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Quote of the Week - The Last of 2017

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Agents of SHIELD - 
1. Fitz: "Who's flying it?" Lance: "The best getaway pilot money can buy." [helicopter crashes] "Well... the best getaway pilot my money could buy." (Milo M-J)

 Black Mirror - USS Callister - 
1. The crew is trying to explain to Nanette how a copy of her ended up on the space craft. Shania comes up with this helpful explanation: "He fed your DNA in, he put you inside his computer and BAM, you pop up here like a pop tart." (Naomi Anna)
2. Nanette [realizing that her cloned body had no genitals]: “ Stealing my pussy is a red fucking line!” (Claire Serowinski)

Call The Midwife - 
1. Mabel [hearing of her abusive husband’s death]: “Percy liked to be the one who said what is what, who did what, sounds like he had no say at all about how he met his end. And I’m glad.” (Claire Serowinski)

The Goldbergs - 
1. Barry: “Schmeer me with knowledge, old timer.” (Dahne)
2. Andy: “Mr. Grandpa, sir, I would like to go on record and respectfully say that your advice will destroy Barry’s life and that you suck at this.” (Dahne and Claire Serowinski)

Hawaii Five-0 - 
1. Bomb Tech: “I don’t think you understand how risky it could be.” Grover “Let me tell you about risky. You see him? That’s Steve McGarrett, you leave Steve McGarrett in a room without a plan, and you know what he’s gonna do then? He’s gonna come up with one of his own. And it’ ain’t gonna be risky. It’s gonna be the most certifiably insane thing you or I could ever think of, so for God’s sake please tell me there’s another option." (Prpleight and Dahne)
2. Steve: “Anything I owe you for you giving me your liver, we’re even.”
3. Steve: “Serve ‘em, Danno.”
4. Danny: “I take it back. I just want to be bored.” (Dahne)

The Middle - 
1. Frankie: "Why the hell do I go to church? I guess because when everything goes to crap around here, church makes me feel better."
2. Sue [comforting Sean]: "You are a very special snowflake. There is no one else like you. You are going to be so great and not because you’re a Donahue, but because you’re you." (Claire Serowinski)
NCIS: Los Angeles -
1. Sam: “You hear that, Hidoko?” Hidoko: “This feel like a test.” Sam: “It’s no test. There’s nothing to hear. Sometimes greatness can be accomplished in silence like this.” Hidoko: “And now this feels like a TED Talk.”
2. Warden: “Hell hath no fury like an inmate who misses his soap operas.”
3. Nell: “Well, we don’t always get to spend the holidays with our real families. Sometimes we spend them with this family and this family has been through a lot lately. Now I know the holidays weren’t going to be the same without Hetty and Granger here and that is exactly why we need to remind them how special it was when they were. And we need that tree, Hidoko. I need that tree.” (Dahne)
Peaky Blinders - 
1. Polly [to Tommy]: "We live somewhere between life and death, waiting to move on, and in the end we accept it. We shake hands with the devils and we walk past them.” (Milo M-J)

Shameless - 
1. Frank has gotten a little heady after being employed for 2 whole months. On a job interview, he tells the interviewer to show him an offer. The man replies: “Sir, after looking over your resume, I’m afraid that the only thing I can show you today is the door.” (Claire Serowinski)

1. Luca: “I feel like I’m in a petting zoo and all I want to do is bite people.”
2. Hondo: “We can still love people despite their mistakes, man. They’re still family.”
3. Hondo: “Luca, look at this team. Look at us. We are the change that counts.” (Dahne)

Wisdom of the Crowd - 
1. Tariq: “Look, I’m objectively right about this but I totally respect your right to be wrong.”
2. Cavanaugh: “You’re gonna want to take advantage of the right to remain silent.”
3. Tariq: “Hey, thank you. I’m not even going to say anything sarcastic. That’s how much I appreciate you right now.” (Dahne)
Young Sheldon - 
1. Sheldon: "I was trying to be like Georgie." Mary: "That's a dumb idea. We don't want Georgie to be like Georgie." (Prpleight and Dahne)

2. Meemaw: “These days everybody’s like, ‘Don’t drink. Don’t smoke.’ I swear, Texas is turning into California.”
3. VO: “I don’t know if other supervillains started their careers by getting out of PE, but that’s where I began.” (Dahne)

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