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Kevin Can Wait - Monkey Fist Insecurity - Review - "A Fat Burt Reynolds"

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This show is really starting to grow on me. The more they concentrate on the new security business that Kevin and Vanessa are trying to build; along with some very funny characters: Rootger, Goody and Mott; who they employ at Monkey Fist, the better the show seems to be for it. I like the chemistry of this "motley crew." And now they've brought son in law, Chale, into the business as an unpaid consultant. They seem to be focusing less on the weaker characters of Kevin's children. Many shows have done this to strengthen their storytelling; including fellow CBS show Mom.

"Insecurity" starts with Kevin and Vanessa vying for a big account against Nassau Security. Nassau is a big, flashy firm (with their own fog machine) also run by retired NY cops. Munson is the head of Nassau and recalls how he used to call Kevin "fat Burt Reynolds" back in the 80s when Kevin sported a "porn stache." Monkey Fist loses the account to Nassau, of course, and Munson shows up at their offices with a consolation prize; an expensive bottle of Tequila.

Kevin and Vanessa bring Chale on board to help them brainstorm to bring in new business. He suggests they go after smaller accounts. Kevin comes up with their new slogan: "no banana too small." They proceed to buy space on a bus bench with Kevin and Vanessa's pics and their new slogan. At the same moment, Nassau reveals their huge, flashy billboard next to the bus bench. And Nassau keeps stealing accounts from Monkey Fist and tries to pit Kevin and Vanessa against each other.

Kevin and Rootger, who has lost his cable and will soon lose most of his utilities because the firm can't afford to pay him, realize that Munson has planted a bug on the tequila bottle and that's why Nassau is always one step ahead of them. The group sets up a scripted conversation to convince Nassau that Monkey Fist is disbanding. But when both firms show up to vie for the same account, Munson is shocked and is told that they foiled his plan to bring down Monkey Fist. Vanessa states that Nassau may have state of the art equipment and fancy, matching outfits, but Monkey Fist has heart.

They beat out Nassau for the account and leave the office building, triumphant, to the tune of Simple Mind's "Don't You Forget About Me." With voice overs similar to the ones from the beloved John Hughes's "Breakfast Club": "all you need is a retired cop and another retired cop and more retired cops, a British tech wiz and a Dutch guy without cable. And together we make a monkey with a very big fist." Kevin overdoes it with the air fist pump (ala Judd Nelson's Bender) and Vanessa just rolls her eyes.

Ending, Kevin decides to get his revenge on Nassau by defacing their billboard just as earlier Munson defaced their bus bench ad with graffiti and a "fat Burt Reynolds" tag. Kevin ends up hanging, upside down, from a rope on the billboard, the cops show up and Vanessa takes off, running. But right before that, Kevin tells Vanessa that he loves having her as a partner and Vanessa comes back with "I think we make a great team." So do I, Leah. What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think it's heading in the right direction?

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