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Beyond - Bedposts - Review: "Drama High"

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With Bedposts, Beyond finally hit the highs I love about this show. The pace, the story, the drama and even the acting worked pretty well together. Jim Galasso wrote the episode, directed by Carol Banker.

The charm of this episode was all of the Charlie-Holden moments, yes I ship them and their interaction and their opposite points of views on the world and how to handle live made all the sparks fly at the right moments. Charlie suppressing all of the bad and wanting to just enjoy the moment was very sweet and once again tells the story of how much broken her spirit is. The writing balanced out the moments between their fights and light moments. Not to mention how adorable they were at the arcade, bowling and just being young. It felt just so natural and Burkely and Eden were enjoying playing the scenes.

The build-up towards the confrontation between Holden, Charlie, Luke, and Willa was perfect. The tension was constantly present and we got to see different sides of each character before everything blew up mostly into Holden`s face. The fight brought up everyone`s insecurities and how them trying to protect each other just created sore spots that hurt with the slightest poke.

Charlie`s snark throughout the outing was impeccable, the way she toyed around with Luke, Willa and even Holden were hilarious. Her one-liners were on point and Eden delivered them perfectly.

And while every fiber of my body screams against any possible romantic connection between Will and Luke, him being that smitten with her is so adorable. The way he experiences Willa is so innocent and pure. He doesn`t know her as the fighter, the manipulator he just sees that perfect angelic side of her.

The episode peaked with Oscar finally coming face to face with Holden and it was bad ass. Simply wow. The scene was so well directed, the CGI looked really good and the cliffhanger left me longing for more.

Diane meanwhile went undercover and found out that creepy Pastor Ian had cameras all over their home. Her emotional scene with Tom was heartbreaking. Tom smashing Ian`s face was such a great moment. Tom protecting his family was such empowering moment. Diane-Tom moments and Matthew family moments, in general, are carrying this show and we need more of them.

P.S. Loved Edgar melting the patient's ice cream. Laughed so hard at that. It was nice to see Jeff researching into Edgar and that will be a big thing during the next episode.

Beyond finally raised its game and delivered a very enjoyable outing. What are your thoughts on this episode and the season all overall? Stop by the comment section down below and share your thoughts. Also, don't forget to stop by tomorrow for an advanced preview of this Thursday's episode airing on Freefrom 8pm Central.

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