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Mom - Teenage Vampires and a White Russian - Review: "The Old Bonnie Plunkett Daily Double"

"How about this? I graduate in five months. You can fire me then," Christy responds when her boss Geoffrey fires her. Unsurprisingly, he isn't a huge fan of this proposal. Christy, however, keeps working, insisting the firing "didn't take."

Back at home, Adam shows up with news. Ray's gotten himself thrown in jail and called Adam to bail him out. This obviously upsets Bonnie and Christy, even more so when Adam admits Ray begged him not to tell them. (At the risk of Bonnie never having sex with him again, Adam breaks.)

At the jail (which apparently looks a lot like one of Bonnie and Christy's former hangs - Carlsbad Jail), Ray is released bloody and hungover. Although Bonnie and Christy try to hall him to a meeting, he refuses, and instead goes to stay at Adam's apartment, contending he can get sober on his own.

In the next few days, Christy heads back to work multiple times, where she is, again, fired multiple times. Meanwhile, Marjorie makes Bonnie apologize to Adam for sticking by Ray, as it seems Ray is successfully staying sober without meetings. Unfortunately, right after her apology, Ray shows up "coked out of his mind," singing We are Family and yelling about French Onion Soup.

Realizing Ray's anything but sober, Bonnie quickly gets to work researching rehabs, none of which he has actually agreed to go to. It takes a serious "Come to Jesus" moment with Majorie for Bonnie to accept that she's only going to be able to help her brother by letting him go and allowing him to come to the decision to get sober on his own. With this, she and Adam both make the difficult decision to kick Ray out of their respective apartments until he's ready to get sober.

Christy, however, is fairing slightly better than the rest of her family by the end of the episode. Although Geoffrey brings in a guy from regional to fire her, she's got them in the palm of her hand, explaining "I am your worst nightmare. I have worked at this restaurant for eleven years, and I know where all the bodies are buried." Those figurative bodies include several of the restaurant's worst secrets - that the meat isn't grass-fed, organic, and local, that several of the busboys live in the basement (along with some rodents), and that the tip of an employee's fingertip got served in the food the week before. "So, fire me, and all of this goes on Yelp," Christy declares. At that, the regional manager states he's fine with Christy keeping her job!

Random Thoughts:
-I loved the discussions about Higher Powers. Bonnie's is Oprah! And I busted out laughing when Bonnie said that Adam turned Ray's situation over to his "Higher Power" before the scene flashed to Adam at the bar.

-Best quote goes to Bonnie about what they should do with Ray after bailing him out. "So, what's the plan? We let him sleep it off and then drag him straight to a meeting? Or do we just lock him in a cage with Marjorie?"

-I actually want to read Bonnie's young adult novel. Is that bad?

Do you think Ray will ever get clean? Were you surprised Christy figured out a way to keep her job? Let me know below!

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