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9-1-1- Worst Day Ever - Review

DISCLAIMER: This episode is graphic and involves a plane crash into the water. I tried to chose non-graphic photos that still tell the story.


Worst Day Ever

Season 1 Episode 4

So, this is a show in where I loved the pilot episode, but for me, it's been hit or miss on this season's episodes.

Thankfully, with the exception of 2 scenes, I enjoyed this episode a lot. Definitely a hit for me.

This episode opens with people on a plane. It's dark outside, the flight attendant is trying to get everyone ready for landing.

The people focused here all have stories that will unfold during the course of the episode.

A man calls 9-1-1 asking if his message will be recorded, and then tells Abby his last goodbye to his pregnant wife. Buck later tells Abby he didn't make it. And the man's wife comes in to listen to his last message.

A young couple decides to have a little fun in the bathroom before they land. After the crash, they are trapped inside. Buck, using smarts, is able to rescue them. He later sees them where they thank him for saving them, and now they are engaged to be married.

A woman and her young son talk to the flight attendant and play a card trick. Just as the plane jumps, the flight attendant is flown into the air and so starts the crash. The air masks drop from the ceiling. The woman opens her window shade, the wing is on fire. The mother is later trapped in her seat as her legs are pinned beneath the seat. Buck is able to take the boy from the plane while Bobby tries to save her. The water is rising, the fuselage is sinking, but he remains trying to save her. He tells her he will either get her out or down with her. She asks him, are you a parent? He says yes. At the last moment, Buck escapes, the plane goes under the water and suddenly Bobby and the woman shot up into the air. The US Coast Guard has rescued them. Bobby is able to reunite woman and son.

Buck and Hen are talking, discussing money Buck owes her as she is cooking dinner at the firehouse. Bobby's black book is a topic, it gets a little heated between Buck and Bobby and then the call comes in for the plane crash.

The plane crash in the water looks and feels realistic and dramatic with people no longer alive, fire in the water, people in the water, people on top of the plane, inside the plane.

The action was great. It is these types of scenes that make 9-1-1 so interesting and pulls you in.

This is definitely a very traumatic, graphic plane crash for the firefighters to encounter. It kept me engaged. They save a lot of people. Even after the rescue, it was in line with what might happen.

At the end, after saving who they could, Bobby is home having a conversation with his dead child. He sits down at an empty table set for four, yet he is the only one. The next day Hen and Buck are at Bobby's apartment, they tried calling him and everything. Buck is about to break down his door when Hen takes out a spare key and opens the door. They see the table for four. And then Bobby dead to the world passed out on his bed, with an empty bottle of alcohol.

One of the best scenes of the episode is Bobby in the shower waking up, looking up and seeing Hen and Buck staring back down at him. It gets emotional when Bobby talks about his family. It was a great scene.

I did enjoy Athena on a different airplane that was waiting to be released. She kicked ass when she arrived and saw a man strapped to a chair covered in duck tape. And I did like Abby at the 911 call center.

The two scenes I could have lived without were Athena going off the deep end with some teenage girl and Abby losing her mom.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot. I hope more episodes are like this in tone.

What did you think of this episode? Please leave a comment below.


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