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The Walking Dead - Over 28,000 Fans have signed a petition for Scott Gimple to be fired

Tyler Sigmon, the petition starter, writes: "Gimple gave no explanation as to why Chandler (Riggs) was killed off other than that it was because of 'the story,' and that it had nothing to do with personal issues but many speculate that the claim is false. Carl is still alive in the comic series and has gone on to play a pivotal role in every major conflict the group has faced."

Fans of the show are voicing their unfiltered opinions about Gimple's poor choices as a showrunner in comments on the petition. "This isn't right on so many levels," one writes. "As a diehard fan, I am disappointed and it does the comics a great injustice."

Another says, "Scott Gimple has completely ruined this show. He relies too much on cheap plot tricks to create suspense. After being a fan of the show since season 1 episode 2, I have almost NO desire to watch this season, especially after the flop they are doing with the Negan storyline. Seriously, If gimple isnt fired this show wont last too much longer."