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Beyond - Knock, Knock - Advance Preview

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Ever so slowly, Beyond’s second season is gathering pace. I still think switching from the binge model that was so successful to its debut season was a mistake, but the cliff-hangers are certainly improving enough to leave you eagerly anticipating the next episode.

‘Knock, Knock’ has a very….. interesting opening to the episode? It’s an opener that surprised me in how graphic it is for Freeform standards, and is certainly not one ABC Family would’ve had.

Holden and Willa spend the episode on very different wave lengths, which seems to be a recurring theme this season. She is preoccupied with Arthur after he goes missing, whilst Holden has to deal with the fallout from his episode at work. The outcome of that is not surprising in the least as it’s been coming since the premiere, but the way the show goes about it is a little different to the norm.

After foolishly agreeing to help Riley with her drug problem, Luke has his hands full this episode. His attempts to recruit Holden lead the brothers into a confrontation. There probably is a bit of truth to what Luke says, but it’s hard to take it seriously considering the motives behind it.
The man in the yellow jacket finds himself in a dire situation, not surprising considering last weeks episode. Charlie has a run-in with some familiar faces, one of which is the episodes cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to see how that’s picked up.

Diane has another interesting meeting with Pastor Ian, while Jeff decides to infiltrate Helping Hands. With the focus very much on events in Fort Read, there's no appearances from Diego or Edgar which is disappointing. I'm hoping the show doesn't wait too long to follow-up on those stories and of course Holden's part in them, as the greater mythology at play this season is honestly more interesting than some other story-lines the show is exploring.

You can watch Beyond on Freeform tonight.

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