? Let me know below! (I know I'm behind, but I'll be using the Olympic break for catch-up!)

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