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Supergirl - Legion of Superheroes - Review: The furniture we choose

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Supergirl 310

Written by Derek Simon & Eric Carrasco

Directed by Jesse Warn

Previously we left Supergirl fighting for her life after her battle with Reign. As the season returns it pretty much picks up where we left off. We see Kara lay to rest some of the things she has been battling this season. With the first outing of the legions, well some of them, and a Bon Jovi track giving their arrival a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. This episode delivered in all the right places and even gave us an homage to the loved comic character Streaky the Supercat.

We start off with Kara waking up in her apartment, but things are not as they appear as a stranger appears at her door almost nervous at meeting Supergirl. He introduces himself as Brainiac-5( Played by Jesse Rath know for Defiance), the legion sent him. He tells Kara she is in a coma, no surprise really after the whack to the head she received from Reign.

In the real world, they are all in the legions space ship and Brainiac-5 or Brainy as the call him is using tech to communicate with Kara. He tells them all she is fine and no neurological damage. They are all worried how they can stop Reign without Supergirl.

As we ended 309 it appeared Reign was about to appear to Ruby. We see Ruby running but its merely a nerf gun battle with her mum Samantha but as Ruby leaves Samantha’s eyes flick to the Tribune newspapers front page, a picture of Reign vs Supergirl, Sam’s eyes flick red and her hand twitches.

Reign is back and gets her instructions from her holographic mentor in her own fortress. She starts dispensing her own form of justice and drops the body of a criminal at Catco so she can deliver a message to all. This interrupts a rather awkward conversation between James and Lena about the kiss and where Kara is.

At the spaceship, J’onn and Alex are worried how many will die if Reign isn’t stopped. Mon-El says any help they give could jeopardize the future. We learn that Earth’s history is sketchy in the future. They know Reign leaves and Kara is ok but not the details as a lot of information was destroyed during a worldwide extinction. Luckily Mon-El taught them about Shakespeare and Bon Jovi!

The DEO has a contingency for rogue Kryptonian’s and despite Superman taking the kryptonite, they have what was in Coville’s probe along with some other gadgets including a red sun grenade.

Alex goes to visit Coville in prison, he seems to be more for Reign than Supergirl now Reign defeated her. I agree with Alex; don’t underestimate Supergirl.

At Catco James and Lena continue their conversation in which James lies about Kara being ill so of course, Lena being the good friend rushes off leaving James to call Winn in a panic.

Brainy is still talking with Kara in her coma. He tells her she is ready to wake up but when they drain the tank she doesn’t, and he can’t offer an explanation other than she is the one keeping herself there. Even using her powers the door does not budge. Brainy states that going through the door is the way out of her coma but for some reason, she is stuck there and won't wake up. Of course the longer in a coma the worse for her.

Back on the ship, the news isn’t good. Reign is attacking a meth lab and not distinguishing between cops and criminals. Mon-El explains about the future and why they hid something in their DNA which is why they can’t risk their lives.

Winn asks J’onn to impersonate Kara while he is waiting for the grenades. He explains Lena is heading over to Kara’s with soup as James told her Kara was ill.

In a fun scene, we see Melissa playing J’onn being Kara and it's hilarious no wonder Lena thought she was feverish and poor J’onn must give Lena advice. Which he does helping her believe being a Luthor isn’t the reason James is acting weird. (I guess we ignore all his conversations regarding this fact in the past).

Back at the Deo and they head out to confront Reign by staging a bank robbery, but she soon overcomes the grenades and Kryptonite and injures Alex in the process before flying off. It clearly affected her, just not enough. As they talk back on the spaceship Alex suggests they need someone strong enough to inject her with the kryptonite. Alex’s leg was broken in the attack.

Imra talks with Mon-El stating the Legion should fight and stand up against Reign like Bobby and Jeanna. Like in the Bonjovi song Livin on a Prayer. Yes, her education does come from Mon-El, but the sentiment is there they must fight.

Kara is still stuck in her mind, a fact she soon deduced with the help of using a Sherlock Holmes quote. Saying ‘The brain originally is like an empty little attic and you have to stock it with such furniture you choose’ (the full quote is in Arthur Conon’s Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet).
Kara realizes her subconscious is trying to tell her something and there must be something in the apartment she needs to find.

Alex in the ship is clearly worried about Kara and blames herself as she told Kara to forget herself and be cold and Kryptonian. Of course, Brainy is listening.

In Kara’s mind, Kara finds a picture of her and a cat, a stray she found and named Streaky. The cat appears in the apartment and as Kara pets him she tells the story how she was afraid she would hurt him but learned to control her strength so she could pet the cat and she felt a kinship to the cat as he was a stray like her it was the first time she felt human.

Reign attacks a prison just as the Legion says it will help J’onn fight Reign. Mon-El, Imra, and Brainy suit up and we see them put on their legion rings which is somewhat cheesy but we come to expect a certain amount of that in comic book shows.

At the prison Reign is knocking inmates and guards down like flies when she comes across Coville, he is praying to her symbol and asks to serve her.
Soon Bon Jovi, livin on a prayer, is blaring and has her distracted. Like I mentioned, in a scene very similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, the ship arrives with music and of course what great excuse to use a Bon Jovi classic.

In Kara’s loft/mind, Brainy keeps getting distracted by the battle and Kara tells him to go. He tells her for what it is worth it looks like Supergirl had a good life. Which Kara reply’s this is Kara Danvers apartment. Brainy tells her what he heard Alex say before he goes.
We all know Kara has been trying to be more Kryptonian and leave behind Kara this season so it’s a sense of irony that’s its Kara she needs to be. Soon she finds her glasses and the key for the door.

The battle is continuing with Reign getting the upper hand causing the ship to retreat. Imra is using her telekinetic powers to distract Reign so Mon-El can inject her, but she stops Mon-El, luckily Imra protects him from Reign’s freeze breath. J’onn joins the fight but is taken down.

Kara unlocks the door, waking up on the spaceship with Alex beside her she tells her she needs to join the battle, but Alex is worried the kryptonite will weaken her.

Supergirl arrives in time to save Irma and get hold of the syringe, injecting Reign who flies off in pain.

Its clear kryptonite hasn’t the same effect on her but it stopped her for now.

At the DEO, Imra gets patched up and Mon-El tells Kara he still cares about her and misses fighting beside her.
Kara also meets Brainy in the flesh and they have a cute dialogue about how he made himself look taller.

At Catco, James and Lena clear up the misunderstanding but it’s a romance I feel is forced. They have two characters they don’t know what to do with and throw them together. We also get the feeling when Lena gives her speech about lies it already has hints of being doomed. Does this mean she will learn who Supergirl is?

One thing that was missing last season was the Danvers sister’s scenes and I am pleased the sister bond seems more forefront this season. After her sister was in a coma that had Alex worried its nice they get chance to talk at Alex’s apartment. Poor Alex has a broken leg from her encounter with Reign, so Kara happily signs it and laughs when she hears J’onn had to hear Lena go on about James kissing abilities. She tells Alex she feels stronger for what she learned while in a coma.

At Reigns fortress she recovers from the kryptonite injection and gets told by her Holographic mentor there are more like her. Coville has obviously escaped in the fight and wishes to serve.

With Reign still out there and Supergirl getting together a couple of bad girls to help next week things certainly aren’t slowing down. However, with statements of production issues and the impending break in a few more weeks fans are concerned but producers are releasing statements trying to quell their fears.

You can see a few problems have arisen, but I hope they will get Supergirl back on track.

So, what are your thoughts about the legion?

What of the Lena, James romance, forced or inevitable?

How will Reign be defeated could Supergirl possibly be the key?

Please post in the comments below

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