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This Is Us - Episode 2.12 - Clooney - Promo, Promotional Photos, Interviews & Press Release

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EW Interview

Kevin always feels like he gets the short end of the attention stick. He says it in the session — Kate had Dad and Randall had Mom — and expressed it as far back as in early season 1 when he was a kid, drowning in the pool, and was angry that his parents were too busy with the other kids to look out for him. Here, he gets Rebecca to admit that she can’t think of one special moment that was their own — even though we saw a little one at the end of the episode. Was it your intention to show not only why Kevin had spiraled into addiction, but to make a case for him to not just be dismissed as a whiny, spoiled, handsome actor who always wins — that he, too, comes out this family a little damaged for legitimate reasons?

Exactly. It’s so easy for Kevin to be overlooked — [that] is what we’re trying to show. It’s so unusual, because in any other family, and the tall, handsome, famous, rich guy would be the apple of everyone’s eye. But here, because our family is so unique, and Kate and Randall growing up had these kind of issues that seemed more urgent to Jack and Rebecca, Kevin really was a little bit overlooked and forgotten. Then again, so much of it has to do with that speech that Randall gives towards the end of the episode about how you look back and remember your childhood and everyone has a different lens and so much of it is about perception. There are these moments that we’re seeing that Rebecca and Kevin had together that were really beautiful, but that’s not what he perceives his childhood to be when he looks back.

THR Interview

"The cast loves stuff like this so much. They get so excited," he said. "They're all on these text chains with each other, and they get into a real frenzy, like, 'Did you see it's 11 pages. It's the whole act. It's nonstop.' We actually shot that big therapy scene with three cameras so they could just run straight through it and get as much coverage as possible, and really do it almost like a play, where you don't have to interrupt to move lights and reset and stuff, but you can just give them the scene and let them roll with it."

Elizabeth Berger, co-showrunner with Aptaker and creator Dan Fogelman, praised leading lady Mandy Moore's performance in particular as a mother reckoning with the fact that maybe she didn't treat her children as equally as she thought she did.



01/16/2018 (09:00PM - 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : Kate goes wedding dress shopping. Kevin embraces a new lifestyle while Randall explores William's past. Jack and Rebecca take the kids to the mall.


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