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The Goldbergs - Parents Just Don't Understand - Review

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When a show starts out with The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff? We’re in store for a great episode and once again The Goldbergs didn’t disappoint.

Watching the ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ video on the TV, Barry comes to the conclusion that The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff are identical to them. Adam is dubious at first but soon Barry is pointing out the things they have in common, and the argument turns to Adam rapping the same part that Barry is rapping. As a person who has had many a time enjoyed singing along to my favourite part of a song, only for someone to attempt to join me? I completely feel Barry’s anger. Adam doesn’t want to be Jazzy Jeff because he just stands in the background and bops his head. Barry claims everything falls apart without the bop so calling his bluff, Adam tells him to be bop which Barry rejects so Adam suggests they both be the Fresh Prince.

“Did we just become a rap duo whose future is so bright we gotta wear chains?” “That’s for sure not the expression, but yes, I think we did.”

To become rap stars they need a wardrobe overhaul, which means taking to the shops in search of this really rad clothes. Neither of their outfits would’ve looked out of place in my 90’s wardrobe. In fact I’m pretty sure I once owned a t-shirt very similar to Barry’s.

Of course while they think they look great, Beverly completely disagrees stating that the clothes are too bright.

“What’s wrong, this shirt costs $20” is an argument I was often greeted with as a kid. Adam claims that Beverly is running his rep and she retorts that he’s 16 and doesn’t have any. She then continues by saying they go to school to learn not for a fashion show, and attempts to hand them some more appropriate clothing. Barry and Adam run away as fast as they can.

At college Erica has to deal with Beverly leaving her 40 voice messages. They start out voicing friendly parental concern over how Erica is doing at college. But it quickly escalates as only a great smother can escalate. Erica thinks her mother is highly exaggerating given she recently spoke to her. Her room-mate Erica points out that mothers worry. Especially when they’re a smother. I know when I’m at Uni if I don’t send my mum at least 5 texts throughout the day, she’ll be on the first train out. Room-mate Erica tells our Erica to just pick up once a day, but Erica knows the road that leads to.

“If I pick up once a day, then she’ll want to talk once an hour. And then once a minute. When will the madness end?” “I don’t think it ever will. Your life’s gonna be really bad”.

This does nothing at all to ease Erica’s anger and when Beverly calls again, she beats up the phone. Beverly then starts freaking out over Erica hanging up the phone. Murray offers the simple explanation that Erica doesn’t want to talk to her, and urges Beverly to go to sleep. But she can’t. She’s convinced Erica has a piece of hard candy in her throat and passed out when she meant to call 911. This whole exchange with Murray is just perfect, because the man just wants to peacefully go to sleep, but with Beverly there is no peace. Just constant worry.

We’re then back with Barry and Adam the next day who are brainstorming ways to become the next rap superstars. The JTP offer some advice, but Murray’s complete lack of interest in anything they have to say is what sparks their creatives brains. Instead of a song called ‘Parents just don’t understand’ they decide to go with ‘Dads just don’t care’.

Whilst they’re getting to work on their rap masterpiece, Geoff is walking home with his cello when Beverly drives in front of him. She orders Geoff to get in the car claiming that Erica is in trouble.

“Geoff Schwartz get in, Erica’s in grave danger!” “Seriously?!” “Not yet but she could be and we won’t know until we call her. And by we, I mean you” “Oh God, oh God, what’s happening?!” “Just get in the damn car!” “But my cello!” “There’s no time, let’s move”

This exchange was completely and utterly fantastic. I love how quickly it escalated and Geoff just completely abandons his cello in blind panic at the thought of Eric being in trouble.

Arriving back at the Goldbergs, Geoff realizes Erica isn’t in danger at all. Instead Beverly wants him to call Erica with a list of questions she has, whilst she listens to the call from the other telephone. Erica picks up after realizing it’s Geoff, but is quickly bemused by his questions. As Geoff once again starts to panic, Barry ends up on the line and Geoff tries to get him off. Then Adam ends up on the call and pretty soon Erica realizes Geoff is at her house. Beverly then runs over and attempts to save the conversation but it’s too late. Erica puts the phone down and Beverly lays the blame firmly at Geoff’s door.

Barry and Adam are then back with the JTP and ready to show off their masterpiece. Over the shows 5 years Barry has attempted to make a lot of songs. None of them have ever been really good. But ‘Dads Just Don’t Care’? This song really is a masterpiece. The rap all links together and the video is great. Unfortunately it’s also extremely hard on Murray, and even more unfortunately? Barry and Adam have already given Murray a copy of the video.

We then get what is perhaps the greatest ever scene on the show. We’re used to Beverly being bleeped out? But Murray? He’s on a completely different level. He launches into a tirade on how ungrateful Barry and Adam are in not appreciating all he does for them. He finishes by flipping them off and it is the greatest scene exit anyone on the show has ever done.

At college the two Erica’s are making plans for an awesome party. Having failed in her attempts with Geoff, Beverly has now reached out to Erica’s student rep for help in spying on her. He hangs the phone in the doorway to the two Erica’s rooms so she can hear what they’re saying, but Beverly wants to get in closer. That once again arouses Erica’s suspicions and brings us another excellent scene where they’re all yelling at each other in silence. Reaching breaking point Erica destroys the phone.

Beverly is once again in Murray’s ear but he’s got problems of his own, so Beverly decides to drive to Erica’s college to save her.

At school, Adam and Barry’s rap song has caused the JTP to reflect on their fathers. More specifically all that they do for them. The JTP tell them that they have to apologize to Murray and Barry decides the best way to do that is through another song.

Back at college and Eric is not feeling the epicness of the party. She thinks there’s too many people there, some of whom might’ve stolen some of their things and urges other Erica to shut it down. She refuses to and accuses Erica of being just like a mum. Erica then launches into a story about how one of her neighbours got injured, which Beverly arrives just in time to back up.

They end up having a confrontation with Erica having a go at Beverly for constantly trying to contact her, and Beverly saying she just needs to know that Erica’s ok. As a student living in the University dorms? This is a conversation all too familiar to me. We’re always going to want space from our parents and accuse them of basically stalking us, and unfortunately that is a parents job because trouble is lurking behind every corner.

In other Erica’s case that trouble comes in falling through the drawers.

Barry and Adam bust out another piece of rap genius with ‘Apology rap’. It is every bit as good as ‘Dads don’t care’ except not as hurtful. Murray however refuses to be bowled over by it. Murray explains that given how little his dad cared about him and Marvin, he wanted to be a better dad to Barry and Adam but feels he’s failed as they just see him as a bank. So Adam and Barry give the apology a final try with some heartfelt words.

This time it does the trick and the three Goldberg boys share a lovely hug. At college Beverly helps nurse other Erica who remarks that she is the best mum ever and it gives our Erica food for thought. Erica thinks Beverly was right to check in on what an idiot she's been, but Beverly thinks she coped just fine. Erica admits she was pretty worried over the party and apologizes if she's ever made Beverly worry like that. Beverly asks Erica to just call her every night to say that she's good, and Erica agrees. Murray watches Barry and Adam's video again and admits that it is alright.

The episode the ends with Erica giving Beverly her phone call.

After starting the season off somewhat slow, The Goldbergs has been on fine form over the last two episodes. It's had plenty of laughs, those heartfelt moments we adore, great quotes and of course smothering.

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