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Scorpion - Who Let the Dog Out ('Cause Now It's Stuck in a Cistern) - Review: "Hail Margaret"

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As much as we wish different, not everything can be controlled. Scorpion is struggling with this concept coming into this week's episode.

On the morning of Cabe's trial, he leaves each of the team a gift while the rest of the team is busy secretly trying to sway the judge through a combination of tea, temperature, relaxing music, and lavender. (This does no good when they later find out the judge has been switched.)

Outside the courthouse, the team is forced to part with Cabe, as the trial has been declared closed to the public. Waiting back at the garage, Happy attempts to hack into the bailiff's radio, but instead comes upon a police report of a dog stuck in a cistern. Desperately needing a distraction, and realizing that while they can't control the fate of the trial, they may be able to control the fate of this dog, Scorpion takes off to save it.

At the courthouse, things get off to a rough start when the new judge discounts Sly's opening statement. Sly then has the bright idea to attach the stun collar to the judge in order to demonstrate how quickly it could be taken off and "accidentally" shock him with it, so he knows the kind of pain Collins would have been in. Predictably, the judge is not a fan of this tactic.

At the cistern, the team tries to rescue Monty the dog (who is diabetic and desperately in need of an insulin shot) with a makeshift cardboard elevator and some peanut butter to entice him into it. Unfortunately, they discover he has a broken hind leg and can't move to get into the box.

On the bright side, the phone camera they've lowered down in the box shows a grate, which Walter decides they can use to their advantage. If they can plug the grate and fill the cistern with water, they can create a hydro-elevator that will send Monty up with minimal paddling on his part. They bring in Florence to create a plasticizer that will speed up the dry time of the cement they need to plug the grate. Around then, Homeland Security Agent Clarence Mickelthorn arrives, who's been sent to evaluate whether or not Scorpion's relationship will continue with the federal government if Cabe goes to prison. They've missed their earlier scheduled meeting with him in order to go and save Monty.

Things continue to look bad at the courthouse when, during Cabe's testimony, the prosecutor tries to convince the judge the money Collins deposited into Cabe's account was a bribe. As Cabe testifies that he was just trying to enforce the law, while alone on a figurative island that day on the ice, Sly has a light-bulb moment. Begging for a continuance, he runs out of the room.

Sly calls the team and sends them on a wild goose chase. There's an old maritime case stored at the library that he thinks can prove Cabe's innocence. But because of its age and obscurity, it hasn't been digitized, and one of them is going to have to race down to the library and dig it up.

Toby, with Florence in toe, takes off. Although they make it to the library, they run a bunch of red lights on the way, and the cops end up on their tail. They hop out of the car and take off running away, Toby hoping to find the case before they catch him.

But of course, things aren't that simple. The book the case is in is on display, so Toby has to bust the glass, grab it, and send a photo to Sly. He's able to do this just as the cops tackle him.

Back at the hole, Monty is unable to swim all the way up and begins to drown. Although it appears Walter is about to give up, Mickelthorn demands that "the renegade team of geniuses...figure
it out!" This leads Walter to use the car exhaust to cause gas pockets to give Monty one last boost to the surface.

Although he's not breathing at first, Scorpion is able to modify an oxygen pump and bring Monty back. It's good news on the trial front about then too. The judge comes back, and using Sly's logic from the maritime case, declares Cabe not guilty!

As the team ecstatically celebrates outside the courthouse, Toby and Florence get hauled in by the cops. And just like that, Sly's back to work! (Don't worry, he's able to get them off with community service!)

Random Thoughts:
-When Happy ran up and hugged Cabe as he was going into the courthouse...I was just about in tears. She's already lost one father to prison. I can't imagine having to lose another.

-Cabe's gifts to the team were really sweet.

-I am so glad the puppy was okay! The animal lover in me was gritting my teeth the whole time!

-Best line goes to Sly when Toby and Florence get arrested. "Oh boy. Guess my law business is really taking off."

Were you relieved that Cabe was found not guilty? What do you think will be the next chapter in the ongoing drama with Collins? Let me know below!

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