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[OPINION] Do we need to get CHARMED again?

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The Original Charmed series premiered almost 20 years ago and I was a fan since the moment I saw it. Back then I was 8, can't really remember when I watched the first episode but I do remember crying at the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose, Long Live the Queen, The Day the Magic Died, It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World Part 2 and eventually at the end of Forever Charmed. Charmed was iconic back in the day and one of the rare shows that had an all-female lead cast which is rare even now, 20 years later. Charmed was one of the groundbreaking genre shows, along with Buffy, that paved the path for other supernatural shows and elevated the game to a whole new level.

FYI if you never saw the Original series it is about 3 sisters who after losing their Grandmother in their late 20 discover that they are witches and destined to be the most powerful force of good magic known. Through 8 seasons we witnessed them kick demon/warlock but, fall in and out of love, embrace their destiny, lose a sister, gain a halfsister, get married, deliver children, save the world on multiple occasions and that is why they were truly Charmed.

Reboots and revivals are hitting the TV world from left and right and each time Charmed was mentioned as a possibility a major backlash emerged on the horizon. The protectiveness and love the fandom has toward these characters and their story are astonishing. You can rarely see people being this defensive by the mention of any reboot. In general, people find reboots redundant but their reactions never grow to the levels of Charmed fans.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Charmed, their mythology, their characters, the emotions this show made me experience through the run and logically I am very cautious in regards to this reboot. And while I'm usually the first to say that a new show can't tarnish the legacy of the Original, cause they are two different entities, it still bugs me that they will try to dip into the magic that was Charmed. Probably the even bigger issue for me is that no one from the original production team is working on this show. Complete strangers will devour and exploit the magic that made Charmed charmed.

Last year when CW first announced they are going for the reboot with the 1976 story which would focus on different characters who would have a connection to the Halliwell family I was okay with it. The Charmed mythology is strong and rich and should be exploited but not in the form of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. These women made a too big impression on the world of TV to ever be replaced by college girls playing Power Puff girl. No offense to the writers behind this project, Jenna Urmann did a great job with Jane The Virgin and empowered a whole new generation with her story but it seems like they are dumbing it down to CW standards with the synopsis they gave out.

The Official synopsis

Fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the 1998-2006 WB series revolves around three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches. Between vanquishing supernatural demons, tearing down the patriarchy, and maintaining familial bonds, a witch’s work is never done.

I saw a lot of people comments over various sites and their issues with the use of Feminist in the description and all the news outlets took the bait and instead of elevating this part of it, it turned into a bad brand. I'm all for the notion: Show the feminism, instead of speaking about it. But saying it is feminist doesn't mean that the previous one wasn't just that that is one of the stepping stones for their storytelling which it should be. That also doesn't mean that it will be all about girls and that male parts will be diminished. I really felt like people overreacted to this one. The issue I do have is the college setting which limits this show from the get-go. But these loglines are always so divisive so we should wait for the end product to see if it really checks all the boxes.

When I put my personal bias aside and realize all that I have said now, I can't say that this one is unnecessary. Why should we withhold a new generation all the stuff Charmed gave to us growing up in the early 2000s? Use this show to establish a connection with actors they can relate to and send a positive message to them that sisters can be the heroes of today and fight the evils out there as long as they are united. Why not just create a new show? Yes, that is a valid option but why not exploit this beautiful platform and use the buzz surrounding it to create a contemporary story that can reach out to today's society. Of course, there is the money angle as well and I won't pretend that it isn't probably the biggest part of this pilot order but every show is about money. No show is done cause of the pure heart of network executives.

Would I prefer for them to change the names so it can be two distinct entities? Of course, I would. First and foremost cause of my personal ties to the show but also cause the comparison wouldn't be such a burden for the new show. Would I prefer a revival with the Original cast? Of course, but if they wanted to make it happen they would.

That's wrap guys. What are your thoughts on my OPINION? And what are your thoughts on the question ahead? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below. And don't forget we all are a little bit CHARMED . . .

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