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The Fosters - Invisible - Review

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This week on The Fosters:
Jesus is back at school but now with an in class aid that will help him get back on track with school which is easier said than done. One of the most powerful scenes of the episode revolves around Jesus and his TBI but I'll talk more about that later. I also have to give a shoutout to Noah Centineo who plays Jesus because he's so good in this episode.

Callie is struggling with her portfolio for art school since she feels like she haven't had the time to fully focus on it, considering everything that is going on with Ximena. She's thinking that she might apply for social work instead and then transfer her major to art later because she would then have time to work on her portfolio more, but in the end, she decides to apply for art school.

Brandon and Grace are struggling to be intimate after her diagnosis which is the prime storyline for them during this episode. Brandon also has a really short but nice conversation with Callie during the episode, I really love their friendship so I've appreciated their scenes together lately.

Jude is still trying to figure out what to do about his exciting opportunity because he's still struggling with whether or not to go on without Taylor. It looks like he might not have to do it without her since the guy he'll be playing with suggested that Taylor would join, and he also pointed out that he always get what he wants. I feel like this guy might be trouble in upcoming episodes.

Mariana suddenly has not one, but three suiters who wants her attention, Wyatt, Logan and Matt. I actually really liked her with Matt so I'm hoping for that but I also like the actor who plays Wyatt so I kind of like him too and it's nice to see a new character so Logan is also someone who's starting to grow on me. I'm still hoping we get a bit more of all of them but if I had to choose someone for Mariana, I would choose Matt.

Lena is still trying to save Anchor Beach from being turned into a private school and when it seems like there's no way to save the school, Mariana texts Nick to find out what he knows and how they can save the school. The episode ends with Nick opening his front door and there's Lena, who asks him for information. I'm actually really excited to see what he knows and I'm so glad that Mariana told her mum and didn't go by herself to Nicks.

Favourite character:
This week I loved so many characters as well and could easily choose more than one character but if I had to choose, I would have to say Jesus here. That is mostly because I just loved his story this week and the performance from the actor. I liked how he finally showed his parents how they had been making him feel. It was honestly so heartbreaking to see him like that but I feel like the writers are really taking their time with this storyline and recovery which is so important.

Best/Favourite scene:
My favourite scene was when Stef, Lena and Jesus went to the support group for people with TBI. It just broke my heart to see how Jesus knew exactly what the girl who talked was saying and how he started crying. I honestly couldn't help by shed a few tears myself during that scene and the following when Stef and Lena talked to Jesus outside of the meeting.

Best quote:
Ximena to Callie:"You don't have to have confidence, just courage, and you got plenty of that"

What did you think about this episode of The Fosters? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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