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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Fun & Games - Review

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Fun & Games” was written by Brent Fletcher and was directed by none other than Coulson, himself – Clark Gregg. I’ve seen Trust Me that Gregg also starred in and directed, so I wasn’t surprised that he did a great job with this episode. Also doing a great job was Iain De Caestecker (Fitz) once again as we see Fitz channel framework-Fitz to good effect. And of course, the highlight of the episode was the reunion of Fitz-Simmons!

The episode opens with Tess’s (Eve Harlow) friend Flint (Coy Stewart) scavenging his way to a slice of an orange before being rounded up by one of the Kree. Kasius (Dominic Rains) wants to turn as many inhumans as possible to sell to his buyers.

We get a nice walk and talk with Mack (Henry Simmons), YoYo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) and Coulson. Coulson tells them about the baby breeding program. They are pretty sure that the ships are there for Daisy (Chloe Bennet), and there’s still no sign of May (Ming-Na Wen). Tess arrives to tell them the Kree are “harvesting” the children.

Meanwhile, Fitz is getting the lay of the land from Enoch (Joel Stoffer), who seems to know everything about everyone. Kasius has assembled the worst of the worst – but Enoch has had great fun constructing Fitz’s alias as the worst of them all! Fitz is now Boshtuk a vile space marauder of unlimited wealth… I loved the little bit of physical humor from De Caestecker as he complains about his rhinestone brooch only to find out that it is some kind of larva – and quickly wipes his hand off on Enoch!

Fitz is impatient to just shoot his way out, but he’s interrupted by Simmons’ (Elizabeth Henstridge) entrance. Enoch offers to broker an introduction – it’s marauder protocol! – but of course, Fitz needs no introduction. Kasius meanwhile is happy to be the center of attention and have the others bow to him for a change.

Fitz takes the opportunity to talk to Simmons, coming up behind her and telling her to play it cool – not realizing that she can’t hear him! It’s both sad and hilarious. But mostly beautiful and touching as she doesn’t hear him pour out his heart and propose. Kasius asks if there’s a problem, and Fitz says he asked his servant a question and didn’t get a response. When Kasius says his servants can only hear him, Fitz wants to know how the servants are supposed to meet the guests’s needs if they can’t hear them. Kasius sheepishly turns Simmons’ hearing back on.

Kasius introduces Simmons as a “companion” to the Destroyer of Worlds – she helps to motivate her. Fitz draws on the framework as he chillingly says the only motivator he needs is pain. Kasius is suitably impressed.

Flint is waiting alone to be turned. Usually they don’t go through the mist until they are 18, but as YoYo points out, more product, more profit for Kasius. Tess steps in to try to help Flint through it as he has no parents to help him. Naturally, Flint is the only one to change. When his shell bursts, he seems to have vanished – but it’s YoYo who has dashed in and taken him away.

One of my favorite scenes in the episode is the formal dinner. Senator Ponarian (Patrick Fabian) is a nasty piece of work and takes great delight in insulting Kasius – and knows exactly where his weakness is. Ben (Myko Olivier) has been chosen to fight for the first time ever – and suspects it’s because he helped Daisy. Daisy tells him not to worry, things are tipping in their favor. Of course, Ben still has a lifetime of being a slave to overcome – he doesn’t think like a free person.

Ponarian has brought fresh Zendarian snail. YUCK! When Karaba asks how Kasius keeps his humans so docile, Fitz once again pulls out the psychopath – he has them kill each other – it’s what he’d do! Fitz completely nails Kasius modus operandi – and Kasius is impressed. When Ponarian tries to embarrass Fitz about not eating his snail, Fitz easily turns the tables on him. And Kasius loves it.

Flint is ready to go back because he still believes he’ll get a better life. Tess, Mack, and Coulson join them. Tess introduces Flint to YoYo as another inhuman. Tess goes to put in for a trawler run to buy them all a few days.

Kasius begins his display after offering Fitz the best seat in the house. The first fight is between May and Ben. As the two watch the fight, Fitz and Kasius bond over their disapproving fathers. It’s always a joy to watch may fight – even when she’s still hurt. Fitz tells Kasius that he’ll help him win his father’s approval.

        May tries to get Ben to work with her, but he’s not going to try to change the rules. Fitz steps in at the last minute and declares the fight bores him. He has May sent to the surface – for the roaches. We can only hope that Fitz knows a lot more about what’s happening on the surface…

Flint is impatient to know what his powers are. YoYo tells Flint about how her powers manifested. Unfortunately, Grill (Pruitt Gaylor Vince) overhears and magnetizes them all to the wall, telling them that Kasius is going to want to hear that story too.

The bidding starts on Ben, but Kasius cuts it off, saying that he can’t sell the telepath in good faith. Ben has lied to him, and he must pay the price. Ben tells Daisy not to blame herself, and Fitz tries to save him, but Kasius has Sinara (Florence Faivre) kill him.

Grill tells them that May has been sent to the surface. Coulson tells Grill that they’ve come from the past to save the world. It seems for a minute that Grill believes in the Prophecy, but he doesn’t and he has no problem turning them in to Kasius for a tidy profit.

We get another terrific scene between Henstridge and Bennet as Simmons tries to comfort Daisy over Ben. They both agree they want to kill Kasius and are impressed with Fitz just showing up. The only plan they can determine is that Fitz is there to purchase them. Daisy isn’t impressed with Simmons’ knife, and points out that Kasius will have to turn off her inhibitor to fight – they can make a move then. The two hug and part.

It’s a beautiful scene as Simmons and Fitz see each other at either end of a corridor – the music is perfect here – and of course, before the two can actually meet, they are interrupted. Simmons taken away by another slave, and Enoch comes to tell Fitz they have a problem. There’s a new bidder – who is more wealthy and more feared – Kasius’s brother – Faulnak (Samuel Roukin).

Grill is determined to torture YoYo and it’s at that point that Flint’s gift manifests. He is able to control rocks or iron or the iron in the rocks – it’s not quite clear. YoYo encourages him that he can control his gift, and he uses it to crush Grill.

Fitz immediately goes to Kasius to complain, but Kasius is much too flattered that his father has taken such notice of him. I love Enoch’s dry delivery – he notes that the meeting with Kasius doesn’t go well. He hands Fitz a package, and Fitz has one last thing for him to do….

Kasius takes some delight in taunting his brother – who is wearing a much bigger broach of larva than Fitz! Faulnak insists that the Destroyer much fight a Kree warrior – Sinara. Sinara is not happy and Kasius seems barely to care. As long as he gets his father’s approval, Sinara’s death means nothing. He tells her that he expects she will provide a great spectacle – not that she will prevail…

Flint is consumed with guilt over killing Grill. YoYo tells him it’s not his fault, and Coulson tells him he had no choice. Coulson and Mack go to find Tess to get Flint on the trawler. We learn that Mack was class treasurer in high school… just before they find Tess’s body hanging in the common area – killed because she wouldn’t give up Flint. I thought Tess didn't get treated very well here - it was a pretty perfunctory ok, you're dead now.

Kasius erects a force field for the viewing area before releasing Daisy’s inhibitor. Sinara starts the fight without waiting for a signal. It’s a great fight sequence, but I had to wonder why Daisy didn’t just keep quaking Sinara – buying time perhaps? Daisy finally takes down Sinara and gives the nod to Simmons who signals Fitz. Fitz pistol whips Ponarian, Simmons uses her knife on Kasius’s throat, Fitz turns off the forcefield, and Daisy quakes her way up to the viewing area. Unfortunately, Faulnak remains calm and turns Daisy’s inhibitor back on, sending her crashing back down.

Fitz shoots most of the other bidders as Simmons jumps out to safety. Fitz makes a hero shot as he jumps out to put the forecefield back in place. Fitz takes a moment to finally kiss Simmons as he swears to never leave her again. I loved him just casually shooting Sinara before she can actually do anything – and ditto the Kree waiting as the door opens. Simmons proposes and Fitz accepts – but he does point out that he asked first. And it was perfect.

The final scene is a bit cryptic. Enoch is going somewhere people don’t come back from. In this short clip, Enoch identifies himself as a Kree and not a person. It’s like a rather complicated riddle… I’m hoping that he’s tracking down the monolith that will take the team home.

It looks like the team will be reunited in the next episode, but how will they actually get home? It doesn’t look like Simmons was successful in killing Kasius, but he won’t be happy to have a new scar and have been embarrassed in front of his brother. I really liked this episode, some great action, and a really satisfying Fitz-Simmons reunion. What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Favorite Lines

Coulson: He’s got his own Cronenburg-Science Division and everything.
Fitz: You know, I realized something. The universe can’t stop us. Cause we have crossed galaxies, we have travelled through time, we’ve survived the bomb of the Atlantic, just so we can be together. Now a love like that that is stronger than any curse and you and I, we are unstoppable together. I don’t want to live another day without you. So, Jemma Simmons, will you marry me? I know I said play it cool, but I didn’t mean this cool.
Fitz: He has them kill each other. Well, that’s what I would do… fear is essential.
Fitz: I find moist creatures… distasteful. Much like the fat mouths slurping them down.
YoYo: No. He’s just cool.
Flint: What are tacos? Mack: What the Hell kind of future is this?
Coulson: You’re home early.
Daisy: It’s a baller move. Not to mention the whole bounty hunter look he’s rocking. Simmons: I still prefer him in cardigans.
Simmons: I have a knife. Daisy: We can do better. Simmons: There was limited cutlery to choose from!
Simmons: Here we are again. Daisy: Us against the world.
Daisy: All right, you freaky blue bitch, let’s do this.
Fitz: I’m never leaving you again. Simmons: Then marry me, Fitz. Fitz: Absolutely.

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