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Hawaii Five-0 - O ka mea ua hala, ua lala la (What Is Gone Is Gone) - Advanced Review

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Directed by longtime Hawaii Five-0 editor Roderick Davis, episode 8.13 lacks all of the components of a traditional episode. It has very little action with nary a chase scene to be had. The storytelling is largely confined to a car with flashbacks and the shortest, most perfunctory case investigation in H50 history sprinkled throughout. It also has very little bromance, to the point where I was wondering why Danny was even in the episode, given that Scott Caan is appearing in a limited number of them these days. However, what the episode does have is heart-wrenching emotion, much needed character development, and a strong PSA for suicide prevention. It also has Chi McBride and that makes all the difference.

In a stunning ode to McBride’s talents, this episode goes deeper than most and allows him to flex his acting muscles from wise father to a man on the brink of self-destruction. While Steve and Tani are off egging on each other’s competitive sides and keeping hope alive that Chin may someday come back to Hawaii, Grover spends his day off schooling Will in the mysteries of women. Apparently Will and Grace are in a spat after Will gave Grace some unwanted advice, so Grover stresses the art of listening. He’s interrupted when Will sees a vehicle crashed in the road that has an APB out on it. When Grover goes to check it out, the man in the car, Brad Woodward, pulls a gun and threatens to shoot himself. He’s been accused of killing his wife and would rather end his life than surrender to the police. What follows is a complex negotiation, with Grover taking the lead over the objections of the HPD Crisis Negotiation Unit detective. Although Steve has full faith in Grover and insists that he remain in charge, Grover takes increasingly bigger risks to connect with Woodward and keep him alive.

McBride takes full advantage of the meaty role here and he’s matched by guest star Devon Sawa as Woodward. The two play off each other well as both characters fluctuate between furthering the story and desperation to control a situation that threatens to drown them both in regrets and memories. Having the majority of the episode take place at and in the car gives their scenes an almost instant intimacy and even comes off as claustrophobic at times, heightening the tension. Still it is the flashbacks where McBride really shines and which also give Grover the back story his character needs. Seven years before in Chicago, Grover led a hostage negotiation that went horribly wrong, sending him in a downward spiral and making him uniquely fit for this crisis.

Grade: B+


“Don’t let that old curmudgeon fool you, this is his home. He’s never gonna leave here.”
“Go find yourself a comfortable chair and sit down because your tiny heinie is going nowhere until she’s done.”
“Hey, when someone’s hurting, when you’re suffering, it also affects the people who love you. They suffer too.”
“I don’t like where this is going.”
“I guess the universe had other plans.”
“I have a concealed weapons permit.” “Not anymore.”
“I’ve been where you are so I know that when you’re feeling like this, the most important thing in the world is to have somebody in your corner.”
“Look I love the guy, but I gotta say, sometimes I regret not shooting him when we first met.”
“No matter how far away we go, this island always draws us back home.”
“Who were you trying to convince just now?”

Episode Awards:

Best Reason to Watch - the acting, especially from McBride and Sawa
Best Scene / Best Quote - Grover’s ending car speech
Best Character Interaction - Grover and Brad
Best Advice - Grover tells Will that sometimes you just need to listen
Worst Decision - Steve’s about John
Biggest Hmmm - the case itself
Biggest Grover - Detective Keegan, who is a lot like Grover was when he was first introduced
Biggest Gut Wrencher - Grover’s reaction to the case in Chicago / Renee at the door
Biggest Good Luck Charm - Will
The “Say What?”: Steve claims he’s not really competitive

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