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Kevin Can Wait - Wingmen - Review: "How Did Lou Lose His Thumb?"

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Kevin Can Wait is back! Episode 17 of Season 2 is directed by Andy Fickman and written by Rock Reuben. With Kevin James as Kevin, Leah Remini as Vanessa and Gary Valentine as Kyle.

I think we're getting closer to seeing these two crazy kids as a couple? Or not?

Kevin and Vanessa are spending another night at Enzo's. Chale programs their phones to play backgammon and welcomes them to 2003. Kevin also plans on watching the 86 World Series. Go Mets! Kendra: "it's new to him every time."

Kyle is at Enzo's with a new girl he met on 'be my' Kyle reminds them that they haven't seen him in six weeks. They didn't notice. And he still thinks that Vanessa has a 'thing' for him.

After seeing Kyle happy with a girlfriend, Kevin and Vanessa decide to sidestep the app and become each other's wingmen.

Though, Vanessa is wary: "I'd let Kevin choose a charcoal grill for me, but a soulmate?"

The safe word on their mission is 'Montauk.' Their roster of meet and greets are: an offended woman who can buy her own drinks, thank you, a woman who makes her own deodorant, a hip hop, part time bank teller, an extremely tall woman who trains falcons, a magician who pulls a quarter out of Vanessa's ear and a woman shot putter. Shot putting CAN be glamorous!

After the disastrous bar session, they go to Kyle for help, to try the app. He wants Kevin to say: "Kyle, help me find love!" But, Kevin threatens to tell some weird Kyle stories; how he didn't get pit hair until he was 35. He helps them.

Kevin picks a guy for Vanessa and goes on a 'date' with him (Steve) to a Knicks game. He wants to make sure HE likes who Vanessa is going to date? Kevin's other choice for Vanessa is 72 and her dad is 68. Kevin: "so, they'll get along great!"

Vanessa, of course, does her research and finds the perfect date for Kevin. Tracy is cute, sweet, funny and she thinks Kevin is cute, too. She even eats gluten. That IS rare.

Vanessa seems a little unsettled by the couple's instant chemistry. Tracy and Kevin have a lot in common; they both know 'half thumb' Lou at Galaxy Bagels, just to name one. Tracy even knows what happened to Lou's thumb, Kevin is impressed.

Kevin's choice is another story. Vanessa: "is he the one in the tracksuit, the one who looks like you?" Vanessa chokes out: "Montauk!"

Steve is a professional referee, who picks at Vanessa's food. It is not going well. Steve's perfect for...Kevin. Chale convinces Kevin he was wrong to put his needs ahead of Vanessa's.

Kevin has to break it to Steve. But asks Kendra to give him a make over, instead. He brings "new" Steve to the office to meet Vanessa, she's impressed.

He does clean up, nicely. Kevin: "all the benefits of old Steve, with fifty percent less Kevin."

The four try another double date. Vanessa's not feeling "it." But Tracy is...with Steve. Tracy and Steve dump Kevin and Vanessa. And, sadly, Kevin never does get to find out what happened to Lou's thumb.

Vanessa and Kevin end the night, at Kevin's, watching the 86 Series, again. And Vanessa surprises him with a visit from 'half thumb' Lou. Vanessa: "he's finally going to tell you what happened to his thumb!" True love if I've ever seen it!

Well written, great dialogue, really funny this week! So cute seeing Kevin and Sara call each other: "dumb as a potato." Poor Jack has Oreos for dinner and apple Febreze CAN be used, in case you run out of cologne. Always love seeing Kyle!

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