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Jane the Virgin - Chapter Seventy-Three - Review

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Jane the Virgin “Chapter Seventy-Three” was written by the team of Valentina Garza and Chantelle M Wells and was directed by Eric Lea. This is essentially Lea’s first time as a director but he has worked on 19 episodes of the show as a film editor. This episode really focused nicely on all the characters looking at big changes.

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) kiss is complicated when Mateo (Elias Janssen) walks in in the middle of it. He is overjoyed to think that his parents are going to get married! Jane and Rafael try to explain that they are just exploring their feelings and nothing will change for Mateo, but let’s face it, that’s a bit complicated for a little kid. I always love the gimmick of the texting, so I really liked the back and forth between the two as Rafael finally gets Mateo asleep. They are clearly on the same page with exploring things slowly…

The next morning, Mateo has further complicated things by telling Alba (Ivonne Coll), Xo (Andrea Navedo), and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) about the kiss! The two arrive at breakfast to a lot of expectant faces. Rogelio announces that he’s taking one year off to be a stay at home dad for Baby – and Rafael immediately tells him that he admires that. After all, Rafael has struggled with that work/life/family balance himself!

Ever practical, Alba worries about money. Rogelio assures her that they’ll be fine – he’s done an overseas commercial… for laxative! The commercial is hysterical! And it’s not too far removed from reality. He’s excited about being a stay at home dad – he even has a vision board!

Jane gets a call from her editor – the publisher is dropping her! Jane is sure that she's a failure. Rogelio and Xo try to be supportive, but they really don’t understand the publishing industry. I really liked how the show spotlighted the difficulty in bringing diverse voices to print. This isn’t just a plot point. Very few women of color do get published. Jane feels that she’s a failure. Rafael is the one – as always – who gives her a better pep talk and tells her to get busy writing. Unfortunately, Jane is stuck. She’s just not sure what she wants to write about.

Darci (Justina Machado) and Esteban (Keller Wortham) tell Rogelio that they’ve finally found the perfect nanny – one with lots of #CBE = Celebrity Baby Experience! But Rogelio, tells them that because he’s a stay at home Dad, he can be the #Danny on Darci’s days. Darci is sure that Rogelio will flake out after a few days – she may be evil, but she sure knows Rogelio!

Mateo isn’t happy that Rafael is moving out, and Rafael isn’t happy with Petra (Yael Grobglas). When Rafael tells Petra that he’s not coming to their blended family brunch, Petra goes to Jane. Jane agrees with Rafael that maybe they should skip brunch for a while. She tells Petra that she pushes people too far and that at some point, they just can’t come back.

Jane finds Mateo packing her bag so that they can move in with Rafael, misunderstanding Rafael’s comment that Jane could come and stay over from time to time. Jane is clearly upset when Mateo accuses her of being the only one who doesn’t want them to be a family. Rafael clarifies that what he actually said was that Jane could come over as often as she wanted… but he does want them together, happily ever after. He’s all in. But he’s not pushing – and he’s committed to giving her space to get things worked out. The narrator (Anthony Mendez) tells us that for a moment – without all the outside pressure – Jane was ready to be all in too – but you can’t get rid of reality.

Petra wants to call Ramos (Rosario Dawson) JR, but she’s having none of it – she’ll just call Petra, Peter. I thought this was hilarious too! Ramos is meeting with Petra because the police found some pretty horrible emails from Petra to Anezka, including one saying “If you come near me, or my family again, I will kill you.” It IS pretty damning. The police now want a blueprint of the scene. But Petra has watched Law & Order – so now way! I loved the little gimmick of using the Law & Order music to create a dramatic pause! Ramos tells her that Law & Order doesn’t get the law right – and she’s right!

Rafael stops by to see Petra to ask her a favor. He wants Petra to help get Jane in touch with her Agent friend. Meanwhile, Ramos gets a text asking her if she’s gotten it done and telling her there’s a lot at stake. When Petra comes in, Ramos tells her about her mother who has Alzheimer’s, and she can’t get her into see the top specialist in Miami. Petra looks thoughtful – and naturally arranges to get Ramos’s mother in to see the doctor.

Jorge (Alfonso DiLuca) is back, and Alba thinks he is treating her badly at work – giving her shifts that she doesn’t like. Really, he is her boss… but Xo encourages her to report him if she feels he’s targeting her for not accepting his proposal. Later, Alba heads in to work to confront Jorge about his treatment and finds Jorge kissing his old girlfriend Sofia. Jorge at least has the decency to look a bit upset when he sees that Alba has seen them.

Rogelio spends the day taking selfies with Baby, until Darci calls and tells him to stop. Darci accuses him of not looking after his daughter but using her to raise his social media profile! Darci isn’t wrong to want to protect Baby’s privacy. Rogelio is onboard. Darci asks if Baby has had her poop and when she hasn’t, Rogelio is consumed with making it happen!

Rafael tells Jane he’s gotten her a meeting with Jeffrey Mullins. Rafael gives Petra credit for helping to set up a meeting on Friday – in TWO DAYS!! Jane is panic stricken because he will ask what she’s working on next – and she has no idea. They can’t reschedule because he changed his schedule to make room for her. Jane does what she does best and researches current popular trends in fiction – and of course that backfires. Jane is never going to write a really great novel if she isn’t one hundred percent committed and immersed in the story – it’s got to come from her heart, not her head….

I loved the various scenarios that Jane runs through – stable, prison… and always with Rafael – and always with reality intruding.

Rafael’s apartment is truly awful. Jane tries to make it better by being enthusiastic about the art deco windows and fire escape. Rafael kicks Jane out – it’s boy-time! To keep Mateo from blaming Jane. They share another kiss, and Rafael continues to be supportive about her career and upcoming meeting…

Jane’s meeting with Mullins goes awfully. They hate the ideas she pitches – and they are awful! When Mullins spies Petra, he insists that she join them. I did love Petra talking about hating Ivanka – and her trying to sell her bum condos. It’s a thing. Look it up. Petra does try to refocus the meeting on Jane, but the meeting ends with Petra getting a book contract to write a lifestyle book! Mullins tells Jane he’ll look at the first chapter of a Fifty Shades-type story with the heroine as the boss… which fyi, is where Fifty Shades ends up anyway…

As soon as Mullins leaves, Petra says she won’t write the book when it’s clear that Jane is upset. Her whole point in getting Mullins was to try to make up with Jane – and that really is growth on Petra’s part! Jane is too angry to see it, and tells Petra that even if she turns down the book, it won’t make Jane forget all the evil things that Petra has done. Jane accuses Petra of doing everything transactionally. I love how seamlessly Grobglas shifts into comedy – as she proves Jane right when she asks Krishna (Shelly Bhalla) about the things she’s done for her – um, none?

Once Rogelio gets Baby to poop, he’s at a loss for what to do. He’s bored. He takes a couple of selfies, but doesn’t post them – such restraint! And that leads him to question, if you take a selfie and don’t post it, do you even exist? Rogelio is faced with the isolation of every stay-at-home Mom ever!

Rogelio passes the time by texting Xo. Her open house has been a great success, but Xo confesses to Alba that she hates being an Administrator, she’s not even dancing anymore. Xo doesn’t expect Alba to be supportive; she assumes that Alba will accuse her of not sticking with something again, and it’s too late to start a new career.

Xo in turn is supportive of Alba not giving up too. Who cares if Jorge was out on a rebound? But it wasn’t a rebound – Alba was the rebound! But it also means that Alba dodged a bullet when she said no to his proposal. Hopefully, she’ll get to the point where she sees that… Ultimately, Xo surprises everyone by taking Alba’s advice and sells the studio and gets a job as an instructor with another studio!

Mateo’s teacher (Karen Lew) tells Rafael that Mateo has had a bad week at school. Rafael explains that a lot is up in the air at home, and she encourages him to tell Mateo what’s going on because he’s very anxious.

We get another nice scene with all the women on the swing. Jane tells them that they have to make a decision to put Mateo’s mind at ease, and they’re sleeping on it. Alba is still very upset. She does regret ending it with Jorge just a little. Xo asks why Alba didn’t say yes, and she finally admits that she just wasn’t ready for the next step.

It turns out that all the wine and candles in the world can’t help Petra become a writer. JR shows up to thank Petra for getting the appointment for her mother. JR asks if she’s day-drinking and Petra tells her about the lifestyle book. JR suggests it might not be the best thing when Petra is being investigated for murder. Petra seems keen for JR to trust her that she didn’t do it. And just me or was there a lot of chemistry between these two???? JR asks what Petra is going to write about Anezka, but Petra needs more wine…

Meanwhile, Jane starts her Fifty Shades story, and we get an hilarious sequence of Jane and Rafael in leather. And Rafael points out that he’s her flawed romantic hero! Jane goes to Rafael and tells him that she thinks that they should give it a chance – and of course, that’s when Rafael tells her that he doesn’t think that he’s in the right headspace for a relationship. But honestly, isn’t this just Rafael’s recurring hangup about being able to provide for his family? And really, who wouldn’t be depressed in that apartment??!?!

Jane and Rafael have a heart-to-heart on the fire escape. He’s been afraid to tell her how he feels because he thinks she’ll think he’s too dark. Jane insists that he needs to tell her the truth. And then, there it is. Part of it at least is that he’s afraid he’s not going to get out of this apartment – which is a manifestation of him not having money. He says, he knows that she’s going to say that money doesn’t matter. And that’s it for Jane. She has big dreams too! She wants to write a best seller and buy a big house – and a boat! She tells him about the S&M book she’s writing to get there.

Rafael is surprised, and he tells her that she won’t be able to write if she’s not inspired – he’s so smart! And Jane admits he’s right. He tells her not to rush it – she’s got time. Jane wishes they had time, but Rafael points out that they don’t. Mateo needs an answer.

JR asks Petra if she’s in love with Jane, or why she’s obsessed with her. Petra breaks down when she admits that she’s upset that Jane is mad at her. JR is surprised to see so much emotion from Petra – who hasn’t shown any over Anezka! Petra tells her that Jane is a good person – and Anezka was horrible (not really, right? More Magda’s influence than anything….). JR points out that everyone has ulterior motives. JR came over to say thank you, but also to get the blueprints. She tells Petra to just not take no for an answer. And a shout out here again to Grobglas’s acting. She’s able to pull off tipsy/drunk without taking it overboard.

The next day, Petra shows up at Alba’s with the twins in tow and all the fixings for brunch! She tells Jane that she can’t cancel brunch. She’s going to make things right with Jane. Jane wants to know if brunch is so that Jane will help Petra win back Rafael – but brunch has never been about Rafael. Petra uses Jane as her moral compass, and she knows she’s way off course if Jane is that mad at her. She’s going to course correct and make it right. Once Jane is reminded of why they started the brunches, she’s ready to eat…

Xo and Rogelio have a heart to heart about career changes. Xo points out she’s given it three years – not three days or three weeks… which gives Rogelio pause about his own impending quitting.

Brunch is going really well – I loved Petra and Jane encouraging Alba to embrace her hotness! And then the books come up…. Petra admits that she’s having trouble writing and doesn’t even know what she’s doing. Jane is impressed at the confession and suggests that she find a ghost writer – and of course, Petra immediately offers the job to Jane! Petra offers Jane $250 an hour, and Jane starts negotiating! The two strike a deal - $300 per hour and 150 hours. Alba clearly doesn’t think this is a good idea…

Petra agrees to give JR the blueprints as a thank you for her advice about the brunch. We immediately see JR text that mysterious Unknown caller, telling them that they got the blueprints. Hmmmm. Who could want blueprints to the hotel??? JR asks if they are sure that Petra is guilty – she’s clearly falling under Petra’s spell! There really is some chemistry there! The caller insists that Petra is guilty and a master manipulator…. I’m leaning toward Magda…

Jane and Rafael tell the family that they’ve made a decision to go back to being friends and family. Rogelio rolls his eyes, and nobody is happy. They get in the car – Jane has to drive Rafael home… And we get to know it was all a smokescreen! The two end up kissing – and promising lots of sex! They are going to keep their relationship secret to give themselves time to really explore their feelings and be sure! And I think that I’m finally onboard for this… It’s clearly end game after all.

This was a solid episode. I liked the themes that ran throughout – it’s never too late to follow your dream and make a change. As always the mix of humor and pathos are what really set this show apart. Who do you think JR is talking to? Are Jane and Rafael doing the right thing? How long do you think they can keep their secret? How long before Jane quits or Petra fires her? Let me know your thoughts about the episode below! And don’t forget to watch an all new Jane the Virgin tonight because GINA RODRIQUEZ IS DIRECTING!!!!

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