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American Housewife - The Anniversary - Review: "Bloody Becky"

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Katie's and Greg's 18th anniversary is coming up, and Katie's not having any of Greg's usual crazy overboard-ness. That means "no white doves, cupid costumes, or large boom boxes outside our window cranking Peter Gabriel."

However, it seems like their anniversary might be the last thing Katie and Greg have to worry about between the antics of the three kids. Taylor's still dating Trip (who thinks automobile is spelled with an "O.") Oliver's about to go on his first date with Gina Tuscadero. (But hey, at least she's from South Branten and can protect Oliver in a street fight!) Oh, and Anna-Kat's apparently been telling Bloody Mary-esque stories to the kids in her class as revenge for not getting any candygrams last year, which leads to Greg and Katie having to take a trip to the principle's office.

Greg and Katie both feel bad about the fact that no one gave Anna-Kat candy grams last year, but Greg insists she needs to learn to deal with disappointment, so Katie makes Greg drop her off at school for this year's candy gram day. But when Greg arrives and sees all the other kids with their candy grams, he chickens out and lets Anna-Kat skip school for the day.

Anna-Kat's school skipping is short-lived, though, because Doris quickly does what Greg and Katie won't and drags her back. Meanwhile, Spencer is busy doing Oliver up for his date. This includes a horrible spray tan, a reservation at a fancy restaurant full of old geezers, and having Oliver use the icebreaker "Who's your favorite Bee-Gee?" (No Maurice Gibb!) Gina, unsurprisingly, isn't impressed and runs off to her parent's restaurant, where she's supposed to be working anyways.

Back at home, Greg and Katie, who are convinced that Taylor is only dating Trip to annoy them, try to show Taylor how much they like Trip, so she'll break up with him. Anna-Kat tips Taylor off to their plan and Taylor decides to get back at them by her and Trip crashing their anniversary dinner.

Midway through the dinner, Taylor confronts Greg and Katie about their scheme and she and Trip take off, just as a brokenhearted Oliver gets home and another call from the principle comes in. Anna-Kat rushes upstairs into the bathroom, where she tries to dump a bunch of candygrams in the toilet. (She's "getting rid of the evidence like the guy in Fargo when he put the body in the woodchipper.") Apparently, Anna-Kat got scared she wasn't going to get any candygrams and convinced all the other kids the only way to get rid of Bloody Becky was to give her all their candygrams.

Realizing their plans regarding Taylor and Anna-Kat have failed, Katie and Greg decide to go for broke and help Oliver save his date. This is surprisingly easy, being that they have Greg, the king of big romantic gestures, at their disposal. Together, the family recreates the lantern scene from Tangled, Gina's favorite movie, outside her restaurant. Even Trip and Taylor show up to help, and Katie and Greg start to begrudgingly realize, that despite being a complete idiot, Trip is actually kind of a nice guy. Together, the family watches as Oliver earns a second chance with Gina.

Random Thoughts:
-I loved Anna-Kat's impression of Oliver's "mirror face."

-This is me, soliciting a guy with a boom box playing Peter Gabriel. Seriously, Katie, how can you not be a fan of that?!

-Best quote goes to Anna-Kat. "Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. I'm eight years old, and I've been in therapy for four of them."

Do you think Trip and Taylor will last? How about Gina and Oliver? Let me know below!

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