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Jessica Jones - Season Two - Advance Preview: "Powerful Return"

Jessica Jones premiered its first season way back on November 20, 2015. It was a standout exceptional first outing for the show. At the time it received major praise and left fans craving more. Over the subsequent two and a half years this show has often been called one of the best of the Netflix Marvel shows. The series set a very high bar for itself and its fellow Netflix Marvel shows, so it is hard to imagine that the second season could possibly reach the same heights of the first. Impressively enough, based off of the first five episodes, it looks like that might be exactly what happens this season as the series tops its prior best. The season launches fast and gets right into the driving themes. There are tiny reminders of what happened last season, but a rewatch of the season would be highly recommended before diving into this season.

Krysten Ritter brings Jessica back to life with as much sarcasm and strength as when she last graced our screens. Even though Kilgrave is no more, memories of him, and what happened because of him, haunt her. Though she doesn’t have much time to lament on him as a new and perhaps even more sinister foe emerges. Jessica is tested in ways that not even she could have imagined possible. She has a big responsibility placed on her as the conspiracy she gets caught up in quite literally fights back. This season also sees Jessica learn something very surprising about her own past that puts her and Trish smack-dab in the path of a serious new foe.

Rachael Taylor reprises her role as Jessica’s loyal sister/best friend Trish Walker. A lot happens to Trish in the first half of the season and it’s a good solid bet that even bigger things are coming her way in the back half of the season. Last season Trish’s story was very heavily tied to Jessica, but this season she does branch off at times to do her own thing. And it comes with a hefty price to be paid. While Trish tries to help Jessica sort out a mysterious time in her past it comes to light that Trish herself has a dark secret hiding in her past. Sadly, for her, it is something that she remembers all too well and the trauma of it very evidently shaped the woman she has become. Taylor is a tried and true actress who can handle anything thrown at her and the writers seemed keen to fully capitalize on her versatility. Look for some big things for Trish this season.

Eka Darville and Carrie-Anne Moss reprise their roles this season. Both see their parts greatly expanded upon this season. Darville gets to dive further into what it means for Malcolm to work with Jessica. Because of certain circumstances, Malcolm ends up taking on a much bigger part in the business and becomes invaluable to Jessica, no matter how many times she tries to fire him. The storyline set into place for Jeri in Season Two is very different from what she was doing last season. Carrie-Anne Moss does some phenomenal acting in this storyline as Jeri starts to self-destruct. As Jeri’s world begins to fall apart she makes some questionable arrangements that put Jessica in a very precarious situation. Her conniving ways get both her and Jessica into a few tight spots forcing these frenemies into a tense alliance.

This season also sees the introduction of J.R. Ramirez (Oscar) and Hal Ozsan (Griffin) who join the cast as two very different men who enter Jessica and Trish’s lives. They challenge the heroines in interesting ways forcing both of them into some very interesting situations. One of the men proves to be a valuable friend while the other acts more as a motivator for change. While these two aim to leave their mark on the story, they aren’t the only ones challenging Jessica and Trish. There are some returning faces that make a real impact and shake things up.

No matter how much Jessica hates teamwork she is given no choice but to form several questionable alliances. Some go better than others, but all are leading her towards one epic showdown with the big bad. Things quite literally come crashing down around Jessica as the search for answers leads her down a path that might just test every ounce of strength she has in order to survive. Kilgrave was a sinister bad guy who will be hard to top. The first five episodes set up the potential that this new big bad could potentially be even worse than him, but the big bad doesn’t quite reach that level in the first half of the season. However, all the right things are in place for the big bad to rapidly intensify as the season further develops.

The writers and performers latched back onto these characters as if no time passed. All the things are in place to make this a very memorable season. Friends may become foes. Foes may become friends. Relationships of all sorts will be tested to the extreme. This season premieres on International Woman’s Day and the first half of the season is a beautiful testament to the strength and complexity of women. This season could not have a better premiere date. Be sure to not miss this new powerhouse season.

Don’t miss the long-awaited return of Jessica Jones on Netflix at 3 am ET/12 am PT on Thursday, March 8th.

Hit the comments with your hopes for this season. What do you want to see happen this season? Who do you think the big bad is? Who do you think will be returning?

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