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The Fosters - #IWasMadeInAmerica - Review + POLL

This week on The Fosters:
Jude and Taylor starts streaming and playing with Declan, and I said during last week's review that Declan might cause some trouble and it seems I was right. Declan is also gay so it becomes this flirtatious thing while they are playing between him and Jude which Noah noticed. He calls Jude at the end of the episode and is made about the flirting and then hangs up. I'm sure we'll get plenty of more drama here in the upcoming episodes.

Mariana is 100 percent in the dating game as she tries to manage dating three guys at the same time without telling them about the other parties. This backfires and she later has to tell Mat, Logan and Whyatt that she's been seeing all of them.

Callie is still having trouble with her portfolio so she dives in and gives everything into trying to help Ximena. They go to a conservative anti-immigration rally where Callie delivers a powerful speech about being an American. When Ximena and Callie later find out that they got a lot of buzz online they hug, and then Ximena kisses Callie.

Lena goes to Nick where she gets a UBS-stick which has the "real" plans for Anchor Beach. It would be a new school but instead beach-front condos. The board votes no to the new plan and Anchor Beach is saved. Drew is still the principle of the school but at the end of the episode Lena delivers a speech where she and the faculty demands that Drew is fired and she gets her rightful spot as principle. I'm honestly so happy that Lena did what she did and I discuss it more later on.

The main focus of Stef in this episode is that she's still having trouble breathing. She tries to not tell anyone about it but I'm so glad she tells Lena during the end of the episode. She lays in bed and can't breath so she wakes Lena up and just asks her to hold her because she doesn't know what's wrong and she can't breath. I'm curious to find out what exactly is causing her breathing trouble, is it anxiety, panic attacks or something else? I have to give credit to the actor portraying Stef right now because she's doing an amazing job. As a person who's had panic attacks for almost ten years, I so relate to the feeling of not being able to breath and it's honestly just terrifying and awful.

Favourite character:
Lena for sure this episode, I loved how she managed to save the school, but most importantly how she stood up and demanded to be heard. She was so right with her speech about how much she had done for the school and how she deserved to be principle. I'm also so glad she got almost the entire faculty to join her during her speech towards the board. Another thing I liked was how she was trying to really help Jesus during this episode too, which she truly tried to do in every episode.

Best/Favourite scene:
My favourite scene was between Brandon and Stef. Brandon wasn't really in this episode much but I just loved the scene where he gave Stef her birthday preset from him which was one hour of piano time with him. It was something that used to calm Stef down when she was stressed when he was younger so he thought he would give her that as a gift. It was just such a thoughtful gift and the scene was just so beautiful when he started playing and Stef was laying down on the couch with tears streaming down her face.

Best quote:
Callie at the anti-immigration rally:"What is an American? What makes you an American and me an American but not Ximena who has lived here her entire life, gone to school, graduated, worked, payed taxes and loved this country just as much as anyone who was born here? This is an American"

What did you think about this episode of The Fosters? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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