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SPIDER-MAN - The Rise of Doc Ock Pt.2 - Review

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SPIDER-MAN - Episode 16 - "The Rise of Doc Ock Pt.2"

Part Two of The Rise of Doc Ock opens with the Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, rescuing civilians on a bridge that is collapsing. The duo reconnect snapping support wires but look like they'll fail until "The Octopus" shows up and helps them save the day. Otto Octavius has settled nicely into his new heroic role.

After the title card opening we find Norman Osborn in his limousine being chased through the streets of New York by none other than The Lizard! The Spideys show up with Otto and a fun little battle erupts. The Lizard grabs Miles and with ease tosses him up and out, away from the fight. Peter reacts and on accident pulls off the creatures long tail! The Lizard retreats by hilariously sliding on his belly down into a sewer drain.

The gang heads back to "The Cave of Analysis" as Otto calls his lab at Horizon High. Peter is surprised to find out Ock has cameras in the arms and that they're basically under constant surveillance. Their detective work leads them to Norman Osborn's lab and after Otto sets off the alarms, Norman arrives and uncharacteristically is chipper and happy to see them. Dots are connected and Curt Connors name comes up. The love-fest is broken up by the arrival of The Lizard.

In a series that has changed up so much story, it's fun to see the creative team stick with the old school doctor jacket, black shirt, and purple pants design of The Lizard. The Spiders and Otto battle The Lizard with some nice animated action sequences but it's clear Otto isn't a real team player. Some coolant slows down the creature long enough for Norman to get some restraints on him. Norman asks Otto for help in solving Dr. Connors formula problem. He also offers Otto a job at his new school but Norman is turned down by Otto on both accounts.

Norman later approaches the captive Lizard on his own and with a formula transforms Dr. Connors back to human! It seems in this itineration Osborn is in charge of the formula and has been using the Doctor to advance his own agenda all along.

Miles and Peter find Otto in great spirits the next day when Dr. Octavius gives everyone an A in class. The boys debate wether or not Otto is hero material. This is put to the test when later on it is revealed Otto was set up! The boys question the science on Otto's Lizard "cure" but he moves ahead and uses it on The Lizard when he attacks once again. This time though Otto's formula doesn't work and instead the The Lizard grows and grows super tall! In an obvious but fun ode to Godzilla, The Lizard does his best giant monster routine.

Norman poisons Otto against Spider-Man by telling him that someone messed with the original sample, ie Spider-Man, and thats why The Lizard had an adverse reaction to the formula. Otto gets mad and basically won't help any more in trying to stop The Lizard. Norman loves all of it and even notifies the Press while all this is going on. After lots of webs, snares, and escapes the Spider-Men get a new formula jammed into The Lizard, shrinking him down and transforming him back into meek one-armed Dr. Curt Connors.

The News and the school both think Otto was reckless and to blame for the giant lizard attack. Otto leaves Horizon High and instantly goes to work for Norman Osborn at his new academy. Spidey seeks out Norman and they have a heart to heart talk. Osborn says I don't like you, you don't like me, we are not friends. Game on!

Part 2 hilariously ends with the Spideys cleaning up their battle by pushing a huge broken off lizard tail into the river. And with the path to darkness stepped upon by a fallen hero.

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