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Alone Together - Dean Girls - Advance Preview

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"Yeah, who knows more about being lonely and desperate than me?"

In Dean Girls, Benji's brother Dean is having some troubles with a recent ex-girlfriend, and Benji and Esther take it upon themselves to help him out. What starts off as something slightly harmless, quickly gets out of control with both Benji and Esther having ulterior motives.

A lot of this episode is spent highlighting the divide between Benji and Esther, and Dean and Amanda. A lot of the comedy is derived from showcasing how gross/pathetic the main pairing are in comparison to the other two major players, and also the class difference between the two. It's interesting because for the most part, Benji and Esther have been presented as two relatable characters but in this episode we're obviously meant to see them as somewhat lesser.

As is always the case, secrets can't be kept for long, and a confrontation takes place near the end of the episode with some very unsurprising results. Benji and Esther are the heart of Alone Together and this is proven every week. The settings, characters, and storylines are usually pretty forgettable but maybe this show is trying to tell us something valuable about friendship. Honestly, one of the pros of Alone Together is that this is very much a platonic friendship and as it stands, there is absolutely no chance of it developing into more. I think a male-female friendship at the centre of a show is a very rare thing to see, and that is absolutely something I can commend.

Alone Together airs tomorrow at 8.30 on Freeform. As this is now the halfway point of the season, what do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comments.

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