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The Big Bang Theory - The Confidence Erosion - Review: "Breakups and Make Ups"

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Don't you just love this time of year? For many of us, outside temperatures have dropped below "comfortably cold", and we're snuggled up on the couch with our fireplaces on watching none other than The Big Bang Theory. Well, I am at least. The girls are cozy too, because they're having a girls night! Bernadette has joined in via video chat as she's on bed rest. Penny tells her she deserves her pain given she got busy with Howard.

Poor Bernie. Speaking of pregnancy and babies, congrats to Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) who gave birth to a baby girl this week!

Raj walks in, announcing he needs fashion advice from Penny. He has a date! Well, a date with science.

Lucky guy! He actually is lucky, though, because he has an interview at the Griffith Observatory as for an astrophysicist position. How cool! Amy asks Bernadette what she thinks.

She was paying attention, and definitely not watching The Crown (now streaming on Netflix!). Raj has brought a couple of different clothing options.

The girls were pumped for Raj, until now. Option C is hopefully at home. Howard hears Raj through the computer, and warns him that if he falls asleep at girls night Penny and Amy may freeze his bra.

I'm getting flashbacks to when Raj talked to Bernadette about wearing girls' clothes.

The guys are having lunch in the university cafeteria, and Sheldon is sharing that him and Amy have employed Decision theory to their wedding planning - they each get to do 50% of it, including the numbering system for tables at the reception. They're deciding between Roman and Dewey Decimal. Leonard suggests Hexadecimal.

The face of someone who has already been forced to spend far too long wedding planning. Raj shows up, and Howard's right... he looks like he's straight out of The Book of Mormon. Hey, it's a great musical!

He explains that he has an interview at the planetarium, and wants Howard to stop with the teasing. Sheldon's glad they're both fulfilling their dreams. Well played, Sheldon. Well played. Leonard's excited for him, and Raj says it wouldn't kill Howard to be supportive, too. Howard replies that at least if he does die, he can be put in the funeral home Raj directs. Sheldon's initially confused.

There it is.

Later, Raj is video chatting with his dad, who asks how the interview went. Apparently he spent a little too long talking about his weaknesses. His dad thinks Howard's to blame for Raj's confidence issues. Raj says that it's in Howard's culture to joke about Raj being Indian - as his people come from a sarcastic village called... Brooklyn.

OK. As a Jew, that was hilarious. Raj's dad suggests replacing Howard with someone who won't make him feel bad about himself - like he did, with Raj's mom. He's with a 22-year old grad student, now. My, how things have changed.

Yeah. TMI.

That night, Amy and Sheldon are wedding planning.

They're using a randomizer app. I can't even make fun of it, though, because that's totally genius.

Amy decides that she'll have old-english calligraphy on top of Egyptian papyrus. What a riot! Next, Sheldon spins. He chooses R2-D2 as the ring bearer. Oh boy, oh boy! They're having too much fun. Sheldon remarks that not a day goes by where he doesn't think about how much better of a couple they are than others.

Amy concurs.

Raj is at Penny and Leonard's and keeps apologizing for talking about how badly the interview went. Penny suggests he see a therapist to help boost his confidence. Raj asks if Leonard's mom would be available.

C'mon, Raj. You know better. He recounts how his dad believes it has to do with Howard always making fun of him. Penny says it's natural for friends to joke around with each other, and that perhaps it would happen less if...

She can't finish the sentence. Leonard says Penny picks on him a lot, too. Penny struggles to finish the sentence, again. Hm. Seems like we might have opened Pandora's Box here.

Oh no - it appears as if there's trouble in paradise at Amy and Sheldon's.

From officiants, to ushers, to no first dance, to butterflies instead of confetti, and a dog as the flower girl, these two are at odds over everything. Turns out the randomizer is only good enough to determine who makes the decisions - but not to persuade the other to like the decision made, or go along with them.

The next day, Howard has stopped by Raj's office to ask if he wants to go to lunch. He doesn't. Howard inquires about if it has to do with the cafeteria ladies drawing on his "chubby bits". Raj calls him out on what he's doing. Howard replies that it's his way of being friendly... and telling him to lose weight. Raj wants to take some time apart from Howard.

Howard asks if he can see other needy Indian men in the interim.

Case in point.

In the cafeteria, Sheldon is revealing all of his wedding revenge plans to Howard and Leonard - including gravy or salt-infused cakes. He's doing it as a bargaining tactic so that Amy will give into allowing everyone in the party to wear a ring, too. Howard asks which mental hospital they're registered to.

Badum CHA.

Raj walks in, and takes a seat.

At a different table. Sheldon asks what's wrong. Howard says Raj is blaming him for his pathetic life. Sheldon hardly thinks having the table to himself is pathetic. Leonard suggests one of them go and sit with Raj, but Sheldon replies that he's not finished talking about his revenge. Leonard encourages him to continue, and goes to sit with Raj.

And then there were two.

Sheldon arrives home from work, asking Amy if any of her family is allergic to asbestos as it'll be in their centrepieces. Yuck. Amy tells Sheldon that their arguing has to end, and that there's no point planning a wedding if they're not enjoying the process. She proceeds to ask if Sheldon would rather just get married at City Hall. He does like metal detectors and the sound of permits being denied. He also likes the thought of shirts that read "hands off the merchandise". ¡Ay, caramba! Sheldon wants to get married tomorrow.

He likes the thought of consummating the marriage. He even suggests going to Beverly Hills, for a destination wedding.

Amy's tickled pink!

Meanwhile, Penny tells Leonard he looks good. He can't believe what he's heard, and she repeats what she says.

Still hasn't registered. Raj arrives, and, would you look at the dude's hair!

He looks pretty dang charming, if ya ask me. Penny's shocked he was choosing to straighten his hair. Raj came bearing wine to celebrate going back to the planetarium, standing his ground and getting the job! The other guy got busted at a... sketchy... masseuse shop. While Penny's opening the wine, Leonard asks if it's time he finally makes up with Howard. He says he doesn't need the negativity, and that he's grown stronger without Howard. The situation is generally very sad.

Whoops. Penny thought the sob story was coming to a close. Her bad.

Howard shows up at the comic book store and explains what happened to Stuart. Stuart says people don't need confidence, in a very reassuring tone. Howard agrees, and adds that Stuart doesn't have a great life but doesn't blame that on others.

Yeah. It's all on his shoulders to live with.

Howard says he'll stick around, and Stuart replies that Howard can make fun of him if he wants to, to fill the Raj void. Howard respectfully declines the offer. Stuart insists, stating that his feelings are numb.

Who hurt him so bad?! But also, kind of admire Stuart for not caring what others think; even if he was forced into that mindset.

We're at City Hall! It's WEDDING DAY! Does anyone else hear bells? Or a metal detector? I can't tell which. Nevertheless, Amy and Sheldon are getting their wedding permit from the clerk. Sheldon wants to know if they'll be tested for syphilis before they're allowed to wed.

A real concern!

The two take a seat, and in the midst of their excitement Sheldon asks if Amy's sad they're not having a big wedding. She's not. The couple's called in by the officiant. Amy heads for the door.

Sheldon doesn't budge. He confesses that he does, in fact, want a first dance with Amy. At their wedding. Amy sits back down, and Sheldon proves why a wedding means so much to him - Amy's like Dark Matter, and he never thought he'd see the day where he'd get married, period. He shares how happy he is to have her, and that he wants to celebrate it with the world.

I'm not crying, you are. Amy agrees that they will, in fact, have a big wedding. The two kiss and head for the exit door. Before they leave, Sheldon doesn't want this moment to go to waste - he'd like a permit to dispose of hazardous waste. A glorious, glorious day for all.

Finally, we see Raj at work! From what we hear of his presentation, he puts on an out of this world  show. HA! Had to find somewhere to inject a pun. Everyone gets up to congratulate him, but Leonard spots a familiar face hiding out in the back row.

Leonard encourages Howard to go and talk to Raj, despite him wondering whether or not he's welcome and believing Raj's life has been better without him around. Howard eventually gives in, but perhaps too little too late...

Raj agrees to go for coffee with an attendee, after rediscovering (thanks to Penny) that decaf coffee exists. Howard quietly finds his way out.

Is anyone else genuinely concerned about Howard and Raj's friendship? I was sure this concluding scene would involve the two making amends. My instincts tell me that they will reconcile, but it's definitely important to talk to your friend, family member or partner when they're doing something that you find bothersome. While the person initiating the action may not mean any harm, never be afraid to voice how you feel. That in itself demonstrates the greatest level of confidence.

Down below, let me know how long you think Howard and Raj will be on the rocks for, whether you believe Amy and Sheldon will peacefully plan their nuptials or go back to World War Wedding, and if you've ever been to Griffith Observatory (or would love to visit)!

Catch The Big Bang Theory Thursday Nights on CBS.

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