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Beyond - Bedposts - Advance Preview

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'Bedposts' is without doubt the best episode of the season so far. Where the previous weeks have unsuccessfully tried to balance multiple storylines at once, resulting in a slow, not to mention hard to follow at times episodes, the majority of 'Bedposts' screen time is spent on one gigantically storyline in particular.


Leaving last weeks episode on Charlie climbing into Holden's bed, I had hoped that this episode would open on Willa finding them together. It was the most obvious dramatic route to go with, and the type of scenario that Freeform thrives off. Beyond didn't go down this road, but what they do deliver is delicious, awkward, feisty drama with some home truths, and a stupidly long held secret finally coming out into the open. It's the type of episode even The CW would be proud of.

Away from the drama Holden & Charlie share some really nice scenes this week. Eden Brolin is once again on excellent form with the one-liners, and Charlie does seem to bring out another side to Holden which other characters pick up on. Luke & Willa also continuing their bonding, this time over arcade games, whilst Willa also gets some guidance from Jeff.

After being absent for the last couple of episode, Edgar is back this week. It's unfortunately a brief scene, but one that does tie into the overall arc. Diane also makes a shocking discovery when she visits Pastor Ian's office. It's one that leaves her devastated, and results in Tom confronting the Pastor. You don't need me to tell you that doesn't end well.

The episodes climax is brilliant as Holden's night goes from bad to worse, and for the first time this season, I am extremely excited to see where the next episode goes. Hopefully the show can keep this momentum up.

You can watch ‘Bedposts’ on Freeform tonight at 9/8c

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