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[OPINION] - Pros and Cons - Dirk Gently Season Three

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With the cancellation of Max Landis' 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency' late last year, fans have started off 2018 by eagerly petitioning for a renewal, begging both the BBCA and Netflix to pick up a third season. Considering the strong following behind the show, I decided to throw together a few pros and cons of this request, and try to determine, from both a writer's and fan's point of view, whether this is actually necessary. Does this show really need a revival (like Sense8 generously got), or should the dead stay dead? Let's find out!

*Spoilers ahead!*

Argument #1: The whole concept of the show
Pro: This show is weird. Weird is funny and good. Weird has a strong appeal attached to it.
Con: Weird loses its appeal eventually.

The show has managed to successfully pull of a season-length mystery twice, with the murder of Patrick Spring and the disappearance of Lydia Spring in season one, and the disappearance of Dirk himself, the discovery of Project Blacking and the interdimensional secrets of a small town resolved in season two. I for one definitely enjoyed piecing the clues together at the same pace as the characters did (though I easily predicted the time travel element for season one!).
But can the show go for a hattrick, and deliver a flawless third season? By now, the audience knows how this goes; the case is picked up by Dirk and crew, they work together to find clues, drama and hilarity ensues, the finale reveals all the answers and everyone lives happily every after. Repetition and a lack of an element of surprise can make even the loyalest of fans turn away.

Argument #2: The mystery
Pro: A new season means a new case to solve. A new case means more wonderful sci-fi elements to throw our beloved characters into peril and confusion.
Con: What else can they possibly go through?!

Perhaps fans are interested in seeing what Amanda could get up to, with the Rowdy Three, a magical wand and a newly discovered superpower, all at her disposal. Maybe fans are desperate to see the outcome of Bart being imprisoned at Blackwing and Ken rising through the ranks. Or maybe, fans are just thriving for more Farah-Dirk-Todd adventures. All of this and more could potentially be touched on in a brilliant third season.
But, let's face it, we've seen it all: time travel, alien species that have been here since the beginning of time, alternate dimensions, body-swapping, magical powers, teleportation, the renaissance. What else could the writers possibly throw our way to to keep us on our toes? Throw Dirk in space? Introduce intelligent AI? Have Dirk and Todd find a random koala in the road? (This show has taught me to absolutely not trust animals). The element of surprise would be lost if we knew what was coming. I don't think a third season could live up to the same crazy greatness as its predecessors if all the good themes have been done already.

Argument #3: The dorks
Pro: We can see everyone again!
Con: They can't really go 'up' from here.

A season three means fans could get another ten more episodes of all their favourite characters again. I get it - 18 episodes is too soon to say goodbye, especially after how season two only hinted at some of the Blackwing Projects and their unique capabilities.
However, the writers must've predicted a cancellation was coming, with how the final episode was so well wrapped up. All the loose ends were (more or less) tied up; Amanda went off to be a hero with the Rowdy Three, Todd and Farah officialy joined Dirk's Agency, and Bart finally returned to Blackwing and Ken. These characters have already been given their happy ending - anything more than that feels unnecessary. To have a whole new season with more problems to solve would feel like stretching out a rubber band - sometimes you just have to let go!

So, when it comes to a beloved show's revival, there's definitely pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration. Taking out the business side of things (money, production time, advertisement, etc.), sometimes, extra episodes do more harm tham good to the overall story. While I love and adore these characters with all my heart, I think the season two finale was more than a satisfactory ending. It gave the audience enough closure to say goodbye to these relatable characters, and help let them move on. Let the dead stay dead, I say!

But I'm not the only fan of the show. What do you think - do you agree with me in finally saying goodbye to this holisitc crew? Or do you desperately want to see one last hurrah? Let me know in the comments below!

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