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Scorpion - A Christmas Car-Roll - Review: "Things Change Around Here"

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This year, it seems Scrooge is going by a different name - Walter. As the team is gearing up to celebrate Christmas, all Walter seems to care about is completing a job and starting to fill up Scorpion's bank account again. In fact, he's so determined to work through Christmas Eve that everyone eventually ditches him, determined to have Christmas with or without him.

Things quickly go sideways for Scrooge Walter when he takes a header down the stairs. Waking up, he finds himself in a dream world, where the team never got together. And he's married to Florence! Things get even stranger when he goes outside and finds himself trapped in a car-wreck, dangerously close to being crushed. Lucky for him, Ray's appeared to guide him. He explains that saving the dreamworld Walter stuck in the car will keep the real Walter alive and fighting.

With Ray as his tour guide, Walter sets off to find the team - complete strangers to each other, and save himself. First stop is Cabe, whose's a grumpy, friendless Chief of Police. Of course, this version of Cabe has never met Walt and thinks he's crazy coming into his office begging for help. It's only when Walter explains that it's Cabe's skill set that he needs (Before the fall he dismissively commented that Cabe's skill set wouldn't be any help with the current job.) and that it's Cabe he'd want on the case were his life is on the line that he is convinced to come with him.

Next comes Happy, who is a famous podcast mechanic with a show on rare sports cars. Again, she thinks Walter is crazy. But, he's able to slowly convince her to help when he reveals he knows how lonely she is, despite her success. Oh, and he mentions he might know her future husband.

They then find Sly, who is a famous, super-rich video game mogul. He's also a complete jackass. It's when Walter reveals he knows there's a small glitch in his game (as there is in the video game Sly's just designed in real-life), that Sly is convinced to go with him.

Speaking of Happy's future husband, Toby is a famous (but also lonely) self-help guru. He also thinks Walter is crazy, but all Walter has to do to get his help is throw Happy in front of him. Apparently, self-help Toby "would really like to go to dinner...if possible" with the Happy Mechanic.

Finally, they go to find Paige, who, in this world is a successful restaurant owner. Ralph, on the other hand, having never met Scorpion, is still the same introverted, troubled kid he was all those years ago. When Walter interacts with Ralph, the two understanding each other like they did the first time they met at the diner, Paige is convinced to help.

In real life, the team is back at the garage desperately working to stabilize Walter, after Florence came in to to bring over a Christmas present and discovered him bleeding on the floor. They're terrified he's not going to make it to the hospital. That's where the dream world comes in...

Back there, Walter and his newly assembled Team Scorpion are fighting to save Car Walter. Although things look grim, they're eventually able to do just that - because they worked together.

Flipping back to reality, Walter wakes up in the hospital, where the team, plus Ray, who'd apparently been hanging out in the alley hoping to bum some food for Christmas, is waiting for him. Florence visits and the team reveals to Walter that her discovery saved his life, although it's clear he doesn't know how to feel about being married to her in his dream. Together, the group celebrates Christmas.

Random Thoughts:
-Best line goes to Police Officer Patty about Walter. "Still ready with the taser, Chief." That would of been something to see!

-I can't tell whether or not they're really gonna go in the direction of Walter developing feelings for Florence, but I sincerely hope they don't. Seems like a cheap plot twist.

-I'm glad we got another appearance from Ray!

What do you make of this Walter and Florence situation? Is there going to be trouble in paradise? Let me know below!

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