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Riverdale - The Tell-Tale Heart - Review

This week’s episode focuses on the aftermaths of The Wicked and the Divine’s murder. Betty comes back home, and she is welcomed by a dead body on the floor. What did it happen? Let’s summarize the episode.

The episode is centered on Betty’s family. While Alice just pretends that nothing happened, Betty is in turmoil: she is not able to manage all the emotions caused by the accident. We also find out that Hal is having an affair with Penelope Cooper. And it feels so weird.

Archie is still torn between the FBI agent and his loyalty towards the Lodge’s family. The situation finally comes to a closure: even if he is worried that his dad is going to face troubles because of the FBI, Archie reveals to Hiram what is tormenting him. At the end of the episode, we are surprised by an unexpected twist: Hermione is the mastermind behind the fake FBI’s agent. With a creepy Godfather vibe, she explains to Archie what omertà is and how he is now part of the family. His silence paid him back: he has Hermione’s trust. I didn’t expect Hermione to be the Lodge’s mastermind. Even if I didn’t enjoy some aspects of this storyline, I’m eager to watch how it’s going to play out.

In the meanwhile, Betty reveals the truth to Jug and he asks his father for the help. After getting rid of the drug dealer’s body, Alice, F.P., Jug, and Betty reunite at Pop’s and it’s pretty obvious that the writers are heading to a possible love affair between the two former Serpents. Are Alice and F.P. a thing?

The episode had the fair amount of entertainment and craziness, but I still don’t get why the writers have sidelined so many characters. With 22 episodes, we are definitely expecting a proper division in these storylines. Instead, the stories are all focused on the main four and we don’t have any time for Kevin, Josie or even Cheryl. This is letting me down.

And you? What do you think of “The Tell-Tale Heart”?

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