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The Good Place - Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent - Advance Preview

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Following last week's excellent game-changing installment, our main characters found themselves almost out of options to get to the actual 'Good Place', and set off on a totally outrageous, totally dangerous plan to get there. First stop: the main, actual 'Bad Place'.

'Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent' opens up almost immediately after 'Best Self' and relates to the aliases that Team Cockroach choose for themselves in order to blend in. Everyone has to come up with believable disguises, including Janet, but some of them have more success at pulling it off compared to others.

After the train arrives in the Bad Place, Michael hides Team Cockroach in something of a tourist attraction, if hell were to ever have tourists. Unfortunately the place isn't as quiet as Michael assumed it would be, and Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, and Janet best hope that their disguises are up to scratch if they want to survive their stint and get to the judge.

Whilst everyone is hidden, Michael has a meeting with Shawn, who is trying to retrieve Team Cockroach from the Medium Place (as that is where he thinks they are after their actions in 'Leap To Faith'), and attempts to divert his attention away from them. I'm still a little bit on the fence as to whether he's playing the long game and he is just torturing them all over again, but this episode may truly cement your feelings one way or the other. Go big or go home.

Elsewhere, Dax Shepherd guest stars as a demon (and Eleanor is totally not interested in him, which is a really fun vibe).

The Good Place airs tomorrow at 8.30 on NBC. Who do you think will have which alias? Does the actual Good Place even exist? Let me know in the comments.

And until you watch the episode, here are a few of some of the funny lines in Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent:
"In this realm IHOP stands for Interdimensional Hole Of Pancakes. You don't really eat these pancakes. It's more like, they eat you." "Okay, I'll get eggs then."
"You need to be more specific. There are nine hotdog torture departments."
"Is there a gift shop?" "Jason, this is hell. Of course there's a gift shop."

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