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Nashville - Jump Then Fall - Review: "Come and Find Me" + POLL

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“Jump Then Fall” was a pretty solid episode if you forget about the continued Juliette joining a cult plot. In fact, I’d say it was the best episode of the season, but that’s sort of a low bar as there have only been three episodes so far. We saw characters making adult and rational decisions, instead of doing whatever they wanted without considering the consequences. We also saw characters reacting appropriately when hearing things they didn’t like. We got a solo storyline for one of the more underutilized characters and said goodbye, hopefully for good, to a character we all hated. The only thing that we didn’t get was a character coming to her senses about putting all her trust in a person she doesn’t even know that well. If you couldn’t guess what I was referring to from my vague clues, let’s clarify some of the things that happened in this episode.

So after getting off to a rocky start, Deacon and Jessie face a few more hurdles this episode. Their coffee date is off to a good start until the pair run into Daphne. So much for waiting to tell their kids until they figure out what they’re doing. After getting the cold shoulder from Daphne, Deacon confides in Scarlett that he’s not sure if he should be starting something up with Jessie. Daphne had already been through so much, and Deacon wonders how he can add to that. While Deacon’s concerns for Daphne are genuine, he’s also using her as an excuse not to give this thing with Jessie a real shot. He’s not sure of he’s ready to get back out there, and Scarlett tells him he may never truly feel ready, but he does deserve to be loved. We then later see Jessie and Scarlett shopping, and Jessie tells Scarlett things are different now. Jessie starts spiraling into how Deacon’s withdrawn and how the girls should hate her. Thankfully, Scarlett reassures her that Deacon and Jessie are handling the situation the best they can. After talking with Maddie about how you always risk getting hurt when it comes to love, Deacon tells the girls he’s seeing Jessie, explaining that since it’s new and confusing he didn’t want to say anything yet. However, since they ran into Daphne, Deacon didn’t want it to seem like they were hiding something. He then invites Jessie out for dinner, but she rebuffs his efforts, explaining she doesn’t want to come between him and girls. Jessie just couldn’t live with herself if this sent Daphne into another depression and wonders if they should stop before someone gets hurt. So Jessie abruptly hanging up on Deacon propels him to show up at her door, revealing that Daphne is fine, but he’s the one freaking out. Understandably, Jessie just needs to know whether or not Deacon is ready because she can’t take the back and forth. So while Deacon doesn’t have all the answers, it felt like the floor fell out from underneath him when she hung up. This is enough for Jessie and the two share a passionate kiss. I know fans have differing opinions on this pairing, but I want to commend the writers for considering Maddie, Daphne, and presumably Jake’s feelings before having this romance go any further. If the show had just ignored the fact that these teenagers probably weren’t going to be over the moon to find out that their parents are dating, which could have realistically happened, I don’t think I could have been on board. Both Deacon and Jessie are trying to navigate this new chapter of their life, and they’re doing the best they can.

The good thing is that Juliette hasn’t completely lost it and moved to the “intentional community.” The bad thing is, well, everything else. Juliette starts the episode by criticizing Avery for having opinions about Darius but never having actually met the guy. I also have plenty opinions about him and I’ve never met him either, so if Avery’s in the wrong than so am I. Juliette wants her and Avery to visit the community Darius has created, hoping this will change Avery’s mind well, and Avery being the man Juliette doesn’t deserve agrees. Upon visiting the cult, Avery can see why Juliette likes it here but doesn’t particularly enjoy the fact that Juliette is putting all her faith into blindly following the philosophy of one guy. I don’t buy that bullshit of Darius pretending he’s not a guru or about the ideas behind his philosophy being older than blah blah blah. I mean the very definition of a cult in members blindly following the beliefs of a charismatic leader. While Avery feels like Darius is controlling what Juliette thinks, she was really hoping that Avery would feel “it” when he got the “intentional community.” It’s great that Juliette feels like she may finally be able to accept herself for who she is, but this place isn’t the way to go about it. She’s putting all her trust into someone she hardly knows, revealing personal details and being shamed for her past mistakes. I mean, shouldn’t Darius suggesting they can get to the root of what’s been holding Juliette back if she’s willing to put in the work just sound the alarms. I’m glad Juliette really believes she can make a change and finally confront her problems on a deep level to become a better person, but answers aren’t going to be achieved overnight. As someone who has been in therapy, it takes years of hard work to figure out why you are the way you are. No matter how much Juliette might want an easy fix, Darius doesn’t have the answers. Like Avery reiterated, Juliette doesn’t have to do it his way, but living her whole life by Darius’s words is a mistake. I just don’t know how many more times Avery needs to tell Juliette this before it finally sinks in. This has nothing to do with him being threatened by Darius; it has to do with him being generally worried for Juliette.

And then we have Maddie, who for the first time in a long time didn’t annoy me. She and Jonah continue their burgeoning romance by hanging out at exclusive clubs, singing together on a track, and staying in for a low-key movie night. You know, all the regular things famous couples. Things were definitely looking up for them, until Maddie and Jonah are ambushed by the paparazzi as they are leaving the studio. And because the tabloids must report on every aspect of famous singers lives, the photo of the duo is run, with the entire internet believing Maddie and Jonah are dating. It’s not the world believing Maddie and Jonah are a couple that has her rethinking things, but rather the entire world inserting themselves into their business. While Jonah doesn’t care what people may think, except when it gets in the way of getting to know someone, Maddie doesn’t know if she can deal with mean internet thing again. After the alleged racial profiling incident last season with Clay, Maddie is wary about what she has gotten herself into. As she puts it, they’ve barely been on one date, yet the entire internet thinks they’re in love. So I was really proud on Maddie when she tapped the brakes on her and Jonah. It shows real growth that she’s upfront with him that she doesn’t think she can deal with everyone being involved in their relationship. The Maddie from last season wouldn’t have done something so adult; she was more preoccupied with what she wanted right now as opposed to the potential consequences. But Jonah doesn’t want to let fame get in the way of him being with Maddie. He wants to get to know Maddie without anyone watching, and while she wants that too, she’s not it’s possible. He says he’ll find a way to make it happen, which leads to their very first date taking place at senior center during bingo night. Well, that’s certainly one way to go. I’ve been iffy on the Jonah as a character, what with him being hot and cold, but he really does seem to take Maddie’s words to heart. He listens to what she says and tries to find a way to make it work. I’m not sure if that will last, but if it does, then Jonah could end up being a guy worthy of the new Maddie.

We then get Will’s first solo storyline of the season, but he’s not exactly headed down a good path. When we first see Will in this episode, he’s sort of lethargic, just lying in bed and despondent. Gunnar thinks Will’s upset because he learned Zach is moving to California to run for Senate, but Will had to block Zach on social media after accidentally liking a photo of Zach and Mark. So upon learning this, Will decides to confront Zach in what I hope will be the last interaction we see between them. With Will showing up under the guise of closure, he really just wants to know why it didn’t work out between them. Will says that he tried so hard to make their relationship work, harder than he really should have, but Zach just couldn’t get over Will’s alleged betrayal. So feeling even more down on himself, Will heads to the gym, which seems to be where he always is nowadays when he’s not singing with Gunnar, and meets a cute distraction. However, things don’t go as planned during their impromptu hookup as Will can’t get it up. Since impotence has never been a problem for him before, Will goes to the doctor and learns this could be psychological, just another thing he can blame on Zach. Yet, another potential reason is revealed when we learn Will has been using HGH and steroids. Despite his claims to the doctor that he’s stopped shooting up, we see that isn’t true when Gunnar walks in on Will in the bathroom. While we’ve known that the series would tackle Will’s steroid use this season, the question then becomes why. My theory is twofold. Part of it has to do with Will’s recent breakup with Zach. After being hurt that badly, he probably felt like he wasn’t good enough and started shooting up to bulk up. Like if he was somehow in the best shape of his life, that would make Zach see how much better Will is without him or make Zach realize what he’s missing. The other component is that Zach propelled Will into a different world beyond just being a musician. From the modeling to the commercial, Will probably feels the added pressure to look the part. As they say, sex sells.

As for what else happens this episode, we have Daphne who broke my heart. We all knew she wasn’t going to react well to find out about Deacon and Jessie, but I expected her to be a brat about it. I was pleasantly surprised with how she handled it. Sure, she gave Deacon the cold shoulder after running into them at the cafĂ©, but she’s also in eighth grade. It’s not like she made some outrageous scene in public and her anger over not being told the truth is justified. While she does want Deacon to be happy, it’s really hard for her to see him with someone else because it means Rayna is really gone. She’s at such a transitional time in her life, and seeing her father with someone else just adds to that. It’s like she lost her mother all over again. Her hating Jessie and the situation is completely warranted. It’s one thing to be OK with your father potentially moving on, but it’s another when it actually happens. But instead of engaging in self-destructive behaviors like someone else (*cough* Juliette *cough*), she channels her sadness into a heartbreaking song. For me, it’s the first adult song she’s ever written.

Some stray thoughts:
- I’m completely willing to suspend my disbelief that Zach is actually qualified to be hold office because it means he’s finally leaving the show. Cue the applause.
- While it’s sort of weird and unorthodox to be this close to your boyfriend’s niece, I am liking the Scarlett and Jessie friendship. Scarlett hasn’t really had a female friend since Zoey left town, and it’s nice to see Jessie interacting with more than just Deacon.
- Gunnar asking Will’s hookup for his keys was hilarious.
- What was the point of Maddie’s extended conversation with Jonah’s friend Twigg? It was pretty pointless unless the show is planning a Maddie/Jonah/Twigg love triangle, which I am not particularly looking forward to.
- I’m not really looking forward to Scarlett volunteering with troubled youth through equine theory. Based on the promo for next week’s episode, it looks like a filler plot.
- I’m also not looking forward to the return of Hallie next episode.

So hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. Do Deacon and Jessie have what it takes to go the distance? Why does Juliette keep thinking Avery doesn’t support her? How do you think Maddie handled the Jonah situation? What’s the real reason behind Will’s steroid use?

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