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Good Girls - Mo Money Mo Problems - Advanced Preview: "Handling It"

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After a strong premiere, Good Girls comes back with another good outing balancing the serious and hilarious in an unexpected manner.

Remember how simple their lives were back in the first episode only one problem in form of the overly handsome and threatening Rio (Manny Montana). Episode two and right away there is another problem. The Boomer situation escalated quite a bit and the girls took some desperate measures to secure his silence.

In a surprising turn of events Boomer as a problem turned into a solution to their lacking 60k issue. This also introduces the character of Mary into the episode played, by the legendary June Squibb. A very charming but rascist & rich lady. The story takes some ups and downs, challenging the girls morals and how they should handle all that is happening to them. A final confrontation with Rio brings out another astonishing monologue from Christina Hendrick`s Beth.

Also, the resolution to the Boomer situation is hilarious and Annie brings it home for the girls.

Still, with all their problems at hand, the girls try to keep their lives up float. So Ruby and her husband share a beautiful scene and the chemistry between them is so beautiful. Reno Wilson`s positive energy is really compelling and would even turn the most negative person into a Yes Man/Woman.

Annie`s custody battle doesn`t get featured this week but we still get to see Zach Gilford`s Gregg and meet his sugar mommy Esthetician. Beth`s home situation gets some screen time as well, as her cheater hubby realizes that he may lose the best thing he ever had while Beth embraces her role as single mom and faces all the struggles on her own.

The final scene between Beth and Rio sets the scene for future stories which could give the show some surprising new developments.

Extra Node: Expect Toto`s Africa to play at one very unexpected point in the episode, such a great song.

What are your thoughts on Good Girls after the premiere? Will you tune in for more? Mo Money Mo Problems is airing on Monday the 5th at 10pm Central on NBC.

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