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The Fosters - Sanctuary - Review + POLL

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This week on The Fosters:
Callie and AJ are stuck in the church with Ximena who's DACA has expired and they don't know if her new application has been granted. Most of the episode is revolved around this and Callie is trying to use social media to get Ximena's story out there. Stef is right outside with Mike trying to manage the situation while Lena is trying to find out where Poppy is being held since Ximena is supposed to be her legal guardian but since her DACA has expired, social services took Poppy.

A side story was that Lena is thinking of taking another job because she feels like they probably can't save Anchor Beach but Mariana got a text in the last episode from Nick, saying that he can help save the school. Since Mariana doesn't want her mum to leave Anchor Beach, she texts Nick back and asks what he knows. We didn't get more information than that but I'm sure that this will be a huge part in upcoming episodes so I'm excited to see what will unfold.

Brandon is at Grace's when she wakes up with a high fever so Brandon calls her mom. Grace also finds out that Brandon knew about her being sick. Brandon spends most of this episode at the hospital with Grace and her mum. They find out that there's a new treatment right there in the area that could be an option for Grace and she's all for it but her mum is hesitant. That leads to a really beautiful scene between Brandon and Grace's mum that I talk about a little bit more when I talk about my favourite character from tonight's episode.

At the end of the episode Callie and Aaron talk and decide that for now, there are just going to be friends. I'm sure this will lead to something again between Callie and AJ, and I wasn't that big of a fan of those two characters but I'm still open to see what the writers will do.

We also get some small and sweet scenes between Noah and Jude, as well as Emma and Jesus who are now back together.

Favourite character:
Honestly, I loved every single character this episode so I don't even know if I could pick one, but since the only story outside of the Ximena-story tonight was Brandon's, I would have to say that I really loved how he stepped up tonight. The scene when he told Grace's mum that they did have a support system here, that he was here, that was such an amazing moment I felt like. I just think it shows how much Brandon has grown, and that for him, it doesn't matter that Grace is sick, he's still sticking around because he really loves her.

Best/Favourite scene:
My favourite scene was probably the last scene when Callie was facetiming Ximena and told her that Poppy would be staying with the Adams-Fosters. I just love how the whole family was there and told Ximena that she wasn't alone in this, that all of them were there for her because I feel like that is truly what The Fosters is all about, family. In all kinds of ways.

Best quote:
Ximena to Callie: "I can't thank you enough. I've never met anyone who cares more about other people than you"

What did you think about the first episode back of The Fosters? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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