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Supergirl - Fort Rozz - Review : Bad Girls Go to Space

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Supergirl 311

Written by Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky - Goldwyn

Directed by Gregory Smith

A space trip to the forgotten Fort Rozz on a reconnaissance mission has Supergirl asking for help from some surprising sources in this week’s episode.
While Girl Power was in full force the killing of a female character left a bitter taste in my mouth. It can be argued she died in a heroic manner, but Livewire added a much needed, spark, pardon the pun to the series. Her witty one-liners and barbs kept Supergirl on her toes. The evolution from nemesis to friend made her one of the first multilayered villains in Supergirl. A waste, in my opinion, she will be missed.

So, let’s take a closer look at some interesting developments and another Superman alum guest star Sarah Douglas as Jindah Kal Rozz.

Alex’s apartment gets another outing this week as Sam and Kara arrive presumably to check on Alex, ( remember her broken leg from last week) but Samantha gets let down by her babysitter, seems she was heading out of town for a meeting, so Alex offers to step in. I liked the banter between the two sisters about Kara being traumatized by Alex’s babysitting and subsequent terror after watching The Shining.
Soon Kara is called away to work, however not Catco where she seems to be doing very little reporting these days.

The DEO are following up on Colville’s lead about a priestess and there just so happens to be one who seems to still be on the prison, the worst, after all the prison was named after her. Jindah Kal Rozz a high priestess. At the end of season 1 we could be forgiven for forgetting what happened to some of the escapees of Fort Rozz, in this episode it fills in some blanks but also raises a few questions as to why we're not all the prisoner’s released when it crashed to earth.

Fort Rozz is floating out in space near a Blue star so not only will Supergirl not have her powers but no males allowed as the radiation doesn’t mix with their Y chromosome and kills them.
Imra says she will go with her but Supergirl feels she will need more help and J’onn agrees, not only did her mother put most of the prisoners there but the worst remain.

We cut to a diner and a waitress with an attitude, no surprise its Leslie/Livewire or Roseanne as she is going by( anyone notice Little John from Once Upon a Time is her customer). Livewire like most criminals is laying low as Reign goes on her rampage. Seems Supergirl knew where she was and asks for Live wire’s help as she needs someone to watch her back. Of course, Leslie thinks this is funny, but she agrees because Reign has killed some of her criminal friends.
Back at the DEO another bad girl Psi also comes on board, but they leave her damper on to subdue her powers for now. Supergirl has the key.

My favorite line is between Psi and Livewire

Psi: ‘You got a problem’
Livewire: ‘99 of um but you aren’t one of them ‘

Soon they are heading out on the legion spaceship.

At L Corp Lena is briefing Sam about the upcoming business trip but as she leaves Reign once again overtakes Samantha.

Alex babysitting duty is going well but a text from Maggie throws her for a loop, it's only asking for her passport, but it clearly affects Alex luckily Ruby is on hand to talk to and they soon share their problems.

In space and Psi and Livewire aren’t exactly getting along but finding Fort Rozz they are soon all business as Supergirl unlocks Psi’s damper, unfortunately during an attack Psi whammy’s Imra and its put back on. They do capture a prisoner whom they ask where they can find the priestess. I did also like the fact despite no powers Supergirl still managed to kick some ass.

Reign is informed of Supergirls mission to Fort Rozz and sent to stop her.

Back at the DEO Winn shows Brainiac - 5 around but he is unimpressed with the technology which obviously is outdated to him. When a problem arises in Space they need to try to work together to find a solution before the ship gets pulled into the star along with Fort Rozz.

Against the clock, Supergirl leaves Imra and Psi to repair the ship taking Livewire with her to find the priestess.

Alex is showing what a great babysitter she can be despite getting thrown for a loop by Maggie’s text Ruby’s shows her some unpleasant texts she received from a fellow classmate so Alex’s flashes her FBI badge and visits the bully at her home, I get the feeling Ruby won’t be bullied anymore.

Fort Rozz is like a ghost ship and gets even creepier when LiveWire and Supergirl must go through a fog on the ship, this seems to hold its own version of ‘dementors’ which Livewire soon dispatches, however, Supergirl disappears.

The Deo re-establishes contact thanks to Winn’s idea to piggyback the signal off a satellite, score one for old tech. Fortunately, it’s in time to help them avoid crashing into the star. Psi hears something even with her damper which signals the arrival of Reign to the prison.

Supergirl wakes up and finds Jindah Kal Rozz who gloats about the arrival of the dark and other world killers before Reign shows up and kills her. Luckily Leslie arrives before she can attack Supergirl and a battle starts.

Imra unlocks Psi dampers so she can help to fight Reign. Unfortunately, she arrives too late to save Live Wire who sacrifices herself to save Supergirl. Psi gets into Reign’s head and for a moment we get a glimpse of a confused Samantha before Reign regains control and leaves.

On their return to the DEO Kara gives a sad smile as Mon-El hugs Imra and complements Imra ( Its like she wants to hate Imra but cant ). She also thanks, Psi and tells her guards to upgrade her room.

Alex addresses the envelope to Maggie containing her passport as Samantha arrives, Alex enquires about her trip and she becomes confused and soon confesses to Alex she thinks something is wrong with her as she has no idea where she was but clearly, she didn’t go to the meeting. Lena had been calling her.

Kara and Mon-El talk as friends and he is no longer the playboy prince. I agree she did change Livewire and the glimpse she saw in Reign has given her hope (yes I am guessing her Pollyanna side will come out, but could the key be Ruby ?) however now knowing there are two more world killers out there somewhere Supergirl knows the worst is yet to come.

As the episode ends two friends are walking home talking when an out of control car heads towards them, one friend pushes the other out of the way getting crushed between two cars. Miraculously she isn’t hurt but as her eyes flash we might have another world killer awakened.

A sad departure for Livewire, after all with all that tech on board the legion ship nothing could be done. Also, a serious underuse of Sarah Douglas as Jindah Kal Rozz lets hope we see more of her character in flashbacks in the future.Psi also was clearly underused though it was explained she struggled to control her powers perhaps they will use her in the future. Psi could reach the human side to the world killers and it is obvious Samantha’s weakness is Ruby. I also found Brainy annoying and how he interacts with Winn, will we appreciate he is a computer intellect his temper tantrum took away from the character which was so likable last week. It was a good episode but like I said certain things weakened what could have been a great one.

What are your thought’s on Fort Rozz?

Did you like the team up?

Was Livewire a senseless death?

Please post in the comments below.

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